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  • I wish these two wouldn’t gush so much! Gossshhh! :P

  • Haven

    This continues to be a really great character pairing.

    Also I’m rereading earlier pages and Sid mentions taking in a production of Faust, and now I’m curious what that story’s like in this universe.

    • TheGorram Batguy

      Good question. One wonders if they even have a “devil” parallel in this culture. Maybe the 7 Deadlies serve as the equivalent.

      • 8komma2

        I believe the 7 deadlies actually show up in the play. If I remember correctly, the devil summons them and parades them around in front of Faust.

        As for how it would go, people make deals and contracts in this universe, so that could stay, but you might have to have Faust make a contract with multiple deadlies to get all the things he gets in the play. Let’s say for completionism’s sake he makes a deal with all 7 of them. Gives us a nice narrative framework and we get scenes of him indulging in all of them, rather than him just generally being an arse to people like he is in the play.

        Blast. Now I really want to see it.

  • #092f0a

    This page makes me squeal. I’m not ‘shipping’ them or whatever, this kind of interaction just makes me happy :’D

    • AJ


    • I’m definitely friendshipping them. (It’s like shipping but platonic, and also I’m not sure if I made it up, but probably not.)

      • #092f0a

        I like it : D

      • SjSmith

        BROTP! BROTP! BROTP! I don’t care that one of them’s a girl it’s BRO-OTP!

      • Jeff Eppenbach

        Also, they may be related. A more intimate relationship… Can be done without. Just in case.

        • Marvelous TK

          they what now

          • Jeff Eppenbach

            The power of the Anchor Witch is hereditary, or at least it was. Perhaps someone in the line did something… off the books… and that lead to Mal here getting the power.

            • It is not hereditary.

              • Jeff Eppenbach

                Oh, well then, you would know. We have to guess.

                • Shee Soon Theng

                  We didn’t have to guess at all. It was pretty clear that Izzy’s family line has only had one witch.

              • JWLM

                How does Widdershins know it has a witch? Is there some special reason that it’s been without one for so long?

                [ETA] Or does the Widdershins anchor know?

  • Winger

    F R I E N D S

  • Lust


    • TheGorram Batguy

      If it was Nicola and not Harry, then it should have been: “AND THEN THEY FRISKED”
      Captain Barber is never going to let her guard down and assume O’Mally is unarmed no matter how many times she’s checked previously.

    • AJ

      Is nobody perturbed by the fact that Luxuria has escaped the comic and is commenting on it, here? *grabs a pole and shoves* Get back inside where we can desummon you properly!

      • Ocean Burning.

        I’ll help you! Let me grab something to prop up that fourth wall!

  • TheGorram Batguy

    Looks like a friendship is blooming. I don’t know their attitudes toward alcohol consumption, but I’d say this is a “drinking buddy” kind of relationship.
    Though with all of this craziness, they’ll probably be put off spirits for a while in any case. ;)

  • spas

    a brand new ship to sail!

    • 8komma2

      A whole new shiiiiiiiiip!
      A new fantastic pairing found!

      • Phlebas

        2. imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality.

        • AJ

          Help me get the shock collars on the shippers, would you? They’re slippery things.

          (I jest, I jest!)

          • TheGorram Batguy

            Hears your initial comment. Grabs the shock collars from the equipment chest and starts working on getting their cables untangled. Then overhears your parenthetical comment, pauses, and puts them down with a frown of disappointment.

            • AJ

              Your shock collars have CABLES? 0.0

              • JWLM

                Batteries will only take you so far, you know

          • Tsapki

            Hmm, I now have the mental image of colorful ocean eel like creatures that attach to a host and release a chemical cocktail that makes their host more pliant and amorous towards almost anything they could perceive as attractive. The creature does this to keep a steady parasitic bond with it’s host until it can drop a clutch of eggs somewhere to reproduce. The slang term for the nautical nuisances would be Shippers since they tend to make their nests in boats.

            • AJ

              Like if a Goa’uld and Cupid made made water-dwelling creatures?


                • AJ

                  Stargate is such a dated reference, though. Dare I make teasing insinuations about your age? Why don’t I just give you a nice papercut and pour lemon juice on it?

                  • Puh-leeeeeez, as though my tagline isn’t “older than you, unless I’m not”. ^_^

                    Daniel was TOTALLY my screencrush. *dusty books with heart-shaped icons on them float by*

                    • That floppy 90s hair…
                      (I was more into Oz from Buffy, myself)

                    • YESSSS… floppy hair.

                      I also discovered Star Wars at about the same time, so I had a Luke S. crush as well. I was equally “crushed” when I found out he was WAY older than I was, and the Joker.

                    • AJ

                      It is? It is! What a fortuitous coincidence.

                      I was too young to have a crush on the Stargate cast. O’Neil was like the grandpa I wanted.

                    • I actually only very recently watched SG1, grumpy grandpa O’Neil was my favourite

                    • AJ

                      My absolute favorite crossover meme is O’Neil, looking up and making air quotes, captioned, “What do you mean just “MacGyver” it?”

      • spas

        I even have a melody for this (think: a whole new world)
        …so easy to provoke our friends here. I amuse myself no end – thanks for joining in.

      • TheGorram Batguy

        But the author said “heckers no”
        So where to go?
        Our whole new ship has crashed and gone to ground.

        • JWLM

          The author said “heckers no”? So what?Tthe author doesn’t know anything about her work. Just ask any of a million fanfic authors.

          • I mean, true, once it’s on the page it’s mostly out of my hands. it is 100000% not going to happen though :V

          • Ocean Burning.

            Right? Like, the first principle of shipping is “Ship early and often”, and the second principle is, “If you’re not ignoring canon, author intent, and anything plausibly resembling the real world, you’re doing it wrong.”

      • (*presses the down button three million times*)

        (*presses up once because #parody *)

    • heckers no

      • spas


    • Emily

      Good grief, no. Harry is involved with Sid (even if she won’t admit it straight out yet), and Mal isn’t interested in anybody that way. It’s plenty satisfying to see them bonding in a “no-nonsense buddies” kind of way – can’t we leave it at that?

      • spas


        • Emily

          All right, you got me. I suppose I’m in good company with Ben as someone who rises easily to baiting…

          • spas

            i do kind of ship them though, in a way. not to back-stab beloved sid, but these two are peas in a pod. like others say, though, possibly just as besties. not to back-stab wolfe. but wolfe and sid make more sense as besties, with florrie in their posse from time to time. hopefully wolfe and mal will stay in widdershins, after this is all over. they can all move into a big polyamorous household and become so before their time, they invent cell phones before they’re meant to come out.

            • Heylir

              To be honest, the thought of Wolfe and O’Malley stopped to be best friends is even more disturbing to me than shipping of Mal and Harry in romantic sense. :)

              • spas

                i aim to please.

    • billydaking

      …right into the reef.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • Jacob McCullough

    Harry and Sid are, of course, OTP, but this budding friendship is all the sweeter for it being understated. Neither of these two are particularly verbose, so ‘Ta’ pretty much sums it up.

  • Sal

    There they go, getting all sappy.

  • Bieeanda

    I giggled. :)

  • Maria Gerasimova

    Panel 2 – he looks ar her actual emotional state. And obviously now it suites him – as the following dialogue shows :)

  • Ocean Burning.

    Panel three: How big is Harry’s spirit? Is Mal actually looking at it right above his head?

    • Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Not in that panel, no, they’re both just avoiding eye contact due to this shamelessly over the top outpouring of unabashed emotion

      • Ocean Burning.

        Oh, I see. So he’s just looking directly up for no reason ; )

        • Ocean Burning.

          (obviously I am still dying of curiosity as to why we’ve never seen what Mal sees in this place yet… >_< )

  • Tsapki

    Social Bonding!

  • SjSmith

    Why do I feel like these two would be the Sassy B* types. Insults each other as a form of greeting.

  • Now wait for him to ask her for tobacco and watch the friendship go downhill fast.

  • Del

    AND….. It’s time for another smoke break!

  • MoeLane

    Oh, Old Jack is going to make an *excellent* (read: “troublemaking”) honorary uncle for Young Jack/Jacquie in about twenty years. The kind that ruthlessly brings up all the scrapes that yer Mum and Dad got themselves into before they settled down and got borin’.

    • non_canon

      The only part of this I would disagree with is the idea that Sid and Harry will ever not be having adventures.

  • Del

    Here’s a little link for those readers (like myself) who came for the pipe smoke and stayed for the story…. but otherwise have no clue what all of this squealing BROTP ship fan-speak is talking about:

  • Not a Professional

    Love that fourth panel! Makes me think of Firefly, haha. “If anybody tries to shoot you, you just try to shoot ’em right back.”

  • Alex Simpson

    Aww, Mutual understanding warms my heart.

  • D’awww, they can tolerate each other now!

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