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  • Me-me

    I wonder how he looks, shouting in a foreign language across the table, looking pained and supplicatory.

    “Well I guess he’s an artist then.”

  • Bill Soo

    So the deadlies know the Barbers by name. That can’t be good.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      My thoughts exactly :D

    • Nightsbridge

      We know they’re talking about the Barbers?

      • Bill Soo

        Well, the last arc had Gluttony referring to Nora Fenton as “the Barber girl”.
        So it’s a fair assumption that Envy thinks that the Barbers are important too.

        • 8komma2

          Well, they’ve been important in all the chapters so far…

          • So… he’s going to steal their relevance to the plot? But he’s already got that

    • Del

      Actually, it appears that Envy is looking for somebody, but he doesn’t know whom yet. He wants to learn the name of the family line that is important to his purposes.

      I suppose Envy could just ask Gluttony, over at the Hotel Gula. He knows.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Oh dear, I don’t like the font on the word fun there.

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Aaaah, thats the failing of Envy for you. Even when it has everything it could possibly want, it will always throw what it has away for more

    • Volkai

      As long as it’s too delicious to pass up.

  • rhapsha

    That’s a good idea Voss, you’ve got a real Malform problem you need looked at.

  • Nonesuch

    Once again, evil shoots itself in the foot by its very nature. :p

  • Fandoom

    “They deserve each other”
    … and they’ll get _everything_ that’s coming to them. Amirite?

    • svartalf

      As with all of the Deadlies…YES.

      • So far all of them have been let free, though… it’s going to be one heck of a comeuppance if it comes! : )

  • william

    i wonder how no one remembers that they lost their ability to do something while being next to him ? if he has been doing this for sometime why has no one like a wizard or cop droped by and asked for their ablity back or else

    • das-g

      Or else what? Maybe some victims tried to pull off that stunt, thereby losing their ability to pull off such stunts. Not that the ability to ask abilities back is of any use to good ol’ Voss, but it doesn’t hurt him, either. As long as others don’t possess it, anymore, that is.

  • Is there any signifigance in Thackeray and co’s address? 187 Coeper Street? And will we be meeting Mr Dawson in a later episode?

  • Mimosen

    I just think it’s funny that the close-up of the paper only lets me read “persistant damage to property” – especially considering the dialogue last week..

  • MiniPlane

    Hmmm… A particular bloodline? A family name?
    Lemme guess: Barber?

  • Aw, they’re so cute together, you’re right! Look at those grins on the final panel, perfect mirror images of each other!

  • Ack! How did I get the entire thing read from beginning to now so fast?? I have no patience!! (I LOVE this webstrip!!)

  • Ike

    Envy is an alcoholic?

  • Michael Brewer

    Personally, I wanna know just what it was that the Barbers did to get the attention of the Deadlies. I’d bet it was their Grandfather who did it somehow.

    • ShakeJake

      Or that the Barbers had always had that problem, and the grandfather caused some of them to weaken or be banished in some form or another.

  • I imagine panel 2 feeling like something tugging on his eye.

    • Guhhh. That made me cringe.

    • Nessus

      I imagined it as a brainfreeze-like sensation localized in the eye socket, but your way works too.

  • Nessus

    Hurg. I’m imagining either Wolfe losing his ability to play violin, or O’Malley losing his spirit vision. Possibly both, in that order.

    The latter almost seems like it could be a turnabout of some kind. As useful as it is, we know O’Malley regards his spirit version as a curse, and would be happy to be rid of it. Might be that having spirit vision would somehow be Voss’s undoing.

  • Lewis

    I have to confess Envy is my favourite deadly so far, they just have such a winning smile.

  • It’s really fascinating that one of the seven deadlies has been sneaking around as a little, harmless-looking fox all these years…maaan, when Voss gets bit in the backside over this, it is going to be an EPIC biting, that’s for darn sure.

  • …can he take O’Malley’s talent, I wonder?

  • Ciara

    The sad thing is,”that forest vagrent” is one of the politer things Mal’s been called

  • non_canon

    Just realized that the part of the add that sticks out the most is “persistent damage to property” and that amuses me far more than it should considering the conversation a few pages ago.

  • This guy

    The world could have ended, but NOOO.
    Just had to get revenge.

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