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  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Look ! They’re holding hands !

  • Euodiachloris

    Hmmmm. Is Wrath still about? This could get awkward… :/

  • kuku

    Kerchief to filter the smoke – yay, Barbers to the rescue! But be careful Harry!

    • CountSessine

      A wetted kerchief, too. Harry’s not wasting a moment – she’s already moving to fill the bucket in the pond in the first panel.

      • kuku

        Ooh, good catch.

  • robert袋蟻食skitch

    Was reading ‘Sword Interval’ today and that looks suspiciously like Harry and Sid in that second last panel:

  • Winger

    Such a lovely highlighting of the Barber sisters in a crisis – the difference between Harry unhurriedly rolling up her sleeves and heading straight for the immediate goal, and Nicola dashing off to herd together a makeshift team in light of the bigger picture.

    (Also the difference between “I stoically raise my eyebrow in the face of danger” Harry and “yelling at bystanders in lieu of being able to clap the fire in irons” Nicola, with a dash of “frankly perplexed, but rolling with it!” Sid on the side.)

    • MoeLane

      Sid is generally useful in a crisis. Maybe not entirely derring-do, but he can do his job.

    • SandstormSinger

      Thank you for the hilarious mental image of Nicola trying to tell the fire it’s under arrest.

      • Bob Weston

        …Just take your upvote and go, I’m not done laughing.

      • Hey, if Sam Vimes can arrest a goddamned dragon, it’s gotta at least be worth a shot, right?

      • JWLM

        Or Sidney’s curse stealing and hiding it somewhere on his person.

        • Haven

          “Wow, being a bounty hunter’s assistant pays even better than I thought, something’s just burning a hole in my wallet–ohgoodness”

  • tali

    Anyone notice how Nicola didn’t correct Harry on the “your witch” line? ;)

    • John

      She’s too busy dealing with the crisis to waste time arguing about a point she’s already lost, but yeah she would definitely object to that phasing if this wasn’t literally a “the building is on fire” situation.

      • John

        sigh, phrasing not phasing.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Now is not the time to argue semantics.

    • Haven

      It’s a crisis, she shortened her objection to “Rgh!” Much more efficient, not even any vowels.

  • amusingmurff

    “What in the blazes”

    Dat pun, tho.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    I love Sid’s “I’m helping!” expression in the last panel.

  • SandstormSinger

    Sid in that last panel! “Don’t blame me, Harry told me to!”

  • Typical Yorkshire woman’s common sense approach to a building on fire… take in the washing before the smoke makes it dirty again.

  • poisonousgiraffe

    quick, check Sid’s pockets. the witch might be there

  • Natalie

    Mal: Nicola’s witch

  • Streaming for a while, while I ink these backgrounds, come say hello!

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