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July 26th, 2016

July 26th, 2016 published on 79 Comments on July 26th, 2016

If he were several decades younger.. and hadn’t met the love of his life yet.. and hadn’t just been shot… well okay perhaps this wasn’t meant to be.

Two things to mention: Thing One- I’ll be at MCM Manchester this weekend! Come find me at table CE11 in the Comic Village!
Thing Two: The next Widdershins Kickstarter will be launching on Friday 29th, at 7pm GMT+1 (that’s London time)! Gonna try to raise the funds to get Volume Six printed up, and it’ll be a chance to grab any previous Widdershins books too! There’ll be a bunch of neat extras like pins and signed bookplates and a book-exclusive extra mini story about Henry and Izzy’s wedding, so it’s all good stuff.

  • pingo1387

    I’m honestly trying to figure out if Henry’s referring to Nicola or Wolfe in the last panel.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      He’s looking at Wolfe, so I’d wager the latter.

      Also, Nicola’s his granddaughter, so the former would be… uncomfortable.

      • So, he’s got a thing for strapping young German lads as well as clever Gypsy girls?

        • Valerie Kaplan

          I’d advise avoiding the G-word for Romani, it’s an ethnic slur… but anyhow, I am not entirely sure there is any demographic Henry Barber does not have at least a BIT of a thing for.

          • Jeff Eppenbach

            It’s a good sign! If he has enough blood to think of…

          • LSKollt

            I was about to reply recommending the word Romani, but you beat me to it. Thank you for understanding the difference.

    • He is very much NOT flirting with his granddaughter, thanks

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        oh god -_-

      • pingo1387

        Oh no I legitimately forgot they were related I’m sorry xD

        • Haha, no worries

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Even if they weren’t related, Nicola doesn’t seem like she has the most soothing bedside manner, so I doubt she’d warrant a line like that. ;-)

          • Phlebas

            Maybe not (and he might well not be her type anyway), but you can’t deny she looks good in uniform.

      • Bieeanda

        I don’t feel quite so bad about mistaking a pigeon for a rooster during that guest comic, now.

      • Wouldn’t put it past him.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Oh, Henry, you’ve grown into a right proper dirty old man. :-D

  • Foehn

    That last panel is my favorite. I wonder if Wolfe even gets what Henry is saying or if he’s just rolling with it.

    • Rolan7

      I think Wolf knows (: I’d guess he finds it funny and a bit flattering. Also relieving – notice Wolf’s worried at first. Nothing like a little humor and bravado to put people at ease.

      But Wolf seems pretty social adept. I think he recognizes playful, harmless flirting (remember the dance with Florrie!)

      • Shihchuan

        Also, I have no doubt that this isn’t the first time Wolfe caught a guy’s attention xD

    • Greenwood Goat

      Not sure if Wolfe does. Not sure if Henry is joshing or not. We do know that Wolfe is obliging and affable practically down to the molecular level, so if Henry was serious, Wolfe might well find his orientation shifting…


      • Sapphire altera
      • CountSessine

        While I don’t think Henry is quite Wolfe’s type, romantically, I have to up-rate this for “obliging and affable practically down to the molecular level!” I also think there’s the potential for an excellent friendship.

  • Jenna Thorne

    i’m screaming henry you hound

  • Geoff

    Henry continues to be my favourite.
    Also, that is literally how Mal met Wolfe.

  • McRocky71

    Back off there, Grandad. Florrie saw him first.

    • Alétheia

      Like grandad, like granddaughter, yeah? XD

      • Salaru

        Except Henry married for love. Florrie married for money and status. Least that’s what it says in the character bios.

        • Alétheia

          Ah, I didn’t mean the status of their marriages, but more their general personality and tendency to flirt with handsome Germans.. er… eyecandy. Being married and the reasons behind those marriages don’t negate flirting (or going further), but it all depends on the boundaries each couple set with each other.

          Henry and Izzy are definitely in love and definitely devoted to one another (and support/play off of one another well, too); this doesn’t mean he (or they?) can’t flirt with other people, as it seems to be an accepted part of their relationship, you know? Izzy doesn’t mind, and as far as we’ve seen of Henry’s character, he doesn’t seem likely at all to go beyond flirting with other people without the consent of his wife, so it all works out.

          As far as I remember, we don’t actually know much about Florrie’s marriage beyond that it was for money and status; she could be in the type of relationship that’s loveless and for show only, or she could be fulfilling the duties of a good wife of her status (within some degree of complacency), or she could be loyally devoted and in love with her husband, or anywhere in between. The boundaries she and her husband set for their relationship are yet to be seen, but she’s at least inherited her grandfather’s flirting skills (and she doesn’t seem to be the type to cheat or do anything like that, so she’s probably like her grandfather in that regard as well – a bit of harmless flirting and nothing more, you know?). :)

          • Sanjay Merchant

            True, she did (however reluctantly) make a point to let Wolfe know she was married before things got terribly far. Whether or not she loves (or even likes) her husband is an as-of-yet unanswered question, but she seems to be abiding by the rules of a Standard Monogamous Marriage.

            • Tikatu

              Who her husband is is also a as-of-yet unanswered question. He may be a major complication in this corralling of the Deadlies.

              • Sanjay Merchant

                That, or he’s the ancestor of Maris Crane.

              • BaronHaynes

                I have a suspicion about who he is, but I’m not 100% certain it tracks yet.

            • Nightsbridge

              That’s the most likely option of what she meant, though not necessarily the only one. Generally, things tend to get veeery sticky when someone meets a married woman who they is flirting with them. She had just met Wolfe, and felt the need to establish she was in a relationship, to avoid awkwardness and the possibility of scandal.

              Like, poly or no, she wouldn’t have invited a person she just met in a more-or-less public party.

          • disqus_ealSxkOnJn

            There was another comment where a female character was actively seeking out a rich husband. Her family was poor, and so she wanted to help it. When another character brought up that this didn’t seem right- she just said “You can love a rich man as easily as a poor one”.

            We haven’t seen any signs that Florrie is miserable in her marriage, just a flirt. She’s generally quite happy. As you said, we don’t know what boundaries their relationship has- but that’s true even for love relationships. Marrying for love can still produce an open relationship. Even if it’s ultimately loveless, that she’s able to be as happy and carefree suggests that they do care for each other and are secure and content in the relationship. Whatever it is.

    • AJ

      But Florrie’s… and Henry’s… Come ON, you guys!

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Hey, contrary to what most sources would have you believe, open relationships were not invented in the 1970’s.

        • AJ

          And this comic isn’t about accurate Victorian events as much as it is shenanigans with fun clothes. But stil!

        • alex

          it was never invented in fact polygamy was first monogamy is a far younger concept, polygamy was around before man even had a concept of an afterlife or spiritual belief so yer stop taking stuff to seriously and relax it is a freaking comic where the bloody queen of England can cast magic so it is hardly an accurate depiction of the Victorian era now is it.

          • I don’t think anyone is arguing otherwise, worry not!

          • Sanjay Merchant

            For what little it’s worth, my comment was intended as a lighthearted jibe, not as any sort of “STOP HAVING FUN YOU GUYS!” nonsense. Apologies for forgetting that typed text doesn’t always convey those sorts of nuances. :-)

  • Kaunisenkeli

    That look on Nicola’s face… did she know Henry is bisexual?

    • Phlebas

      I think so – that looks like eye-rolling rather than shock.

      • Kaunisenkeli

        I don’t know. The set of her eyes looks less like an eye-roll to me.

    • She knew, she’s just a mix of worried and embarrassed.

    • JWLM

      Nicola’s out. It’s hard to live a lie about your own sexuality when one of your kids comes out.

      • MoeLane

        I dunno if Nicola and/or Henry ever really had that problem in the first place – or, at least, had it as severely as people from our own timeline would have. The Widdershins universe seems to be a good deal more chill on the subject than ours is.

        • Alétheia

          Overall, maybe, but Nicola mentioned having problems with her parents accepting her girlfriend as her girlfriend, so it’s not all good there…

          • MoeLane

            True. Still, it’s definitely a good deal looser than it was at the equivalent point in our TL. Then again, Nicola’s a cop and an officer, so we knew that already.

          • JWLM

            I don’t know if it’s parents, just “mother”. mom…doesn’t seem like a very attractive person.

  • Wolfe is there, so I suppose Mal is not far behind. I wonder how suddenly a he-witch can appear after so many years, centuries maybe, without any witches. Why a man, why him, why now? Hope we’ll get an explanation sometime…
    …Thinking further, we’ve got no proof he’s really a man, though he certainly looks like he is and nobody seems to have any doubt about it. Hmmm. Maybe I’m overthinking this, am I not?

    • CountSessine

      I rather think that in this reality witches can be either male or female, and so can wizards. There’s no gender implication to either of the words.

      Rather, the distinction is that witches are rare and have a very special set of inborn talents that work even without much (or any) training, whereas wizards have may have varying levels of talent but rely heavily on learned knowledge.

  • What is Harry looking at in the second panel?

    • Tsapki Perez

      Seems to be some documents that Acedia had gathered and put together. Maybe how she managed to track down Henry and Isabelle

  • Shihchuan

    Hey, what’s wrong with a bit of (read: a lot of) age difference and some open relationship? :p

    Just kidding, though I do think these two will continue to have awesome (non-romantic) chemistry in the future :D

  • Kalil Chernov

    <3 Henry so much… Also, <3 Izzy for being appropriately amused rather than horrified/jealous.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      In character, he basically admitted to being a shameless flirt literally the day they met (can’t track down the exact quote, but he basically said the only thing that really bothered him about Mr. Luxuria was that he was better at flirting).

      Out of character, the “hair-trigger jealousy to the point of idiocy” thing is overdone anyway. Especially on a female character. :-P

      • MoeLane

        I imagine that the two of them have worked out which public behaviors are mutually acceptable. They’ve certainly had enough time to do it. Also, as other people have noted: if Henry is flirting then he’s probably not dying on the spot.

      • disqus_ealSxkOnJn

        The circumstances would make it really inappropriate as well. They’ve been in a solid, apparently no-infidelity relationship for so many decades now. He just got shot. The seven deadly sins are running around trying to destroy humanity. Is now REALLY the time to fly off into a jealous rage because your bleeding-to-death husband made a joke?

        • Sanjay Merchant

          If a great many TV shows I’ve seen are to be believed then yes, yes it is.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Also, Ms. Acedia, while we all appreciate your dedication to living up to the name your late(-ish) husband gave you, making even a token effort to clean up after yourself is still a good idea.

  • Jorbun

    Hmm… Wolfe, but no Mal… Henry starts flirting as soon as he shows up…

    … Luxuria?

    • Nevra

      Ooh, and he exclaimed in English…

      Uh oh.

    • Margot

      Oh no! I was enjoying Wolfe’s smile in the last panel, but now I’m worried I should be interpreting it differently…

  • Toni

    Dude, was Henry noted as bi before? Either way, YES GOOD. Everybody fall in love with Wolfe.

    • Don’t think it’s been as clear as this before, but he was very much flirting with Luxuria when they first met. I’m a little surprised that no-one noticed til now, haha

      • VHough

        Well, to be honest, Luxuria was flirting with Henry so strongly that the poor boy’s single page of looking up through his lashes kinda got lost in comparison.

        • Alétheia

          Let’s be real here – Luxuria’s flirting could affect anyone, so that neither confirmed nor denied Henry’s sexuality. :P

          (But yeah, there were plenty of other non-Luxuria clues scattered around that chapter, hah. XD )

      • rainycity1

        No, there was some discussion in the comments at the time, as I recall..

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Certainly by the scene where he said to Izzy something to the effect of “I normally like that, but this guy was weird.”

  • rainycity1

    Honestly, Henry!

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I see wat u did ther. :-P

  • PandaPounce

    A shame that Henry’s hair isn’t red anymore. ;)

  • John

    So is Wolfe going to help Henry to the carriage and then rejoin them for this adventure, or is he taking Henry to the doctor with them and is therefore out for the duration?

  • Nightsbridge

    Badass bi old dude yass

  • John

    A mini story about Henry and Izzy’s wedding in book six? Will we get to see Elodie catch the bouquet??

    • Very possibly!
      The story is written by me but drawn by a special guest artist, and I am really really excited about it :3

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Probably not, but you can be darn sure she’ll be staring daggers at whoever does.

      • JWLM

        Canon has it that she does, in fact, catch the bouquet.

  • Del

    I liked it better, when we simply enjoyed how much Wolfe’s honor, confidence, and charisma are so off-the-chart. It is difficult to make a character like that, and keep him real.

    Hollywood can’t get Batman or Superman right, as virtuous characters. The great heroes are all so full of self-doubt and loathing nowadays.

  • non_canon

    Coming in very very late, but it just occurred to me that when Henry was younger he was a red head. Which makes the last panel that much funnier to me.

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