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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Ben nooo

  • Basil Sage

    That’s 2/2 so far for Benji. IMO it’s not that he’s weaker; but he’s less resilient against Wrath and Envy than he is against, say, Sloth, whose ass I can definitely see him kick later on.

    • non_canon

      Definitely agree, especially since in this case Envy’s already met him and has an idea of which buttons to push. I could see him being very strong against Sloth though, possibly also against Greed.

      • Basil Sage

        Funny thing is: Envy is straight up bluffing, given how crucial Ben was to thwarting them in ch. 5. But since that success wasn’t attributable to any one specific ability, it’s easy for an insecure man like him write it off as luck; and Envy, as you said, knows how to push his buttons.

        • non_canon

          Yes, this so much. Glad someone was able to put it into words.

        • billydaking

          Ben may have been crucial, but Envy hit a raw spot. What can Ben do that his friends can’t do better? Ben has knowledge and years of study, but he’s always struggled with his talent, and magic comes easier to both Mal and Sid. It irritates him to no end that Mal can do things without thinking or understanding, and the implication that his teaching hasn’t helped at all angers him:

          He failed to desummon Sloth. And it was Mal’s talent–guided by Ben–that took Wrath down.

          • Basil Sage

            Oh, for sure, but that’s exactly what I was getting at. Being a wizard is an ability, but Ben isn’t much of a wizard. Being a witch is an ability, but he isn’t a witch. Being a strong embodiment of a virtue is an ability, but… etc.

            What he accomplished was too intangible for himself to appreciate. There is no ability called “guy who managed to use the Sight for good after having it for all of three hours” or “guy who figured out how to use Mal’s talent to harvest Wolfe’s Magic Muggle Power before Mal himself did”. And if it doesn’t have a label, it’s not real enough for him, which is what makes him susceptible to this nonsense right here.

            • non_canon

              I would also say that part of the problem is that his biggest accomplishments are either things he feels he has to do or things that anyone can do but he’s the one that stepped up and did it. Like, not many people would have the courage/gumption/whatever to run back into a burning building to desummon Sloth or walk right up to a malforming Wrath not knowing if any of their companions are going to help, but Ben doesn’t think about that because in his mind those are things that have to be done so he’s going to do them. Or how there are others who could befriend Mal and teach him about magic but Ben’s the one who did, and as such he’s probably the only person aside from Wolfe Mal trusts.

              (Also, going back and looking at the pages about Sloth I noticed here ( ) that the poor guy doesn’t even realize he was hit until the last panel, and probably thought the entire time he had succumbed to Sloth’s influence).

    • Ilmari

      Yes, for example, imagine if Verity comes into contact with Pride, again…
      … The question is, which weakness would Wolfe have?
      Actually, it just occurred to me that maybe *pride* could get to Wolfe, too… I mean, he’s humble as can be and that’s given as the inverse of pride, but imagine if something could twist him around?

  • Ghostdanser

    That is harsh, relegated to the audience. My money is on Ben to beat this though, he just needs a prod to snap him out of the funk.
    Probably won’t be easy though, Envy is way more dangerous than Wrath. Wrath was a pretty blunt tool, while Envy is devious and insidious.

    • kuku

      Insidious and invidious! But I have faith it will be out-of-Sid-ious in time.

  • KaReN

    The last panel shows he’s green with envy despite his words of denial.

    • Ocean Burning.

      Yes, his outline actually started turning green by panel 5…

  • threadweaver

    One could say Ben got… Crowd Controlled?

  • ThisCat

    Is this where we go saccharine-moral? ‘Nobody is useless and we all have a place in the world’? Or can we have a personal victory where Ben outdoes Envy even though he wouldn’t strictly be necessary to beat it, and learns that it doesn’t matter that he isn’t awesome, because he’s still their friend and friendship isn’t based on being better than each other.

    I mean, the saccharine sounds better, but still.

    • non_canon

      I could see it be a combination of the two. Like, Voss and Wolfe devise a plan based on the first, but things go wrong and it looks like they’re going to fail but their efforts got through to Ben and he ends up saving the day and realizes his own worth in a bit of character growth.

    • Maria Gerasimova

      I think, Ben here is the only one who could beat Envy (as well as envy in himself). Because he remains the only one wisard in the group with free hands to draw the magic circle, Sid being tied by Envy.
      But, of course, he’ll need help from Wolfe and Voss.

      • It might not be very round, but I think Mal and Harry will handle drawing the circle…

        • Maria Gerasimova

          I think they need a circle in the theater too.

    • Ocean Burning.

      Why not something in the middle? Does it matter if the world in general doesn’t think you’re special, as long as you did what you could to help your friends?

  • John

    OK Wolfe and Voss, it thinks it has neutralized all of the intruders now. Time to wreck it’s plans!

  • Nonesuch

    The other side of Envy’s curse….

  • Lily

    Ben could argue that he’s unbeatable at being mediocore

    • Ocean Burning.

      Naw. Ben surely has by far the most book-learning of any of the group. It’s just not something that’s a talent of the sort that Envy’s referring to here.

      • Lily

        My comment was not about Ben listing his good points (since envy is all about what you don’t have), it was about not letting it’s mean comments get to him. If he started to seriously argue with Envy, it would already be his loss.

  • Ocean Burning.

    *Sigh* …Yes, this is what it feels like to live in a world where everyone seems cooler and more awesome than you…

  • M. Peach

    And already he forgot why he was there…

  • Sanjay Merchant

    And here I thought depression was one of the preferred weapons of Sloth.

    • Boring irrelevant fact, but I read somewhere that what we would call ‘depression’ might have been classed as the sin of sloth in ‘medieval’ times. If you are not living in the Joy of the Revelation of God then you are obviously not a proper Christian and therefore a sinner.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        I remember reading that in some history book or other at some point myself, so I guess the association does have precedent.

      • ShadeTail

        Plenty of people still hold that belief, or a secular equivalent, even today. Lots of ignorant and nasty people refuse to acknowledge that depression (or mental illness in general) is real.

      • Euodiachloris

        Heck, not even just depression. Once upon a time, it was a hot debate just how much people with polio were thinking themselves into their problems, because of course many of the symptoms were self-evidently and naturally neurotic (read “psychosomatic”)… Simply because nobody understood how the disease functioned (some of the specifics still aren’t fully known to this day). Nobody wakes up one day to gleefully decide “I think I’ll focus on crippling my intercostal muscles and diaphragm today: yay, atrophy; boo breathing!”. :P

        Yup. Not just invisible disabilities get the “you’re just malingering so you can live an easy life on the dole” accusation at some point. :/

  • A recent quote from Ms Ashwin: “This whole upcoming scene in the comic is basically like a big stupid self-indulgent treat for myself“. Wonder what Mr Thackerey did to annoy her so much. :-)

    • I like him a lot, which is why I’m having such fun poking him in the emotions with a stick.

      • So far you’ve burned his house down, handed the man who likes to torment him a nuke (I think you called it) and then crushed his self-esteem. And it’s not even 10 o’clock yet! I thought he must at least have knocked your pint over. :-)

        • He’s also had very little sleep, since he was up all night researching. Poke, poke, poke.

          • non_canon

            I keep thinking about that every time we mention Sloth.

            On the other hand, he does have Verity sticking up for him. And Wolfe as well, which can’t be discounted.

            • MoeLane

              I’m just waiting for Ben to go all Magrat on the situation.

          • Khlovia

            Will you two quit grinning at one another? It’s kinda freaky-deaky….

          • Ocean Burning.

            I hope that since he spent that time researching the Deadlies, something he read will come in useful at some point…

      • Bobismeisbob

        Remind me not to get on your good side ;)

  • Sapphire363

    I like how envy realised that he would get more envy energy out of Ben than Sid, so he used Sid for the performance and dismissed Ben

  • Brother Nightmare

    Alright Ben, I’m getting you a green neck tie after this.

  • This guy

    Didn’t get the lead role?
    Sit down and take a seat,