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Sid: Ah, well, you see..
Sid: ..I need to confer with my colleague!

(He leans out of the circle to converse with Harry.)

Harry: Problem?
Sid: Well, somewhat, yes! Weren’t you listening?
Harry: Of course. It’s obvious.

Sid: I-I know you’re used to bringing home the treasures and such, but..
Sid: Well, I just can’t.

Sid: I have the chance to destroy this unhappy object, and I will do so.
Sid: I’m sorry, but you cannot have that statue.

Harry: Of course not, what do you take me for?
Sid: Oh, I-
Harry: Give him the damn bracelet, it’s bloody evil and it needs to go.

Sid: I see.. I may have misjudged you, Miss Barber, and for that I apologise.
Macavarty: Don’t I get a vote?

Macavarty: (holding a knife to Harry’s throat with a grin) And I think I have the tiebreaker, too!
Harry: Hrm.

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  • Sarah W

    First re-read of the first chapter – I’ve read every other one at least twice, but this one never left as much of an impression on me and I didn’t feel the need to re-experience it. And in consequence I forgot how seriously heroic Sid is in this strip! “I have a chance to rid the world of this unhappy object, and I will.” Got to add that panel to the vague picture-summary of his character I have in my head.

    (Also, thank you Ms. Ashwin for allowing people who haven’t signed up with Disqus to comment! This was my first ever webcomic, besides Darths & Droids which doesn’t have a comments section at all, so I didn’t learn till recently that it’s kind of unusual to be that open to everyone who wants to comment. I understand authors who try to limit the chance of trolling and judgementality, though. Whether you’ve decided to take the risk, or whether the commenters have just been miraculously nice enough to refrain from those things, it’s pretty damn awesome.)

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