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July 10th, 2013

July 10th, 2013 published on 14 Comments on July 10th, 2013

There’s always one.

Gonna be putting together a Kickstarter for Book 3 when I’ve got Darken Vol 1 shipped out, so look out for that!

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  • Oh, wow, seems like spirits are practicing surprise thrash metal sessions!

    • Anderson

      This modern music just sounds like noise to me….

      • How old are you to call music from late ’70s like this?

  • Cromell

    DUBSTEP!!! The HORROR D: This arc starts pretty interesting. Then again, I always liked your works. You’re probably one of the first comic writers I started reading (oh sweet Darken) and it’s a kind of a miracle I’m still around. Which says a lot of good about your works. Keep it up ;)

  • Solomon

    Does this mean perhaps that Widdershins Old is located in the modern world, but uses dated tech because the magic renders electrical machines completely useless?

    • Ivresse

      If it did, why would everyone we know so far from the comic pre-this chapter be wearing Victorian clothing still? Surely there’d be someone wearing modern clothes if that was the case, even if they are from outside.

      • Also Queen Victoria was in it that one time :) It’s not a The Village scenario, sorry!

      • GristleMcNerd

        You forget that Victorian clothing looks pretty darn snazzy, though.

  • Jeff

    Urk! Guess no one with a pacemaker, cochlear implant etc. ever visits Widdershins nowadays!

    • It would be a very poor idea indeed!

      • tinwatchman

        So there’s no way to shield electronics against magic, I guess? Faraday Cage or something wouldn’t work?

        • There is a way, some places have it in the futurey sections, but as of Alexa’s era it is relatively new and only applicable to small fixed areas.

          • tinwatchman

            Aha. That explains how the Time People were able to have cameras and such inside the hotel.

  • Me-me

    I would not have picked this, from the options. I totally thought time travel. Still do, really.

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