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  • Well then..! The way they say ‘another one’ like that, it really makes me wonder how many people the hotel has ‘eaten’ in the modern setting..that cheerfully unconcerned desk lady would have some explaining to do..!

    • Maybe they were all taken from different times

      Ooh! Maybe there’s someone from the Future! (probably not though)

      • Steelraven

        Might not even be a different, maybe a displacement outside of time. The ‘ghost’ are actually the captured ‘guest’ trying to get back the real world.

        • Ooh, that’d certainly be interesting if she was trapped in the past but somehow still able to interact with the modern world. o.o

  • =Tamar

    Time travel? It didn’t go for the cake, so it doesn’t seem to be Gluttony. On the other hand, if it’s collecting good bakers (just who set up that competition, anyway?), maybe Gluttony and Pride are collaborating to set up the ultimate bake-off of all time.

  • If they’re surprised by her hair, one assumes she’ likely back in the late Georgian/early Victorian period of the other stories.

  • Why eat the cake, when a captured baker can make more!

  • Quin

    Time to sing back to the future or some other time travel song. Because lets face it… magical beings are kind of jerks. Their favorite motto along with mine “Train wrecks. Sucks to be in but great to watch” And this one just made one.

  • Shelby

    At least the cake wasn’t hurt.

    • This guy

      Thank goodieness!

  • mendel

    Might this be the explanation why the introduction to this chapter was surprisingly modern? A magical time travel into the past where Harry and Sid live?

  • Marvelous TK

    Leeet’s doooo the tiiiime waaaarp agaaaain

  • AsimvSideburns

    So take me back in time! Reel in to the past!

    Seriously, though, I’m suddenly watching/reading/playing ALL OF THE TIME TRAVELS!

    Not that I’m complaining at ALL, because time travel stories are awesome. It is a fact.

  • Well that’s certainly one of the most original time travel methods I’ve seen in recent memory

  • Sortelli

    Hahah yessss, this is so good.

    I wonder how many people go missing in this place and dumped into the past kitchen.

  • HUNRonin

    I smell timetravel plot.

  • Kwaj

    Hmm, must be the girl with the tray (shadow in p4) commenting from off-panel (p6).

  • Katherine

    Cake Mania! :D

  • Ya know, most of the commentators here seem to be thinking that this is a time travel situation. There really hasn’t been anything at all to indicate time travel. Pocket dimension existing outside the standard timestream seems just as, if not more, likely to me.

  • I was sure it was going to go for the cake.

  • The Wing

    OK now I’m happy. :> Hooray for time travel!

  • ShakeJake

    “Coo”? I’ve heard “cor”, but nor “coo”. Sweet, I learned a new thing to explain!

  • WitUnderPressure

    In one end, out the other…

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