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  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I love how pleased he can be saying that. XD

  • Ganurath

    Looks like Voss is trying to make someone jealous.
    Looks like Voss doesn’t know Wolfe very well.

    • It’s Mr Thackeray who will be envious. He’s wanted to shoot Mr O’Malley and have Herr Wolfe arrested since the day they met.

      • dana

        Actually he was trying to shoot Loewe, AKA the boss lady, but I quibble.

        • dana

          Oops, my bad. You’re commenting on Thackeray, not Voss.

  • Michael Brewer

    I wonder if he’s actually the owner and, if so, how long he’s been the owner.

    • Pirate_Prince_Navarion

      That’s only because he stole the talent to be an awesome liar.
      And Wolfe has finally snapped. :D

    • Well, he appears to have acquired and awful lot of money at some point, so he might have bought it

  • SteelRaven

    I’m starting to think Wolfe has a brain damage considering he’s actually happy to see Voss.

    • BloodPlum

      I’ll be honest, Wolfe’s worst quality is his ability to see the good in everybody. Which in this case is clearly delusion.

      • It’s probably also his best quality, but meh.

  • Ted

    Ha! I can’t wait to see Envy flipping out over Wolfe’s complete and utter lack of, well, Envy.

  • Neoriceisgood

    Well that definitely is a shockingly optimistic reaction.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “aah, good times good times”

  • Greenwood Goat

    Envy: *guk* I – I can’t consume anything from him… that goodwill and genuine affability – it sticks in my craw! Can we please go somewhere else?

    Wolfe: Anyway, how about a hug for your old comrade?

    Envy: *AIIIEEEEEE!!* RUN!!!

    Voss: Yes! *exits*

    Hysterical malform: Gone! It’s gone! I’m safe I’m safe I’m safe I’m safe I’m safe I’m safe! *glomps Wolfe* Thankyou Thankyou Thankyouuu! ……..Friends?


  • BaronHaynes

    Wolfe does seem to have kind of an ubermensch thing going for him. It’s not just about him being strong or good-looking or talented at everything, but also level-headed and doesn’t hold a grudge at all. He’ll probably be delighted to learn that Voss is doing well for himself, and that will infuriate Voss in a way that nothing else could.

    • Deepbluediver

      Level-headed is one way to put it; I think of it as being “personally balanced” or something Zen like that. And of course it’s the ideal counter to spirits which are based on out-of-control emotions.

      • Me-me

        The original word for it was “cool” but then “cool” got co-opted to mean “trendy”.

        • Silly Zealot

          People uses the word “chill” now.

  • DocHarleen

    I really want to punch panel four Voss in the face. I mean, yeah, Voss always needs a punch in the face, but ESPECIALLY in panel four.

  • Lewis Millar

    I can’t wait to see what Mal sees, after all Voss’s spirit was warped long before he teamed up with Envy. I think his critical mistake will be stealing Mal’s ability which will really mess with his head, especially once the vain bugger looks in a mirror.

    • ….Ohhhh OHHHH MYYY GOOODNEEEESS dude THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW 8I Seriously, how perfect would it be: we get some vague idea of what Jack sees in the mirror and why it bugs him so much when Voss steals the ability and then we get to see what HE sees in the mirror! THAT WOULD BE FASCINATING man I hope that happens now.
      Not that I’ll love the comic any less if it goes a different route, of course!

      • Maria White

        I think the real question is, what happens once Envy LEAVES Voss. He surely wont keep all the ‘things’ he took, but well…*coughs* We can imagine what will happen….Oh yes…*strokes chin* Looks down… I wish I had a beard….

        • Envy claimed Voss would get to keep everything he stole up to that point, but I’m hopeful our “heroes” such as they are will find a loophole to get everyone their talents back. : )

  • Man I am waiting with SUCH ANTICIPATION for O’Malley to get that malform off his face and just totally disrupt Voss’s cool. ‘Cause there’s no way Voss has a contingency plan for Jack seeing his pretty green buddy. I hope to see at least one panel of utterly confused facial expression.

  • The Wing

    I love how in every panel except for the last, Ben is adjusting or patting himself down.

  • rhapsha

    Very good. I’m pleased that Voss’s plan here seems more thought-out than “show up, steal abilities”. It’s still a risk because of Mal, but that’s not something Voss could possibly be aware of at the moment.

  • David Argall

    “Donnerwetter” is “thunder storm” [which is about the limit of my German by the way]. So Wolfe may be a little more upset than he seems. or maybe he is just surprised.

    • isaturnine

      “Donnerwetter” is often used to express strong but not unwelcome surprise, even apprecation, in the spirit of “Hot damn!” or “Holy cow!”. If used as “zum Donnerwetter!” at the end or within a sentence, however, it can also express serious annoyance or annoyed disbelief. The literal meaning of “thunderstorm” is valid but rather dated.

  • Ben is just like “Wolfe, I doubted your taste in friends enough when meeting Mal, but seriously?”

  • Graham Garrett

    If Wolfe has any failing, it is a willingness to forgive the unforgiveable.

  • J_JamesM

    Waitwaitwait. Kindness is the Heavenly Virtue that opposes the Deadly Sin of Envy. Wolfe is extraordinarily kind. Coincidence? I doubt it.

  • On rereading, I love Ben in the background. Fixing his hair, dusting his clothes, and then that ‘I HAVE CONCERNS??!’ face at the end is priceless XD

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