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July 30th, 2014

July 30th, 2014 published on 20 Comments on July 30th, 2014

The Kickstarter for printed copies of volume four is now up! You can grab the new book, previous volumes, PDFs, and other goodies by backing, go take a look and spread the word!

We already made the funding goal (in 14 hours, no less!) but there are some neat stretch goals it’d be nice to reach, so go take a look and grab some books!

  • Rolan7

    Is it still shipping if I think they make great friends? Such complimentary personalities.
    Talking about Mal and Ben of course. Wolfe and Barber make great associates.

    • You could ship them as moirails (from Homestuck: basically a best friends situation ramped-up to life partner but no sex, just the emotional connection).

    • nemryn

      Friendshipping is a thing!

  • dana

    Love Mal’s look of studied innocence in panel 3.

  • Oh, this has so many opportunities for shenanigans…

  • Del

    Harry and Mal are my two favorite characters. Lotsa great characters here, but these two are my favorites. I love any panel that features either one of them, and I can’t wait for them to meet someday.

    It is entirely a coincidence that they are both smokers.

    (However…. I started reading Widdershins after a young, Russian Orthodox gal from a pipe-smoking board urged us all to check out the young, English, pipe-smoking gal in a web comic.)

  • Nin

    I want the coat Nicola is wearing.

    Good luck indeed, Ben.

  • Aw… No dress for Ms Nicola. Guess it was too much to hope for.

    • Colin

      But what you lose in freedom of motion, you gain in concealable weapons!
      But yeah, not her style it seems.

    • Still looking super classy, though!

  • Ben and Mal, you adorable idiots. :)

    • Weird Oregonian

      It’s like how I used to get into trouble. I’d just follow my brothers trying to convince them it was a stupid idea to do whatever.

    • svartalf

      Something tells me that the two of them are going to save the day…in spite of themselves… >;-D

  • Marek

    Nicola, so tomboyish she can make Harry seem fashion-minded. :P

  • Sarah W

    As of Panel 2, I’m shipping.

  • Sarah W

    Well, not *intensely* shipping. I think if Wolfe and Barber had a friendship it’d be fun to watch. I’m, like . . . friend-shipping. Or as I say when being TL;DR about Discworld: “Vet&Vimes? I don’t slash them, I just ampersand them.”

  • non_canon

    Was going through the archive and just realized the woman at the next table over seems to be holding a handkerchief over her nose and glaring at Mal, which amuses me almost as much as Mal’s fake innocent look in the third panel.

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