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June 24th, 2016

June 24th, 2016 published on 59 Comments on June 24th, 2016

Sorry, I don’t think this one is very good, I’m kind of exhausted right now for various reasons. I’ll deal with the various details on Sunday, my apologies.
Edit: Okay, much happier now!

  • Bo Lindbergh

    Team assembled. Go!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    “You’re a witch, O’Malley”

    “What, are ya drunk ?”

  • NerdyCat

    I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long XD

  • The shippers and I thank you, It’s Very good.

  • Eve

    Yer a witch, Mally

  • Shihchuan

    My heart melts over the second panel.

    Also, Wolfe, might want to check your pocket sometime now……:p

    • Pyre

      Their friendship is always a delight to read.

  • CountSessine

    Finally! Everyone is properly introduced!

    And I so treasure Wolfe’s thumbnail character sketch of Ben.

  • falco

    I am unreasonably excited to see Harry and O’Malley interact

    • GristleMcNerd

      I know, right! The amount of grumpy in that one panel is amazing.

      • Jeff Eppenbach

        It’s a good thing they are both in denial of their respective relationships.


    I am delighted that Wolfe recognized Sid, though. Anyway, they’re all together now, let the true questing party begin!!!

    • CountSessine

      Wolfe recognized Harry, I think. Trust him to notice and remember the striking redhead! Then, as you predicted, Sid recognized Wolfe.

  • Winger

    The gang’s all here!! And naw, it looks well enough. I can imagine things are a bit hectic.

  • dana

    “I just saved your life.”
    “What do yer want, a medal?”

    • Me-me


  • “The fellow despairing in the cart”, oh my. Also I love how you use body language–all the characters are so expressive with their poses and movements.

  • Columbine

    I think it looks good. You probably don’t need to change things up- and it’s pretty common to feel bad about your art quality if you’re feeling bad about other stuff.

    • It’s just that I missed a few details while inking this one, and went a bit light on the backgrounds, it needs a little touchup is all.

      • Aaaand done. Feeling better about it now!

  • Sapphire363

    that’s a cute page… I am happy, and I eagerly anticipate the (hopefully) big reveal next page. thank you

  • Captain Barber hasn’t got the hang of victim support.

    • D. Schwartz

      Have your limbs? Great.

      • just another flyboy

        still breathin’ aren’cher? wot’s the fuss about?

  • Tsapki

    Loathe as i am to generalize, it just occurred to me there is a balance on the physical/magical front. We’ve three characters who have been shown to be at least decent in a fight (Harriet, Nicola and Wolfe) and three who are skilled to some degree in magic (Sid, O’malley and Ben).

    Of course this is a gross simplification of their various and sundry talents and flaws, which i look forward to seeing function within the proximity of one another.

    • Winger

      Very true! It’s also a good balance of charisma (Sid and Wolfe being the charmers that they are), technical know-how (Ben being quite good at magical theory if less so at the practise, and Nicola knowing the ins and outs of Widdershins’ official systems), and er, raw protagonism, in which Harry and Mal can lay devastating smack-downs…when not hampered by their lack of charisma and ignorance / disregard for official systems.

      It’s going to be a damn fine shindig.

      • I agree, but for the lack of charisma… I think the moment they want, those two could be devastating in any way they choose…

      • SandstormSinger

        raw protagonism is a surprisingly good description of their abilities.

    • Mr Malik with his conjuring skills can do locks, disarm traps and steal things, so he’ll do as the thief. What we really need is a cleric.

      • Dreadbeasts

        They’ve got a bard, who’s demonstrated his ability to at least soothe anxiety, so mmmmaybe that’ll do in lieu of a cleric.

  • carboncat203

    Bashful Mal is precious

  • Dud

    OK, now get that cart full of combustibles out of the range of sparks.

  • WitUnderPressure

    Wrath: “I believe you forgot to introduce me…”

  • Dargatan

    Out of all the one off characters i hope make a reappearance, i have to say i really hope we see Vee again

    • And Alexa. Don’t forget Alexa.

      • And now I want an Alexa storyline with Vee in it. Well done, my brain is broken.

        • They’d get along famously, actually! It would be one hell of a night out, that’s for sure.

          • Do I hear “backer reward for Curtain Call Kickstarter”?

  • Rest well, Kate, take your time, we can wait… It’s worth it!

    • RLB

      And don’t worry too much about that Brexit just yet…

      • Hah hah haaaah. Don’t really wanna talk about it here, this is my refuge from the chaos.

        • just another flyboy

          wait til November, you can watch us crying in our beer.
          Canada’s lookin’ better all the time, tell ya what.

        • Euodiachloris

          Tell me about it. :'( 48%ers… (Seriously, 4% is a margin of error, not a mandate to tear up 4 decades of policy!)

  • I’m a bit concerned about the fact that this particular installment played out exactly like everyone said it would, right down to the Assassin’s Creed haystack.

    Well… there’s no curry, but still.

    • Before we go accusing people of psychic ability, I did show the haycart in an earlier page :)

      • Someone also predicted that Wolfe would say he could’ve easily found another violin.

        • They did, and with a line so Wolfe, I had to check my script to make sure they hadn’t got it word-for-word.

          …okay so maybe that one person is psychic.

      • SandstormSinger

        It was actually really cool noticing the hay, not thinking it was important, then realizing why it was there when Harry directed them to the window.

  • John

    For those who were concerned about it, I see that Harry did not lose Nicola’s truncheon.

  • Dshim

    “yer a wizard, O’Malley!”

  • John

    I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that after throwing the others into the hay cart Harry isn’t bothering to use it for herself.

    • CountSessine

      Well, it’s full. She’s not going to wait for Ben to quit wailing. Sid’s right there.

  • Auto

    Cart of hay….

    Hay, that beats a giraffe, right Harry?

  • Harry proves once again why she’s a great detective.

  • Chris the Blue

    Oh yeah, I actually forgot they met before.
    I’m still excited as heck though. Woo!

  • TheCatCameBack

    Dawwww!!! second panel ^U^

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