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  • Shelby

    IDK the hilarity (and awesome-ness) of a punk-rocky baker just hit me.

    • Jerden

      Yeah, she doesn’t look like the stereotype of a cake baker. Not that that’s a bad thing, in fact it makes her more interesting.

      • isaturnine

        Not so strange given that punk values DIY of all kinds. I was slightly disappointed to see eggs on the table though… ;)

        • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

          You mean she should be a vegan? That would be a pretty good way to lose. :D

          • Yeah.
            I watched “Cupcake Wars” before I had to cancel TV service, and the vegan bakers always lost: it is extremely difficult to make a delicious vegan recipe, especially on the fly, particularly when it has to appeal to a wide variety of people that includes non-vegans.
            Safest bet is a full-calorie, dairy, and eggs recipe!

            • isaturnine

              Google it, CW had more than one vegan winner this year…

              • I haven’t had TV in about 2yrs, only had internet access for about 6 months.
                If the majority of winners are still non-vegan, then that is still the safest bet.

  • mendel

    If she’s a pro, why is she using a recipe book?

    • =Tamar

      Cookbook, no problem, but one titled ABCs … (of Cooking, presumably)?

      • SoItBegins

        Because she can.

      • das-g

        Maybe it’s “The ABC of advanced baking”? Or maybe Alexa is the author?

        And are they professionals? For all I know, the national bakeoff might be a competition between skilled hobbyists.

      • JediaKyrol

        Zoomed in, looks like “ABC’s of Home Emery”….and the spine says Rosemarie De~(off panel)~
        …sandpaper cake?
        …or it could be “Heg- emony” but split across the line break…so…world domination cake? that sounds better.

    • das-g

      Many professional musicians play from sheet.

    • Jerden

      Because remembering all the quantities is complex and risky?
      With 100 grams of this and 320 grams of that, following the recipe is the smart thing to do.

    • Even if she has her own recipes somewhere doesn’t mean some aren’t straight from/ based on book recipes. Also for all we know she has tweaks scribbled in the margins.

  • Del

    I just want to eat a piece of that cake!

    (And I know it’s a long way off, but I am already concerned how that story for LUST will develop.)

  • LenaruHeart

    Her mitts
    Her apron

    I… I want them

  • Me-me

    Her apron is a poison warning label! Don’t eat the cake!

    • somebloke

      The cake is safe, it’s the cupcakes we gotta watch out for.

      • Snapdragon

        No, the cake is a lie…

        • SoItBegins

          The cupcakes are a lie.

  • Taijutsu

    I actually dreamed that I was a food tester at this event the other night.

  • =Tamar

    Not a hairnet to be seen.

    • The Wing

      Ewwwwwwwwww D: the Masterchef judges greatly disapprove.

  • curseofthepirates

    Looking forward to the new chapter + characters! Will we ever see all the main characters interact though, or are the stories gonna remain relatively stand-alone?

    Also, the link for a signed and sketched pre-order of Darken isn’t working. Is that not available anymore..? (Link: )

  • Afrodiseum

    Cupcake and crossbones with matching skeletal oven mitt. That should be for sale online somewhere, I swear!

    • Larry

      I agree!!!! Make that apron and oven mitt real so that I can give you my money!

  • Anastasia

    Mfw I was at the London comic-con on the 6th, and I walked right past (what I think) was your stall, without knowing.
    Only now, when I finally begin to read this comic, has this realization hit me.

    • Ah, shame! I’ll be at more though, have no fear :) Say hi next time, love it when people do that!

  • Eyefish

    greatest apron or greatest apron

  • Loving her apron and oven mitts. :D

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