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July 28th, 2014 – KICKSTARTER NOW LIVE!

July 28th, 2014 – KICKSTARTER NOW LIVE! published on 27 Comments on July 28th, 2014 – KICKSTARTER NOW LIVE!

Shout at each other more, that’ll totally help.

The Kickstarter for printed copies of volume four is now up! You can grab the new book, previous volumes, PDFs, and other goodies by backing, go take a look and spread the word!

  • Hunter Barber? Is he inviting Harry over? Is it going to be a Barber family reunion complete with explosions and gunfire?

    • Tsapki

      And technicolor magical fireworks…though I suppose that falls under explosions.

  • Metus

    “Famous Hunter Barber Retrieves Lost Necklace”, hmm~ Did Dominik link the Barber sisters?

    • Bill Soo

      Not sure Harry is all that famous yet. Headline could refer to their grandfather who *is* famous.

      • DarthBender

        Well, she saved the princess and made headlines with that so I suppose she’s at least a little bit famous

      • Metus

        That’s true. It could be the grandfather or Harry. In any case, it’d link Nicola to someone who’s been a Hunter. xD; Not sure how old the paper is after all.

  • Uh-oh, the seams are starting to come apart. XD What out, you two, things are about to get very sticky! And all for the want of impressing somebody you hate. Tsk-tsk, that’s how these things tend to go, it seems.

    You know, I bet that the research actually has more to do with Envy and the other Deadlies needing the Barber bloodline. I bet they don’t even realize that “the girl” IS one of the Barbers. Which might make this next encounter all the more interesting! :D

  • How long have those two been married?

    • Sanjay Merchant
    • Tsapki

      Hmm, I never quite imagined the possibility of Envy being female gender until that comment.

      • Envy is whatever you wish you were. ;D

        • So wait… does that mean Voss is a furry?

      • Should that make any difference to their ability to be married or not?

        I wouldn’t imagine it has a gender of any sort.

  • Is Envy calling the Captain a “girl”? Well, that’s him for the high jump, then.

  • Del

    I do hope Harry shows up! There hasn’t been any tobacco smoked for the last 20 pages or more.

  • wanderingdreamer

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who turned their head practically upside down to read that headline.

    • It was the right way up in the sketches, then I flipped it over because I have a mean streak

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I do hope that it’s a tease at an upcoming story arc. :-)

  • Tre

    There are about 3 Barber sisters, correct? The question is do they need a specific one or just a Barber sister? Obviously they need someone of that line or Envy wouldn’t have been nagging after her. Question is on which one the dysfunctional duo has chosen.

    • Four sisters, one brother.

  • D. Schwartz

    Ah I see a mention of the necklace… Curiouser and curiouser.

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