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  • Khelden Iituem

    The hotel is actually called Gluttony. Niiice.

    • Good call. Checking that on the internet I see that gluttony can also include over elaborate or good tasting food as well as just eating too much and eating too fast, so a bake off should have all the bases covered.

    • mistrali

      Oh, good catch!

  • Me-me

    AHA. Fashion dissonance! Time travel still on the table!

    • Jeff

      What are you talking about? I don’t see any clothing that would seem out of place nowadays.

      • Time-Guest

        That’s the whole point. It fits nowadays, but it’s out of place for what we’ve seen of the other stories.
        Ergo, this must be a different time, and for the story to take place at the same period as the others, time travel would have to take place.

        • Gilotyna

          But… there were already mobile phones and other modern gadgets showed earlier in the story o.O

          • Me-me

            Yes, and so a hypothesis was that Widdershins the town just had different fashion than modern fashion, and tech couldn’t be brought there, but the other stories never looked outside of Widdershins so it was a modern time period all along.

            Now that we see people in THIS story dressed differently than people in widdershins have been in OTHER stories, it seems more plausible that this story is set in the future, and magic disallowing technology isn’t related to this.

            By “Fashion Dissonance” I meant between the widdershins of this story and the widdershins of the other stories. So that we still have to explain the modernness of this story, my personal preference being time travel.

            Does that explain to everyone what I meant?

            • Jeff

              It seems to me that you’re overthinking this. Who ever said all of Kate’s stories have to be set in the same time period? It’s called _Widdershins_ after all, not “The Adventures of Harry and Sid (and Jack and Wolfe, etc) in the Victorian Era”.

              The previous stories were from the late 1800s, and this one appears to be set in more-or-less the present day. What’s so difficult to understand about that? Of course, I can imagine we might very well see echoes from the previous stories reflected in this one (eg the name of the hotel).

              • Me-me

                There’s nothing difficult to _understand_ about it, but I’m still rooting for the time travel. That’s why I said it was back on the table, not confirmed.

            • Gilotyna

              Yes, I can see now what you meant :). But your earlier idea that a fashion can stay so outdated in a one place in a country like Britain seems too far-fetched for me, one much less expected than a simple time-travel.

              • Frank, I mean, Me-me

                Eh, it wasn’t my theory, if I’m frank.

        • What makes you think this story is taking place at the same time as the others?

          It looks to me as if it’s now the 21st Century, but Widdershins is a no-go area for tech.

  • Cooper

    Geez those look like some interesting books in that shop window.

    • axioanarchist

      I’m guessing the line in the bottom-right is “Gunnerkrigg Court.” Also just started reading Cucumber Quest a couple of weeks ago. Afraid I’m not familiar with the other – Curia Regis?

      • They’re all linked in the post and my links section!

        • axioanarchist

          Color me blind as usual. Thanks!

  • Fluffy the Terrible

    Man, I hope these contestants don’t put too much Pride in their cooking…

  • Talking of Curia Regis, does anyone have a clue what that is all about? Still keep reading it, still baffled.

  • Tak

    Wish I could read the back of her map&guide that said please remember none of these three things. Hmmmmmm

    • Based on the sequence on the train – no mobiles, computers or iThings.

  • I’m still holding out for Time Travel, too. But only because the cover had a lovely baking outfit on the young woman who hasn’t made an appearance yet.

  • Greenknight

    Love this comic, brings to mind some of my own characters and NPCs with magical afflictions and “gifts” that turn out to be anything but sometimes.

  • Thackety

    Can I just say the model in the window really looks like Edie xD

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