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July 21st, 2014

July 21st, 2014 published on 17 Comments on July 21st, 2014

Nice to draw Nicola again.

Sorry for the lateness on this one, MCM Manchester was a blast, but it was super tiring, so this page took a little longer than I’d like. All done now, though!

Look out in the next week or so for the Widdershins Vol 4 Kickstarter!

  • Cooper

    And Wolfe fails him charm roll. Funny how that only seems to happen with Nicola.

    • No, that was a successful roll. She didn’t hit him with her night stick.

    • Basil Sage

      I believe it also failed with Harriett.

  • I’m starting to really enjoy those two getting into ridiculous arguments. “I’m only ‘implying’ because it would be uncouth to outright STATE that you’re a moron.” Welp, so much for not being uncouth. (Mal seems to bring that out in him.) And don’t worry, guys, I’m pretty darn confident that Ms. Barber is not looking for the masked men out of any sort of admiration. She’s got her cop face on.

    Honestly, this is all probably for the best. Adversity is the mother of improvement; just think of all the wonderful advances they could come up with to keep up with the competition! When they stop bickering like children, anyway.

    • Basil Sage

      Their arguments are blatant OTP-baiting. I’m appalled. Appalled, I say.

      • Marvelous TK

        Humph. I shipped them before it was cool. But now that everyone else seems to be shipping them, I’m not sure I like the ship any more. *hipster hipster*

        … Which will make it simply terrible when the inevitable hot makeouts that are definitely going to happen finally begin. So keep that in mind, Kate, you can truly -torture- me by having that happen. ASAP.

        • If those two are sly, it’s going to throw a serious spanner in my fanfic!

        • Basil Sage

          Sorry to harsh your squee, but what can I say? I was persuaded.
          Sometimes a ship just strikes a reader out of the blue, other times you need to think yourself into it a little.

          • “OTP” and now “harsh your squee”. This thread is certainly expanding my vocabulary.

    • David Argall

      A cop looking for you is seldom good news, so the competition may have problems. Now the heroes are supposed to do the heroing while the cops just pick up the pieces, so there is a good chance our cop will drop some hints for our boys to act on.

      • rhapsha

        I don’t know, Captain Barber has seemed to be a pretty essential character to the story. Plus picking up the pieces doesn’t seem her style, seems like she’s better at making them.

        • David Argall

          Barber does behave as one of the heroes as well as the only moderately helpful cop, but right now she is acting as merely the NPC cop, who one way or another, gives the heroes something to do. She is helpless to bring Voss to justice without the help of the others. She may end up with the largest share of any eventual credit, but that is eventually. Right now, she is playing the role of giving the heroes hints about what to do next.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Man, they can’t even get arrested in this town anymore.

  • SteinarB

    Nicola Barber is not one to be taken in by charm, honesty and good cheer. I’m fairly certain she considers those highly suspicious and possibly unnatural traits in any member of the human species.

    • Sarah W




      . . . That last sentence will look so, so weird to anyone that might not know Discworld.

  • Wore themselves out, did they?

  • Lleyn

    Actually, if someone hit me with “Always a pleasure to see a friendly face, especially one so beautiful”, I’d go “Uh-huh” as well. Smooth, Mr. Sweet-Talker, smooth.

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