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July 5th, 2013

July 5th, 2013 published on 43 Comments on July 5th, 2013


Gosh that looks like a good movie, though.

Gonna be putting together a Kickstarter for Book 3 when I’ve got Darken Vol 1 shipped out, so look out for that!

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  • Feanen

    Well well, we do appear to have had a rather large skip since the latest adventures of Sid & Harry. Do I smell a time travel story?

  • Anderson

    Hmm. So electronics are a bad thing to take into Widdershins, and can be damaged/destroyed/cause “Fun” if you leave them on while in the area. Interesting. Guess that explains having steam engines on a scheduled service during the cellphone era.

    • Actually such things always bugged me because any sufficiently advanced and faultless technology is indistinguishable from and actually is magic. You just can’t tell them apart, especially if you happen to know how exactly both works.

      • Kaoy

        You added an extra line to that quote which completely alters its meaning. The original expression “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” simply means that any technology that is too advanced for the individual to understand the mechanics of would appear to be magic to them; It doesn’t actually become magic. Just because an isolated mountain tribe in Africa has never seen a walk-man doesn’t actually make it magic when they don’t understand how it works.

        • Well, that is right too. But any sufficiently advanced and in particular a little bit faulty magic is indistinguishable from the technology as we know it. Just because you don’t understand how it works doesn’t mean it is magic, right? Even if it actually is magic. The point is that any magic actually is a very advanced technology based on unusual and unknown laws. If you start to study them you will be able to figure out these laws and sooner or later you will end up with something very freaking similar to physics. So damn close that you may go one step further and realize that you are just staring at the other side of the very same coin. You will not be able to tell them apart because they both will be technology for you. The only difference will be in how these technologies utilize these new laws.
          Unfortunately for magicians it means that they are in fact barbarians which are trying to hammer a nail with a microscope.

          • Here’s my thoughts on the magic vs. science issue:

            Both are ways of understanding the universe.

            With science, the universe is analysed in terms of forces and energy. These are studied, measured, and quantified. Using this knowledge, people can affect the world around them by developing technology that allows them to acheive the desired results.

            With magic, the universe is still full of forces and energy, but they are often (if not always) personified as various entities. These can range from weak spirits with minimal power or only local authority to the most powerful of deities. People learn to affect the world around them by borrowing power from, binding, or channeling these entities.

            There is potential overlap between science and magic when dealing with non-personified powers. This is essentially where alchemy comes in: in an age where everyone believed in personified forces, some people attempted to harness these same powers without any magic or prayer. While much of what they tried to do was impossible and many of their beliefs flawed, the efforts of alchemists did lead to modern chemistry.

            If science can discover a means of affecting reality with the intermediary of technology it will cross over into the realm of magic.

            Sorry for the essay there, but I’ve put some thought into this over the years . . .

        • No, no, no.

          According to my theatre tech friend who set up a lot of tradeshow demos for IBM and other companies, it’s “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a rigged demo”.

      • But any sufficiently analysed magic is indistinguishable from science!

        • Indeed. This is actually a problem on it’s own. We may using magic every day and remain completely unaware of it. What the hell electron is? We happen to know a lot of facts about it but we still don’t really understand what it actually is and does it really exist in the first place. At least any attempt to describe it’s bizarre properties ends up in a multidimensional space with number of dimensions up to eleven (no pun intended). We are living in the very, very strange place.

        • Mujaki

          There’s another corollary I’ve heard:
          Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced.

      • LurkerAbove

        And Florence from FreeFall says:
        “Any technology, no matter how primitive,
        is magic to those who don’t understand it”

  • Pizkie

    Oh my gosh, a Dead Winter shoutout! I love it when great webcomics point to other great webcomics :D

  • Sir_Krackalot


    Electronic tech in Widdershins? Methinks me smelleth a timeskip/travel.

    • Mitch H.

      Well, that and the conductor intercom. And the movie advert. TV aerials on the house. Power junction box. Zippers on her jacket. Headphones on the guy in the seat behind her.

      Actually, come to think of it, that train engine is pretty archaic given the rest of the context. Is that some sort of private train running an old steam engine for nostalgia’s sake, or does the Widdershins environment tend to do something nasty to diesels?

  • BirdoPrey

    I love the juxtaposition of fantasy and banal reality. See Nimona ( ) for another comic that does a great job at this

    • Nimona is a wonderful comic, yes! I really should link to it.

  • Big Ninja Jim

    As with start of most of the stories on this comic I’m both confused as to who these characters are and yet utterly fascinated.

  • endplanets

    Nice little shout out to the webcomic Dead Winter because it is awesome.

    And holy poop, that is a big time skip.

  • OlmStranger

    Ah haha, Dead Winter is fantastic.

  • AsimvSideburns


    I love how everybody comments on the cellphone, but not on the fact there’s an ad for a movie.

    Is Widdershins a themed town then? Kind of like Leavenworth, Washington, USA, if anybody’s familiar with that.

  • KingE

    I hope this doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing Sid and Harry. That would be sad.

  • Cooper

    Either a time skip or TIME TRAVEL. I AM DOWN FOR EITHER.

  • SoItBegins

    We are elsewhen, it seems.

  • AlexCer

    Modern widdershins? Tell me more!

  • Mr.Hat

    Funny thing. Dead Winter was the webcomic I was reading right before this one! Fancy that!

  • Bakkhios

    Time travel or fast forwards? After all she *does* look like she could be the great (great?)-granddaughter of… Sid and Harry. Which would make all the shippers squee in pure delight.

  • Hmmm. Interesting tech in the Widdershins world.

    Steam trains alongside laptops and cell phones.

    Unless, it just hit me, diesel or electric trains don’t work so well there, either.

    • What, they still have steam trains

      • Jerden

        I’m guessing that it’s only because they’re going to Widdershins, so advanced technology won’t work. It could also be to appeal to tourists. They do still run steam trains in Britain for that reason, I’ve been on one.

  • A kickstarter just after I bought Darken volume 1 and a keyring? I may as well give Kate all my money now and get it over with.

  • HUNRonin

    Niiiiice, a new time period!
    The Dead Winter shout-out is nicetoo, that comic is fantastic ^^.

  • Hush


    I hope we get to see some of Mal and Wulfe. Not that I don’t love me some Sid/Harry, but I was hoping to see more trippy Spirit-o-vision and cool Wulfe sketches.

    Also keeping my fingers crossed for time travel shenanigans(SID YOU’VE CREATED A TIME PARADOX)

  • Shelby

    So is this in the future of the past two timelines?

  • Oh woah I almost said last page that girl looked like she was from a different time…I guess I should have!

  • wwlaos

    I’d watch the heck out of that movie. But only the 2D version.

  • Nonesuch

    A reference to Dead Winter? Nice! ^^

    I wonder whether we’re going to see a time travel scenario… I’d be sorry never to see Sid and Harry again, except as older people, perhaps…

  • SmilingAhab

    This is the lovely thing about basing a story on a place rather than a cast. The place can change, the characters can change, the time can change, but the idea of place ties it all together. It makes for far better worldbuilding in my opinion.

  • mistrali

    Uh oh. This should be fun.

  • greenfox

    hoho so we’re in the modern age now?

  • Oh, the anachronistic lady is from the present. That explains it then.

  • ire dander

    I would watch dead winter 3d everyday nice touch.find the joke i hid in every comment.

  • The Wing

    Wait no now I’m sad, what about Sid and Harry and Wolfe and Mal? D:

  • NamelessCenturion

    OH MY GODS! I used to read Dead Winter! And then I forgot about it, thank you so damn much! I’m going to keep reading this then go and start DW again!

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