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  • Winger

    Wow, you can just about see Mal plow straight through denial, anger, bargaining and…er, consternation? Clearly acceptance is right around the corner. Ahaha. Ha.

    I have to admit I wasn’t expecting the revelation to come forth so quickly, but I’m delighted that it has, since that tidily clears the schedule for all sorts of adjustments, reactions, and further revelations. Though really. Sad day when Nicola’s calling someone out for tactlessness.

    • Shannon

      I dunno. I kinda read that as denial, denial, and denial. Mal may need a couple minutes.

      • Winger

        Fifty Shades of Nope.

        • Tsapki

          “i’m not a witch! Y-you’re a witch! Ha! How do you like that?”

          • Nightsbridge

            Mal how did you get a disquis account

            • JWLM

              He’s a witch, remember?

        • What about the nose? “WHATS WRONG WITH ME NOSE!?”

        • JWLM

          What about “Fifty Shades of Nay”? It rhymes better

      • More like denial, anger, rinse, and repeat

    • Sapphire363

      It’s more surprise: “what’d yer call me?”
      Anger: “what’d she call me?!”
      Denial and more anger: “witches are EVIL!”

    • tali

      Well you can hardly expect subtlety when the Barber sisters are involved.

  • Ghostdanser

    And now for something completely different…
    “How do you know he is a witch?”

    • maeverin

      hmmm *eyes the duck from 5 pages ago*

    • Tsapki

      Hmm, well he looks like he might make a decent bridge…

    • Storel

      ” ‘E turned me into a newt!”
      “A newt??”
      “… Ah got better.”

  • GRAEME GARDEN: No matter what else, Tim must not know.

    BILL ODDIE: Right, because he’d just panic.

    GG: And that we do not need.

    BO: ‘Course not.

    {GG nods}

    BO: We can do that ourselves.


  • AJ

    I’m not freaking out are you freaking out because I am totallynotfreakingout!

    • Alétheia


  • AJ

    Oh, Ben. “I am offended by this very suggestion!
    Scholar Ben kicks in. “I am intrigued by this very suggestion! Let’s do research.”
    And then Sid overrides back to default: Panicky Ben. “The Siiiins! They walk the EAAAAAAARTH!”

  • Doranster

    Harry: Yer a witch, Mal

    • Nightsbridge

      i hate you for this

    • It took WEEKS for the canon to make this joke official.

    • Ayara012

      Even better though is the fact that it’s a /Harry/ saying “You’re a witch”, so to speak. XD

  • kuku

    Yes, you have grandparents to save – hurry!

    And aw, Mal – we know you’re real and not evil. Grumpy, but a heroic violin-saver.

  • Herr Wolfe isn’t freaking out. he looks as though he has spotted something important. Then again, that slightly perturbed expression is the equivalent of screaming hysterics in anyone else.

    • Sapphire363

      *internally, in German* what the hell is going on! I am very confused!

  • Columbine

    So much madness and confusion on one small page! JOY!

  • Eve

    I like how Ben doesn’t actually say it’s impossible. After one moment of shock it starts to explain things he’s probably wondered about for a while.

  • Sapphire363

    I just love how the Barber sisters immediately start arguing, accidentally freaking out poor Mal in the process.

  • Sapphire363

    I can just imagine how the next page will go.
    Everyone else: *has kinda moved on to the seven deadlies as a topic of conversation*
    Mal: *is still stuck on ‘yer, but Witches are EVIL’ and is kinda freaking out*
    Wolfe: *completely silent, just calmly processing the new information*

    • Sapphire363

      Kinda like:
      Wolfe: “But Mal, my friend, not all witches must be evil if you are one and you are not evil”
      Mal: “I’M NOT A SODDIN’ WITCH”

      • Alétheia

        (ten years later, with Mal well set in the witchy lifestyle, doing witchy things) “I’M STILL NOT A SODDIN’ WITCH, OKAY? STOP CALLIN’ ME THAT!”

        • Moloch von Zinser: I am NOT a … Hoy! You – yeah, you, with the big nose and green hair – pick up those interocitors! You other clank operators – move that heavy stuff into a neat stack! If Lady Heterodyne saw this mess the Organ Banks would be too big to fail for twenty years after your voluntary deposits! … As I was saying, I am not a minion!

  • Sapphire363

    And how Nicola was just like:
    ” Well you just ruined the big reveal, so I’m not gonna do anything to help the situation, and probably cause him more confusion in the long run”

  • CountSessine

    I’ve got to say, I really admire Kate’s skill here. Nothing in this page is news to the reader. The challenge: the two groups had to bring each other up to date, but without letting the pace slacken. And they do! They do it so efficiently that, if anything, the felt pace of the story accelerates – quite a feat, when the preceding scene was “Escape from a House Fire!” There’s one “at last!” after another, rich character reactions, and an urgent worry for them at the end.


    • Thank you! Pacing is a thing I spend a lot of time thinking about and working on and I’m glad it pays off!

  • Ayara012

    Mal is jUST SO INDIGNANT HE’S LIKE “WHAT’D YE CALL ME” oh it’s so precious

  • Who me? Why, I’m not a witch at all. Witches are mean and ugly!

  • Del

    Still a great story.

    but it needs more tobacco.

  • Euodiachloris

    The denial. It burns! (Possibly more than the building.) ;)

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