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January 8th, 2014

January 8th, 2014 published on 31 Comments on January 8th, 2014

If you’re about to complain that this doesn’t work scientifically, I will remind you that magic runs on drama!

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  • Of course it was something they ate. Whenever I have been ‘unwell’ after a good night out it has always been because of the pie ;-)

  • cake

    I don’t want to be a dick, but that explosion looks like a bush.

    • Sunbird

      It looks the way it does because it’s full of flour, I would imagine.

      • Vincent Mabary

        So it looks like a “Flour Bush”? ;-)

        • Geoff

          Fire flour, one could say.

          • Oarboar

            Burning bush?

  • Heh. “You!”

    In Peter David’s run on Supergirl, Supergirl finds herself face to face with Lex Luthor unexpectedly. Luthor had already commented somewhere else that for some reason, people facing him without expecting it go “You!”

    So when Linda does it, Luthor says “* sigh * Me.”

  • Sunbird

    Woohoo! That’s one kickass lady! I am such a huge fan of the characters you write, Ms. Ashwin. Thank you for what you do.

  • Pizkie

    Hahaha, YEAH! I may or may not have literally fist-pumped when I read this page.

  • JWLM

    I love the reuse of the classic cinematographic image of the hero silhouetted against flames as he enters the villain’s lair unexpectedly. I particularly like it because (a) this isn’t cinema, (b) there are no flames against which to silhouette the good guy, and (c) best of all, the good guy hero is a tough girl heroine.

  • TrueWolves

    A topic for the readers! What would /you/ imbue your potential explosive with?
    I’d go with either Aggression.. maybe Excitement?

    • Del

      This looks like a job for BOOM!

    • Fear. With a side order of panic.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Y’know, I’ve been thinking that for a while but I’m not quite sure that old lady is human. Especially now that we’ve seen that she’s strong enough to just pull a grown woman without any problem and all.

    Alexa might be in for a surprise~

    • David Argall

      Alexa is likely due for a surprise, but it’s unlikely because the old lady is super-human. She has not really shown extreme strength. What we have seen looks to be scared people who are too scared to use their full strength. Of course, it is not too unlikely that Gluttonry gives her a strength boost.
      The presumptive plan is that our drink girls spiked the drinks with knock-out drugs. Gluttonry, not being fed by the banquet guests, is to eat the mage, as Sloth did a couple of stories ago. But there is a good chance something is going to go wrong. We shall see what in a week or two.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        Looking forward it, as usual :3

  • You knew getting into this that it was going to be whiskey

    • Del

      Kate’s inner Hippy is showing.

      She deployed Flour Power!

  • Kael’noran

    The amusing thing especially regarding your statement about people complaining about scientific plausibility is that flour bombs are actually quite powerful, and with the large sack she threw (assuming the throw dispersed the flour into the air, which is easily possible) this is entirely possible. Especially the after-explosion cloud of flour, that’s all proper as well. You have shown what is an easily possible scenario, well done! (My high school chemistry teacher taught us about this one, using the gymnasium as an example for a perfect spot to perform such an explosion, which is retrospect is rather unsettling.)

    • I am glad it’s at least somewhat plausible! I did as much research as I dared, googling about explosives always feels like a bit of a risky thing to do.

      • Lewis

        I believe Terry Pratchett also did something similar in Monstrous Company, so if it was implausible you’d at least be in good company. My secondary school chemistry teacher also taught us about flour explosions too pointing out that flour mills share similar construction to fireworks factories with thick walls and thin roofs to attempt to direct the explosive force in a relatively safe manner.

      • Jeff

        I suspect it was me you were looking askance at when you made that comment Kate!

        No worries. As I pedanted earlier, a small flour bomb is not likely to set the building on fire, nor to shatter walls. But could it blow four hinges and a lock apart, while breaking (but not spraying) the inset glass windows? Yeah, even without magical-enhancement, that’s within the realm of the dramatically possible. (She’d want to be around the corner though!)

        …Btw, I wouldn’t worry too much about googlin’ ‘flour explosion’ et al – you’d be in good company with half the world’s science teachers (and 13 year old boys).

      • fishsicles

        As someone who lives in Minneapolis, it would be remiss of me not to mention

  • GeneseePaws

    Goggle “Grain elevator explodes” if you don’t think that flour does this. BIG fire ball.

  • Ivresse

    I remember something like this happen in an episode of New Dominion Tank Police, when Bonaparte is involved in a battle with criminals in a Flour warehouse, a whole shelf falls apart and flour dust literally fills up the whole building. Then one idiot criminal has the bright idea of firing an RPG at the tank as it was running out of the door.
    BOOM! One warehouse and about 6 crims up in flames.

  • hariman

    … You just said the most useful “emotion” to imbue the Flour with. “Drama”

    That way, the explosion is just strong enough at the right time for dramatic effect, and always works just when you need it to. ;)

    But seriously, I have no idea what emotion is good for explosions, other than anger.

  • Nonesuch

    Wheeee~, big bad James Bond entrance! :D

  • Kyle Voltti

    Here comes the boom

  • “magic runs on drama” explains a LOT. :D

  • And her phone used the flour as a reagent and, instead of fire, summoned a large orange bush in the doorway… that then promptly collapsed in on itself. Probably just as well really.

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