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  • ellen_11001

    I wonder what the soft landing could be so that Ben didn’t see it when he looked out the window…?

    • Sal

      He steals the hardness from the floor.
      We pymary now.

      • S.K. Ren

        I’d now like to believe Unsounded takes place in a recovered post apocalyptic future of Widdershins.

        • D. Schwartz

          No no. Widdershins is the distant future of the Unsounded world. It’s Future is the one Stand Still stay Silent takes place in.

          • Euodiachloris

            Pass. I’d like to steer at least four cosmologies away from that Rash, if you don’t mind! ;P

      • Nandan

        Comic Error: the Khert is unsound (what with deadly sins roaming around). Pymary will have to wait…

      • ellen_11001

        Thanks – I hadn’t heard of Unsounded before, just started reading it, it looks really good! :D

    • He can see it, he’s just not fancying the jump!

    • Nandan

      I’m guessing a cart filled with straw.
      Ben doesn’t care what’s down there; he only sees “it’s two storeys up”…

      • Dud

        There are plenty of other ‘soft’ agricultural by-products.

    • Dud

      We know what Mal’s soft landing is…

      • Nightsbridge


        • Dud

          Take another look at the last frame.

    • billydaking

      Well, the soft landing might be Sid….

  • maeverin

    HE SAVED THE VIOLIN guys my heart is singing <3 my grandfather was a concert violinist and would have absolutely done the same.

    • John

      It makes sense to me hat the violin is more important to Mal than to Wolfe. I can see Wolfe shrugging and getting a replacement violin, but Mal won’t be happy being unable to listen to Wolfe’s music in the time it takes Wolfe to replace the violin.

    • carboncat203

      Same here! I’m an aspiring classical musician; in any emergency, my first thought is to rescue my music books. I would try to rescue my instrument, but getting a piano out of a burning apartment building would be a tad more difficult than saving a violin.

      • billydaking

        It’s even better because it’s Mal rescuing the violin, which show just how much Wolfe’s playing means to him.

      • reynard61

        Pianos are a dime-a-dozen, but a violin? Priceless! (Haha, just kidding…maybe… <.< )

        • Pianos are very common, but well-made, old pianos, the sound of which have grown sweet and mellow and deep with the years… not so much. :P (Especially not ones that are in-tune. What is up with people who have these amazing old pianos and don’t play them or keep them tuned?!)

          • carboncat203

            It bothers me so much when people own pianos solely for decorative purposes.

            • I imagine a lot of those pianos are inherited from either a relative or a previous owner of the house who owned it to play music on. Owning a piano for purely decorative purposes I can see, but buying one for purely decorative purposes seems pretty far-fetched.

              • MoeLane

                I think that many of those people would like to play the piano, vaguely, but the piano’s no longer in tune and nobody’s knocking on their door to offer them a free lesson or two.

                …That would make an interesting charity/business, in fact: Wandering Tuners. Go to your house, play a tune on your piano, tune your piano, play the same tune, have somebody come in to teach you your first lesson for free. That might get some people walking down the road of playing the piano.

          • reynard61

            I can name that tune in two words: “Status symbol”.

        • Graham Garrett

          It might be a Stradivarius!

      • AJ

        “I’m coming, I’m coming!”
        “Why are you running the bathtub? The second floor is on fire!”
        “I’m just going to get a couple blankets damp and spread them around and over the piano!”

        • Sanjay Merchant

          Now I’m trying to figure out which is worse: fire damage or getting the inner workings damp.

          • carboncat203

            Hopefully we’ll never have to find out.

          • AJ

            Well, if you send me $165, I’ll get my piano tuned and repaired and ask the repairman which is worse while he does it.

    • I think someone called it in one of the last two weeks, but YES, HE SAVED THE VIOLIN! <3~

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Please tell me I’m not the only one hearing that first phrase to the tune of “He Plays the Violin” from 1776.

      • Tikatu

        Now I have an ear worm. Could be a worse song, I guess.

    • Graham Garrett

      YAAY! <3 By the way, your gradpappy sounds awesome.

  • Your characters are breaking my heart in this chapter, in the best possible way. First Wolfe looking after Ben, then Ben going all over heroic, and then Mal rescuing music one violinist’s soul at a time. And Harry saving the day (with the help! of Sid! who is a dear!), as pithy as ever. Widdershins is the best.

  • fyrehair

    She needs that on a business card. :D

    • Matthew

      The fact that she chucks professional wizards?

      • dana

        How many wizards can a wizard chucker chuck, when a wizard chucker chucks wizards.

      • Nightsbridge

        a useful skill in any profession.

      • Sapphire363

        No, she professionally chucks wizards

  • Margot

    What, you don’t know Harry? You met on a train once. About a year ago.

    Actually, I bet Wolfe does recognise her when she takes the mask off.

    • AJ

      Or Mal starts mutterin’ ’bout wizards when he sees Sid.

    • Tsapki

      I’m sure once they have a chance to catch their breathe it will all be sorted out.

    • Tikatu

      I wonder if Sid and Ben know each other!

  • cphoenix

    How many wizards could a Harry chuck, if a Harry could chuck wizards?

    • John

      Depends on how many wizards are available…

  • Never mind the violin. Ms Harriet had better remember to save her sister’s night stick or there’s going to be big trouble. Hey, that thing’s got a lot of sentimental value!

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    Harry is being a bit verbose today. Well, for when she isn’t talking to Sid.

    • John

      Actually her verbosity looks appropriate to the situation. Just about everything she’s saying is important to getting everyone out safely (with the exception of her trademark “Hrn.” which just had to be there), and most of it is at or near the limit of terseness possible while remaining comprehensible. And if the goal is to avoid unnecessary verbosity you definitely want to avoid repetition or explanation triggering by being so terse that you become incomprehensible.

    • I am glad I’ve characterised Harry correctly to the point where two-to-three word sentences is considered ‘verbose’

  • Turnip the Scintillating

    I wish I was a professional wizard chucker…

  • Altzbeta Boutelier

    Oh, Mal, that’s so sweet of you. <3

  • Columbine

    The world needs more Professional Wizard Chuckers.

  • Sonja

    Although repeating what everyone else said, I have to repeat it: He saved the violin! That’s so… cute! <3

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Mal <3 !

  • Columbine

    Also I really like the way Mal is falling in the last panel, all wrapped around the violin, while Wolfe is all like ‘ah the ground approaches’.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Wolfe : “oh jolly, what a predicament”

  • Winger

    Everything about this page is wonderful. The strength of Widdershins has always been in its relationships for me, right down to every single one of Mal’s moments of going above and beyond for those he favours. (CHAOTIC NEUTRALS!)

    I’m going to be very curious to see if Mal will recognise Harry as the train stranger from all those months back. I feel like auras are more memorable than faces, but still, it’s been a fair while.

    • I while back I had a theory that Mal and Sid might recognize each other from the train. Mal because of Sid’s “wizards, eugh” aura, and Sid because that day was pretty darned memorable for ‘im.

  • SandstormSinger

    Release your inner Assassin’s Creed, Ben. Jump into that haystack like a majestic eagle.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Now that reminds me of that one Darken page… :D

    • McRocky71

      Given how Ben “started” his jump, I’d say his landing gonna be less majestic eagle, more curried seagull.

      • Wyvern

        “Curried” seagull? Now that’s an odd choice of words! I Googled to see if it was a reference to something, and came up with this:

        • reynard61

          That is one unhappy looking seagull…

          • Euodiachloris

            The poor thing got lucky. Tikka masala? Could have been a chilli tikka masala, pathia, vindaloo or… a naga bangla. Much less pleasant. xD

            • reynard61

              Are any of those even *edible?!?!?!* (j/k! I know that they’re Indian cuisine, but the way you make it sound…)

              • Euodiachloris

                You do have to be a bit careful with the phals and nagas. There are even more dangerous ones, too: the race is on between the British Bangladeshi community, those back in Bangladesh… and, Pakistanis, (British or otherwise). Everybody seems to want to claim the crown of creating the curry that eats through cratons, not just stomach linings. :P

                Add deranged horicultralists from Devon, Cornwall, Southampton and Durham into the mix, and… Well… *shrugs*

        • McRocky71

          That’s exactly who I meant! Poor Ben would end up making an undignified landing like our feathered friend minus the joy of smelling like a tasty pseudo-Indian dish.

          • Not necessarily. He might land in a curry.

            Brits ate curries back then, right?

            • Dud

              Already over a century’s ex-Indian Army veterans looking for a nostalgic meal.

  • MoeLane

    Why must they always ARGUE with a Barber? Seriously, when does that ever end well?

    • Alétheia

      They argue and argue, and always end up doing as the Barber says anyway. Yet they continue. It’s madness, I tell you!


    • Storel

      To be fair, they can’t tell she’s a Barber just by looking at her.

  • Sapphire363

    YES. THIS BEAUTIFUL PERSON. Is now the fandom’s favorite character. Not that he wasn’t already.

  • kuku

    I totally love everyone in this scene (except the extinguished fire figment thingy), and you Kate for creating it.

    And how Harry looks like a bandit as she saves the day.

    • If she ever decided that hunting wasn’t sufficiently well-paying, she’s all set for a career on the high toby.

      • kuku

        Indeed. And that would do wonders for her relationship with Nicola, I’m sure.

  • Sapphire363

    Also chucks witches when necessary

  • Greenwood Goat

    Hagrid: Yer a wizard-chucker, Harry.

    Harriet: Who are you, and what are you standing around for?!? The bloody building’s on fire, in case you hadn’t noticed!! *chucks Hagrid out of the window as well*


    • BaronHaynes

      I really hope the phrase “You’re not a wizard, Harry” is worked into the comic at some point.

  • Introbulus

    …And here I thought Ben’s refusal to abandon them was heroic and sweet. This just..<3

  • There’s a true friend.

  • Property_of_Deduction

    Aaaaaahhhhhh he saved the violin! <3

  • Always jump out the window when the building is on fire (at least when stairs are not a viable option).

  • Blueberrykittens

    Oh my god he went back for Wolfe’s violin. He went back into a burning building to get his best friend’s music for him. Guys this is it. This is my platonic OTP. It cannot be beat.

  • Alunara

    It is sweet Mal saved Wolfe’s violin, but i think it might be more of an intuitive witch thing than anything else. Mal knows Wrath is on the loose, and maybe his witch senses alerted him to what could at least keep wrath at bay while they sort it out. Music soothes the savage beast and it might well work for Wrath too and Wolfe’s music seems to have some pretty magical soothing qualities in itself ;) (sorry if i’ve made his heroic rescue of the violin less sweet but I see what I see)

    • Alunara

      *slaps own forehead* yeah figure i’d just put this here for anyone else either curious or thinking i’m an idiot :p the situation kind of already happened with Wrath the last time he was almost summoned but they didn’t need the violin or music then, just pure Wolfe XD I completely forgot when i last made the comment and have only just been re-reading it all again :p my bad :p

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