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  • DaintyMorsel

    Clearly this will lead to good things Voss. Deals like this never go wrong. Uh huh, right.

  • Dragon

    Can’t Voss see this guy’s evil smirk. I mean, he’s a FOX, for frick’s sake, and his mouth isn’t even supposed to move like that, and yet Voss juts can’t pick up on it.

  • Gardan Blue

    why does this fox remind me of a time share salesman?

    • Hey! That’s a terrible thing to say about a Deadly Sin!

      • Hornet

        Was going to say a used car salesman, but they are cut from the same cloth.

        • Winter Averse

          Nay, with a car salesman at least you end up with a car. With a time-share you only have promises; mostly involving “When” or “If”.

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    This deal could work out very well and very badly. The questions that should be ask are… How do I get you there? (dying or being turned as a spirit as a result is not good for you.) How do I get these abilities/skills? (Possession, be turned into a spirit, touch, there are a lot of this that could go wrong.)
    What do you like for snacks? (If you have to physically carry him that far… Try to get on his good side. He is a fox so while they may be tricky most stories have them treat the people they like decently. Also never tick off a trickster spirit. That never ends well.) Of course that last one only works if the first 2 basic questions turn out well.

    • hariman

      Oh, heh. “Trickster Spirits”. Those are always/never fun to deal with. The most “Fun” to deal with was Puck, from Gargoyles. He ALWAYS livened up the episodes he was in.

      The other one was Thief and his Trickster God in 8-Bit Theater. Now that shows some excellent doses of trickery and mind games. ;)

      • Coyote in Gunnerkrigg Court

        • maggPi

          Yep. I thought the same in the previous comic. I’m catching up on missed comics from long ago, and got Coyote-pinged in the forehead when I saw that smile.

  • Swagner

    What could go wrong? The mule never gets the short end of the stick, right?

    • Nonesuch

      Indeed not.

      Only a maniac would hand any end of the stick over to the mule. Better to keep hold of it and apply it to the mule’s rump for ‘encouragement’. :p

  • Istas

    Sorry Voss, all the talent in the world can’t fix that personality of yours. You could steal all of Wolfe’s talents and people would still like him better because he’s more awesome to hang out with than you.

    • JediaKyrol

      there’s one…ask Envy to to make you more humble and amicable…universe explodes…

  • Nonesuch

    Envy has a family reunion to attend…

    Who wants to bet it’ll take any talents it steals for Voss back for itself as soon as it’s done with him?
    Come on, place your bets…

    • Well I’m betting with Istas on this one. Even with all the talent in the World, Private Voss will still manage to make a complete pig’s ear of everything he tries. It’s always the point of this sort of deal. Get everything you ask for and things are still worse than before. See the original ‘Bedazzled’ film with Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore for a really good example, where Dud gets seven tries at wishing for the girl of his dreams (including a very carefully worded seventh wish) and it still all goes pear-shaped.

      • Nightsbridge

        Maybe! But I bet it’ll go REALLY belly up when he steals O’Malley’s special eyes for himself. I can see it now.

        • Ever read ‘Cursed’ by Benedict Jacka? The villain (well one of the villains, there are several) steals the lead character’s magical powers, but doesn’t think to ask for the skill to actually use them – with amusing results (for the reader). Recommend the series if you haven’t read them yet.

          • Nightsbridge

            I have read it. I know that scene. hehehee.

  • Nealend86

    I guess that Envy is feeling a bit jealous that everyone else is hanging out in Widdershins while he’s stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

  • King Arthur

    Let’s not go to Widdershins. It is a silly place.

    • CyberSkull

      Your Majesty has won the thread.

  • Antidragon4185

    I must say, Voss seems pretty unfazed at meeting/chatting with a creepy anthropomorphic fox. (Hell, that thing would creep me out even if it was human-shaped.)

    Either crazy crap like this happens all the time in that world, or mister Voss is incompetent at common sense as well, I can’t decide which.

    • Hans Rancke

      Anthropomorphic means humanshaped. An anthropomorphic fox would have the body of a human with the head of a fox, or someting along those lines.

      • JediaKyrol

        well…it is anthropomorphized to the extent that it has human speech. Really the term covers giving any thing that makes you think “like me” to something not like you. Like “The Brave Little Toaster”, all the appliances are still really close to their original form…but they “feel” human. … … …and now that I reminded myself of that movie…I’m sad again.

      • ShakeJake

        Shape is potentially a part of it, but Anthropomorphic is essentially the same as personification. It’s to give something that is not a person, the traits or likeness of a person. He’s a talking fox, with a lot character and personality I might add, so he fits the bill perfectly.

  • Timni16

    What’s with everyone and Widdershins? The place seems kinda depressing if you ask me.

    • Timni16

      Ugh… Voss’s stubble… I thought it was dirt on my screen for a second

  • alurker

    What’s with all the suspicion on the nice green fox? He just wants to do Voss a favor, and everyone is doubting him. Look at that honest, trustworthy face. Who could possibly think he’s up to no good?

    • dbell5

      “Trust in meeeee…”

    • T T

      I know, right!
      He is such a nice, sweet, friendly demon.
      Its racism that’s what

  • Orderic

    Riches! Fame! Fortune! All of this and more for the low, low price of brining the deadly sin envy to a family reunion. Call now and receive twenty pounds of gluttony infused chocolate for FREE!

    • Me-me

      I gotta admit, unlike “soul” temptations, this is one I’d be really tempted by.

      • ShakeJake

        I dunno, infused with Gluttony or hunger just means it won’t be a satisfactory meal. I’d avoid it if it was advertised as such. Infused with comfort, joy, or satisfaction would be best as a drawing card.

  • Ailinu

    Is it just me, or is Envy faintly reminiscent of Blackshard, only a bit more direct? I mean, the speech seems sort of similar at times, and both characters act like someone’s friend/helper at first, so…maybe? We’ll have to see where this goes.

  • SpiralingVortices

    Concerning why Voss doesn’t find the fox too strange, I guess it’s due to something like glamour – He’s ‘blinded’ by envy

  • Voss and his foxy buddy going on a road trip! Yaaaaaaaay! ^_^

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    Yeesh, why does everyone want to go to Widdershins? Is the pie there particularly good? XD

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Let me get this straight, acquire any skill for the simple task of going to Widdershins… or is there more to it? Ah no matter, when do we go? Adventure and drama, better than a choring life. Take the shot.

  • Meanwhile in an alternate timeline, Spanish soldier Jesus (Hey zeus) tells Envy his name…

  • Nalyd

    “Where are we? This doesn’t feel like Widdershins!?”
    “Yeah no I know. I was getting on the train for Widdershins when suddenly I found out Hawaii was having a sale on airplane tickets and I was all, ‘oh brah gone done love this way more!’ So I grabbed a plane ticket while you were pretending to be my green fox tail hat and now we’re here what u think? Time to steal some of them talents right?”

    ” =n= “

  • Jomar

    I figured the personification of envy would be the most outright malevolent of the sins.

    • Odysseus McJazzhammer

      He’s not the most malevolent. He’s just the most devious, cunning, and foxy.

  • mendel

    Thank you for the Voss wallpaper!

  • Del

    You’re all British, right?

    Who told you about Hawaii?

    • Lilo and Stitch, largely

      • ShakeJake

        :o I’m American, and I found out LARGELY THE SAME WAY.

        I mean, found out it’s a nice place to visit.

        • maggPi

          Haha! And I’m falling in love with Hawaii from bingeing on previous seasons of “Hawaii Five-O!” It reminds me of Brazil but with a more successful standard of living.

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