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  • The Wing

    Looking awful slick there, Voss. And Envy doesn’t seem to impatient about how long he took, either. I’m sure they had a lot of fun, that pair.

    Sorry about your hayfever! That would really suck. I hope you’re all right now. :[

    • I am not and probably won’t be for a couple of weeks, unfortunately! Trying out some different medication though, fingers crossed.

      • The Wing

        That sounds incredibly lame. I’ll continue to hope for your swift recovery!

  • KWill

    A combination monocle and eyepatch? Well played, madame!

  • Ombreh

    Actually, the eyepatch has the Envy Shiny Button on it. So he covered his telltale eye while making sure he wouldn’t lose that shiny button in a hole in his pockets. Basically he now has Envy inside and outside his eye.

    • svartalf

      And it seems that the two of them are an actual perfect match. He’s still liable to come to an untimely demise- but for the nonce, it seems Envy picked entirely too well and is actually apparently pleasantly surprised at just how “good” his “partner” in crime actually is at this stuff.

  • Toastgoblin

    Welp, got my next character idea right there…

  • Iituem

    Generosity! The true mark of a dire villain! (Also, I can’t stop seeing his luggage atop the carriage as having a smiley face. It’s seen him do truly terrible things, but always keeps its sunny disposition.)

    • Afrodiseum

      Just be glad it doesn’t have a hundred little feet underneath and is made of sapient pearwood.

      • Jessica

        But the bonus for the sapient pearwood luggage is that it doesn’t get lost (and if an airline “loses” it or someone tries to steal from it, you’d be covered with more than insurance)!

        • Yeah, but it also eats people.

          • Rices

            i would call it “a win, win” situation *smirk*

    • Sarah Schweitzer

      Now I can’t unsee that. XD

  • Nonesuch

    Voss has developed one talent all by himself: he has become an excellent vessel for the Deadly Sin of Envy…

  • Valerie Kaplan

    The embodiment of Envy also likes to be envied in turn. That makes perfect sense, in fact. Envy is like that.

  • A jewelled eyepatch? Dashed fellow may be rich, but he is clearly no gentleman. He probably wears his hat in the drawing room, the bounder.

    • I think it might actually be some variety of monocle that’s secured by a strap. Or would that be a loupe (it’s never loupes)?

  • BaronHaynes

    Voss has kind of a Mad-Eye Moody thing going on these days.

  • Volkai

    Nicely done, Dominik. Feeding your sin while also showing some measure of kindness to a fellow whose situation is not so unlike the one you were in not so long ago.

    • Sable_dark

      It’s not kindness. It’;s another way for Voss to show off.

      • My dear sir… one man’s charity is another man’s tax write-off. It can be both. :D

      • svartalf

        And fuel the Envy that powers his “gift” he got from the same- to the point that even Envy’s IMPRESSED at the results.

    • =Tamar

      He’s making other people envy the man he overtipped.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So I presume the brackets now denote speaking German, where before they were speaking English?

    Also, I wonder what poor person is out there, wandering about having lost the ability to speak English. I do hope, unlike that poor Nepalese fellow, it was someone for whom it wasn’t their primary language. (eg, if he stole it off, say, a well-traveled Frenchman, the guy would, I hope, be OK, since he’d still have his native French. Unless Voss stole that too because he’s Voss.)

    • J B

      Huh. You may be right about the German thing. I assumed he was using Nepalese there, as a kind of secret language just about nobody in England would know, and such. But it’s easier to believe he’d be using his native language, as you say.
      As for the language stealing, of course he’d steal all of the Frenchman’s languages. He’s a magnificent jerk!

      • I was going with the assumption talk denoted use of a language not native to wherever the characters currently were. Seems to work so far! : ) Interesting question though if they’re using Nepalese or German.

  • Dapper!

  • rhapsha

    Well, that certainly explains why he took so long to get here.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • Does anyone else kind of like the villain that Dominik has become? Obviously he’s evil, but he does it with an enviable style…

    • Mari

      Haha yes. This is going to be FUN.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I’m sure he stole that fashion sense from someone else, too.

  • IWX

    “Is that *gold*?”
    I’m kind of interested in what that implies.
    1) Voss owns the stagecoach and had it gilded. That would suggest the driver is in his employ on a more permanent basis.
    2) Voss upgraded someone else’s stagecoach in a faux show of generosity to create a larger air of opulence.
    3) Voss hired an upscale stagecoach normally only available to royalty, so it would still be rare enough to be a complete shock to onlookers. Except royalty usually own their transportation, so this would more likely be akin to a highest-end limousine service.

    It’s a bit weird thinking that he’d pimp someone else’s ride, but since this is Envy and not Greed he’s carrying around, I guess it works.

    • svartalf

      Whatever works to generate Envy. Seriously. He’s fueling the Deadly more thoroughly than the previous ones we’ve seen in action.

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    10 points to our good man/villain. If you going to feed a spirit of envy do it in style!

    • svartalf


  • How’d he get all the money? o_O

    • svartalf

      By utilizing all the stolen talents, of course… Three years of Envy giving him all sorts of things through it’s power and him FEEDING the Deadly all the same through their joint actions. This one’s going to be interesting and a wild ride. Voss has transformed himself into the ultimate expression of the Deadly in question and he’s not just possessed of the Deadly…they’re PARTNERS inasmuch one could be with one of the Deadlies.

  • Cooper

    Dude got himself a haircut.

  • I want to ask envy if Voss acquired a cunning girlfriend or somesuch. He seems like he’s single-minded, but he DID have three years to break some hearts along the way.

  • Xanthipe

    Probably wouldn’t help now for this year, but the traditional way to ease hayfever is to eat a spoon of local honey every day – which does have a scientific basis in that it helps prime one’s immune system against the local pollens in small doses in advance. May be worth a shot?

    • Everything’s worth a shot, I’ll try that next year! This is my first summer in the area and I was rather hoping it’d be ok, but alas :( Changed up my medication and that’s helped though!

  • Wyvern

    Wait, I thought villains were lousy tippers! I’m so confused…

  • pdSlooper

    I see Voss has changed into his villain outfit.

  • l33tninja

    This is going to end soooo well for him

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