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  • Me-me

    Thanks again, clerk! I’ll make sure not to notice anything strange!

  • Ivresse

    Eh, those two will probably be getting it on later… :-P

  • BaronHaynes

    I came here for the storytelling, I stayed for the baking trash talk.

  • I don’t know why, maybe it’s his trying-to-look-cool smirking, but the first thing I thought seeing that guy was ‘Macavity had kids?’ ^_^

    • Shelby

      OH MY GOD He totally looks like Macavity I didn’t notice before you said it but now gosh.

  • Mr Googley Eyes

    Things gone missing, eh? Sounds like Sidney (or his ghost or descendant) is up to his old unintentional tricks again!

  • Saibot

    I thought I was reading Widdershins, not Top Chef Downton Abbey edition.

    • Really I’ve faked you all out, it was all building up to turn into one of those baking mangas

      • Bellar

        Ahh, so that’s what’s happening. I was wondering why I got such a Gary Oak impression off him.

  • WitUnderPressure

    good enough to satisfy a ghost?

  • Shelby

    I wasn’t sure if I loved Lexy and then I saw this update.

  • awhorl

    But wait, Pride is already loose . . . Gluttony? or did they already . . . sheesh, I do ’em, I can’t exactly name ’em.

  • Rosettastone2

    Ever since I learned this was a baking competition this is reminding me more and more of one of the early scenes in “Witches Incorporated” which also involved a baking competition.

  • Magypsy

    His shirt, hair, sunglasses and attitude make me think of a certain Buckley…

    • Michael Haneline

      My very first thought as well!

  • evilvillain

    This joke is not in good taste.

  • Jourell

    Oh yeah, defiantly got a Harry-esque attitude. Abra-Bloody-Cadabra

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