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July 2nd, 2014

July 2nd, 2014 published on 30 Comments on July 2nd, 2014

Gosh what a mystery I wonder who that could possibly be

There may not be an update on Friday, as I’ve got a deadline to catch up on for something else! I’ll put something interesting up anyway if I have to skip it. Sorry in advance!

  • Marvelous TK

    Sherlock Holmes, I presume.

    • Lleyn

      Doctor Livingstone, I presume. (Sorry, had to!)

      • You know they say when you presume, you make a pres out of u and me?

  • I don’t think this is going to go well. ;_;

  • Zee63

    and Jack is just freaking out in the background. Must be worse than walking into a spider web.

    • GristleMcNerd

      Actually, I’m pretty sure he still has the buggerup clinging to his head.

      • Mia

        I think Zee63 meant having a buggerup clinging to your face would be worse than walking into a spider web!

  • Yikes

    Eek, I only just considered the possibility that Voss might steal O’Malley’s spirit-seeing power!

    • Mari

      He’d have to know about it first I’d assume… but if Mal gives away that he can see Envy I don’t see this ending well…

    • Basil Sage

      I just had a thought: if Voss steals Mal’s power, Mal will be stuck with malforms harassing him and no way to get rid of them (or even see them).

      • =Tamar

        But since this one is harassing him because he’s the One Who Sees, if Voss takes that ability, will they now all go after him?

        • Basil Sage

          After they find out, sure. But they don’t just magically know who sees them: they realized it after Mal spoke to them.

  • rhapsha

    So, place your bets on which of our plucky band is going to get their abilities stolen. Will it be Ben’s magic, Mal’s spirit-sight, or Wolfe’s awesome. Only time will tell.

    Joking aside, I’m interested to see what Voss is planning here. Because so far this just seems really foolish. Then again he is consumed by Envy.

    • Lleyn

      Hmmm, good question. Initially, I thought that Ben’s magic abilities would be the most desirable, but then again, they are only third-degree, and I’m sure Voss can get magic abilities from some other wizard, should he desire them. No, it is Wolfe he’s after, Wolfe is the man his envy is directed to, Wolfe’s ability to always excel at whatever he does is what Voss wants. Run Heinrich, run!

      • Cooper

        But Wolfe’s real ability is actually not being a jerk.

        • Nalyd

          After Voss steals from Wolfe:

          *sits down*

          “What have I been doing!? And you fox! You were a very bad choice in friends!”

          /end arc

          • Lleyn

            *g* Ah, you know, greedy bastard that he is, I’m betting Voss will just take all their abilities and then be completely confused. He’ll feel strongly compelled to scrub the dirty floor, will feel bad about his actions and freak out every time he’ll see a person’s spirit. And I’m pretty sure Mal would freely give Voss his ability to see spirits, if only he knew Voss can take it from him.

            • That’s a good point, actually; Mal would probably totally be like “HERE YOU CAN HAVE IT YESSS HAHAHA FREEDOOOOM”
              But honestly I don’t see why Voss wouldn’t just steal abilities from all of them, I mean it’s not like he’s limited to one per group. Guess it’s more a question of who he’ll steal from FIRST, or if he even feels like the other two (because cum’on he’s totally out to get Wolfe) have anything worth stealing.

  • Nonesuch

    They’re here. 0_0

  • I got really excited recently when I realised Mal would probably be able to see (oh gosh, and hear!) Envy. Soon, the moment of truth!
    Also is Wolfe saying “ouch” with a more German spelling there? Because that’s great. :)

    • Twales

      I was thinking that too, but then looking at the strip again Mal’s eyes are being covered by the malform, he doesn’t even look aware that there is someone else in the room. O.O Noooooooo…

      • I expect Voss will be there for awhile, at the very least long enough for Mal to get the malform off his face…

    • Wechselstrom

      “Autsch” is indeed *the* German spelling of “ouch”. The pronounciation is very much the same.

  • =Tamar

    The bottle label: Deos… Deosil? Deosil drink? Distilled sunwise? Distilled good magic?

    • Basil Sage

      Deosil is the name of the brewery. It’s clearly a gag (“deosil” – sunwise, “widdershins” – countersunwise). It may mean something more, but hasn’t so far and frankly, I doubt it will.

  • Mr Thackeray has a duff degree. It would be amusing if Herr Voss steals his magical ability and doesn’t realise it is not perhaps as good as he thinks it is.

  • szbnahl

    Is this the same brewery mentioned in this conversation: ? Because if so, well done on the foreshadowing.

  • Del

    This story could go any direction…. but I’ve got money on “O’Malley makes a quick escape, and makes it around to save the day.”

    • Qwertystop

      We did that already.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I think I was wrong before. THIS is the place for that Belloq quote.

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