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  • Sam Zalereth

    Leave it to a Barber to solve mysteries….or do police work….or marry a rich person…..or do maidwork……you know what…just leave it to a Barber

  • Meanwhile, Nicola’s previously unmentioned sister who works as a milkmaid shivers.

    • Me-me

      Nora’s New Career

    • Little known fact, there’s a Barber sister in every single industry in Widdershins, from chaplain to chimney sweep. Fortunately, family reunions aren’t a problem, because there’s also a Barber sister who works at the town convention center and can book events at an employee discount, to say nothing of Barbara Barber, the barber.

  • Foehn

    Whoa, whoa everyone, hold the phone [or magical phone equivalent or the cell phone]! Wolfe…HAS AN IDEA! All of the sudden things are looking like they’ll actually go well! Until Voss goes all, “ENVY EYE” on everyone and everything goes to hell when they all realize that holy moly one of the seven deadly sins is in Widdershins…AGAIN.

  • slim kittens

    “I have an idea that may appeal, Captain.”

    • Rowen Morland

      Mal is the one who gets slapped, right?

      • fwknight


  • Rolan7

    I KNEW this uniform wasn’t issued to make me look like a milkmaid! I’m not sure why I entertained the notion at all!

    • Barium

      You beat me to it!

  • Timni16

    Why is Wolfe (oops) always so happy goddamn I want to be friends with him so I can punch him

    • pingo1387

      I believe you meant Wolfe, sir.

      • Timni16

        OOPS. thank you. also *cough* imma girl ._.

  • Ilmari

    What, you can’t arrest foreigners just because they start looking at you funny? Bah.

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