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  • Winger

    There’s a difference between having the ability and having the discipline/interest, dear Ben…

  • The Wing

    I can’t help but feel sorry for Ben as well as disappointed with Mal. I would’ve liked to hear him curse and destroy his propriety. >:)

  • They need another wizard? Are there still plenty of buggerups running around? D:

    • Hush

      Undoubtedly. Widdershins is one of the few places on Earth where a person’s magical talent is boosted. Everyone in Widdershins can be (and probably is!) an amateur magician.

      All that talent + very little training = Widdershins, Buggerup Central

      • Disloyal Subject

        Malforms! They’re called… *sighs & recognizes the futility* malforms…

  • Miniplane

    Though it’s nice to see Mal all cleaned up again, I have to say, I do miss his longer hair…

  • Seto

    “Your only ability” ? “This knack for magic”, huh ? Sounds like a “skill” Envy might pick up ;)

    • Don’t be silly. Voss doesn’t need to steal that. Being a massive pain in the ass comes naturally to him.

      • Stretch Longfellow

        What would be interesting is Mal’s reaction if he DID steal that (the sight, not the irksome nature). Mal doesn’t seem to like his curse much, but at the same time I think he’d be a bit lost without it.

        • I wonder if he’d steal the colorblindness too, that could be shocking for the pair of them!

      • Seto

        I was talking about Ben’s summoning ability.

        • “”Your only ability”…”

          • Seto

            Ok, ok… He says “your only ability” because he considers magic as an ability and is disappointed Mal doesn’t have it. What I meant is that it’s described as “a summoning ability”, (negatively) as an “ability”, and as a “knack”. All of which are close enough terms to “talent” or “skill”. And it’s likely that the author’s heavy insistence on this vocabulary was on purpose, possibly foreshadowing. Hence my idea.

            • Marek

              It seems far more like Mal is not making the effort than actually lacking the ability.
              What is also a bit emo-ronic of his part, as actually trying might actually HELPING with him getting a hang of the curse/talent that so much bother causes him.

  • I’d use a broom instead. Much more sturdy, in my experience.

    • Bobismeisbob

      Eh the mop worked for Liz in Dead Winter.

      • Dragon

        Well, to be fair, those people were undead and kind of falling apart.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Ben, I wouldn’t. Blood stains terribly.

    Also killing is wrong.

    • evilvillain

      There are cases where killing is morally justified, although those cases are usually prettied up so that the word “killing” isn’t used, but instead something like “relieving” is used in its place. Regardless, it is well established that absolute morality is impossible, and thus killing could become morally rectified in the near future for Ben if you know what I mean.
      (I mean Ben should kill them soon, just to be clear)

  • Ragashingo

    Pro: Cleanup is easy.

  • I, for one, don’t think Ben is actually wrong about Mal having potential for summoning. I think the only folly is trying to get Mal to pay attention without a proper “WIIFM” (aka – a “What’s in it for me” bribe).

  • Deepbluediver

    Hmm, looking to hire another Wizard, someone with skill but perhaps might be had for a cheap rate….do we know anyone like that? Perhaps with their own unique talents that might lend themselves to certain occasions?

  • Laura Musich

    I love how “get Ben to curse” is a game Mal is apparently playing.

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