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June 20th, 2017

June 20th, 2017 published on 41 Comments on June 20th, 2017

Nothin’ creepy here, no siree.

I redid the site for my previous comic, Darken! Should be a little more stable with an easier archive to read. Since I started it in 2003, the art’s obviously a lot less, uh.. solid than in Widdershins, but if you can look past that there’s a pretty fun story of demon lords, drow, duchesses and dragons going on there.

  • Creeeepppyyyyy…

  • BaronHaynes

    Wow, you’re killing it with these interiors!

    • or are they.. killing ME? ahahaha… *very weak finger-guns*

      • Unhooked

        RIP Kate, killed by wood paneling – and not in the way you’d expect.

        • billydaking

          Or that you would want. At least go by a winged foot tub, or hardwood floors…..

      • Talewinds

        Depends on your “perspective”.

  • non_canon

    From comments she’s made I’m assuming Verity’s disdain for wizards is a magic vs technology thing, but it’s still interesting to see considering how many of them are in her family (including her favorite cousin). I wonder if that’s going to end up playing a role in the encounter with Pride.

  • pingo1387

    That can’t be Wolfe in the mirror there, can it…? Oh, dear…

    • Eagle0600

      Well spotted. No, it doesn’t appear to be anyone inside the room (they would have to be standing right in front of it).

    • John

      The face is the wrong shape to be Wolfe. I think that face is probably female and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the person who’s supposed to be sitting at that desk.

    • rhapsha

      That’s the second reflection of someone else we’ve seen around here. The sin is Pride and all the people are missing.
      Gotta wonder what the sin is doing to those it has ensnared.

      • BaronHaynes

        This may be a “gaze into the mirror long enough and you may as well live in it” type deal.

        • pingo1387

          Now the question is, if Pride is indeed trapping everyone inside the mirrors, do they *know* they’re in the mirrors, or has Pride consumed them to the point where they don’t notice?

          • BaronHaynes

            I’d imagine that any magical effect the sins have over humans can be countered or weakened by resisting the influence of the sin (like Voss breaking Envy’s puppet strings). However, they’re much stronger with so many people fueling them – willpower won’t do anything when Wrath punches a door down and sets a building on fire.

            My guess is they could escape if enough of them resist Pride’s influence, but that’s just a guess.

  • Basil Sage

    So Sid still won’t admit he was kicked out of University, eh? That… sounds like an opening for Pride to get their claws in. Please reconsider, Sid: briefly making Ben feel better about himself is a small price to pay for eliminating such a vulnerability.

  • Ghostdanser

    “Down the rabbit hole!”

  • Heylir

    It’s weird, but Ben on the last panel reminds me of O’Malley, not sure why. :)

    Well, the theory about mages stuck in a mirror world more and more seems the right one to me. (Looking proudly at my new avatar.)

    • oh hey, good av! i am honoured :3

      • Heylir

        I’m sure it should be other way around. :) I’m honoured to wear an avatar with Mr Thackerey from a piece of your artwork. :)

        I love this panel and I think it is one of most characteristic moments for Ben. Ones of avatar-size, at least. :)

    • Maria Gerasimova

      His gesture and his sarcastic speеch over his shoulder, without looking at his interlocutor :)
      Mal’s influence :)

      • Emily

        He’s gotten more relaxed about Following The Rules, too. I don’t think the Ben we first met would have even suggested going into a restricted area, much less been the first one down the steps.

        • Maria Gerasimova

          Yeaaaaah!!! :)

        • Ocean Burning.

          Desperate times call for desperate measures.

        • Heylir

          Yes, It was less than a year since Ben asked the captain Barber: “Do we have the proper authorisation to be doing this?..” and, after his reply to Mal: “I suppose I don’t [care that much]”, went on with “But do we have any sort of a plan?” :) And now you just are rushing in… that is what Mal-fluence does with you, Benjamen! :)

          More seriously, I think that caring too much about the fixed rules (and supposing there is the only way of doing things right) have to do something with Ben’s lack of creativity in wizardry. And I somewhat hope that these changes might help, there.

          • TheGorram Batguy

            I like the way you think.

          • Shee Soon Theng

            I’m thinking also that the incident with Fairbairn taught him that rigidly following the rules and regulations doesn’t mean that someone else can’t abuse said Rs and Rs for their own ends. If they can do if for evil, surely you (within reason) can do it if it’s for the right thing?

  • Maria Gerasimova

    Somebody’s behind the glass… As the student Anselm…
    And now it seems to me this vision has some likeness with Ben (of all four member of the team)… :(

    • non_canon

      I see the resemblance now that you’ve said it, and now I can’t help but wonder if this is how we’re going to meet Ben’s siblings.

      • Heylir

        Their names are Blake and Bryony, I wonder if one of them is a female.

        • non_canon

          According to google Bryony is traditionally a female’s name, so I’ve been assuming he has both an older sister and an older brother.

  • Brother Nightmare

    Sid, either tell them that you got expelled, or let the head master do it for you… or pride might do it, that might make Ben feel a little more important after all.

  • Eva Schiffer

    Oh… oh dear… Verity, the mirror realm got you already, I see. :(

  • Saq

    Wonderful job as always! Just a question, do you want help with updating the strip archives? Right now it can be a bit of a hassle to go back and re-read certain parts of the chapter, but I know you must also be very busy with the art and story. If you have a git repo I could give it a shot. Another, quicker solution would be to change the url address of each page to match the page number of the chapter, rather than the date it was posted. This would allow people to easily search page numbers on the address bar instead of guessing when a strip came up. Again, thank you very much for your time, and I love your work! Keep it up!

    • Thank you! It’s a little easier to catch up if you use the storyline page, I think-

      But yeah, I do really need to get on and update the archive page. I don’t have a git repo, I’m uh.. *extremely* basic in how I handle coding and such. The number thing is a good idea but manually changing over 600 pages urls seems like a worse nightmare than just biting the bullet and doing the html for the archive page!

      • Saq

        Cheers, love! Thanks for the reply! I didn’t mean manually change every url address, I meant with a loop. But yeah, the storyline is amazing. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know about it. Have a great day!

  • Falco

    I have to go reread Darken now… any hope of volume 2 ever happening? *pleeease*

    • Here’s the answer I gave to that on tumblr the other week-
      “I dunno about that, honestly. I’d like to, but arranging Darken for print is a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of hours for what is honestly not very much reward at all. It’s 300 pages that need rearranged to fit a template (this is a lot to ask from certain pages), fully relettered (balloons included), the script and more egregious art errors would need tweaked.. All for a comic that’s very much over, all hours I could be spending on Widdershins, a project I’m infinitely more proud of.

      If I’d have been smart from the start and actually made all the pages one flippin’ size I’d have done it by now. Keep that one in your back pocket, new comicers, even if you don’t expect to ever print, keep print-quality files that fit a standard size!”

      I hope I don’t come off as dismissive, it’s just.. god, *so* much more work than I have time for :( Sorry! I sometimes do little doodles and answer Darken questions over on the Tumblr, though-

      • TheGorram Batguy

        Gotta say, I 100% respect that. But, I also gotta say that Darken is awesome. I just reread it a week ago, coincidentally. It would surely be far too much effort to rework the comic for printing, but maybe some day there will be a sort of Darken II…?

        • A sequel? Uh, probably not.. I had a lot of fun with it but ultimately, it being a D&D thing means I never felt full ownership over it, y’know? Whereas this is all mine, baby, mine, so I can feel 100% proud of it. Makes a big difference.

          • TheGorram Batguy

            Well, maybe have another comic in the Widdershins world set in the Middle Ages? Eh? (Probably not…)

  • Since I started it in 2003, the art’s obviously a lot less, uh.. solid
    than in Widdershins, but if you can look past that there’s a pretty fun
    story of demon lords, drow, duchesses and dragons going on there.

    …and spiral staircases.

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