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  • Is this before or after the thing with Gluttony? >.>

    Also, that butler seems to have very good job security with the deadly sins.

    • MechaBill

      This is before Nora was born but then, that gluttony affair was outside the normal time stream. After gluttony was defeated people (presumably including the butler) went back to their normal time. The fact that he looks the same in this timeline suggests that it’s his home line (assuming he’s human of course). So after gluttony put the hotel in limbo, it gated in the butler. Why him? I’m going to guess its because of something he does in this arc so to to answer your question, I believe this takes place before the gluttony episode.

      • Oopsy. Probably should’ve realized Henry’s a bit too young for grandchildren there. xD

        Which just raises more questions about why the butler looks the same. >.>

        • Apvogt

          He aged well?

        • David Argall

          Actually he may not look the same. Of course we are dealing with somewhat casual comic style, and both differences and similarities can be just aspects of the drawing rather than anything “real”, but…
          Our gluttonary butler was wearing a poorly fitting suit. Our current one may or may not be perfectly fitted, but his clothes fit much better. Presumably Gluttonary couldn’t be bothered [or couldn’t] getting a proper fit, but needed the butler to be wearing “modern” clothing when he was in public.
          More important?, the Gluttonary butler had wrinkles lacking in our current one. That could mean he is the younger version, or the artwork is not clear enough to see the wrinkles in the current version. [They were invisible in a number of the Gluttonary cases too.]

          • Oarboar

            That’s a good eye you’ve got. My only quibble with your post is that I don’t think Gluttony picked anyone on their ability to do laundry and press suits, and Gluttony had its victims trapped for quite an amount of time that passed in the time bubble. (One of the drink-mixing flappers from the 1920s kept track of how many days it was, but that number eludes me right now, and it will continue to elude me as I’m up past my bedtime). So that might explain the wrinkles in the suit.

            • Sanjay Merchant

              I seem to remember a figure on the order of five months or so.

              • David Argall

                “304 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes.”
                “Not that she’s counting..!”

                August 12, 2013

                But another point to note…
                The stars of the strip are named for each appearance. The Butler was named in Cake, tho he didn’t have that big a part, and now he is named again. We can’t say he is going to play a big part in the current story [Two small parts may rate for star billing], but he will be doing more than just opening the door.

                Oh yes… Luxuria? I won’t guess which Deadly, but that would seem to be a hint to one.

            • There’s only one way to find the answer to these and many other questions. Keep reading Widdershins: Find the Lady! Don’t miss the next exciting episode!

              I really should be on commission for this.

          • Columbine

            Might also be a relative rather than the man himself? Although I admit the resemblance is so striking that seems unlikely.

          • billydaking

            ….”Our gluttonary butler was wearing a poorly fitting suit. Our current
            one may or may not be perfectly fitted, but his clothes fit much better.
            Presumably Gluttonary couldn’t be bothered [or couldn’t] getting a
            proper fit, but needed the butler to be wearing “modern” clothing when
            he was in public.”

            Or that he simply gained weight between where he was in this story and the Piece of Cake one, and when you’re trapped in time, you can’t pop out to the tailors for an alteration. Which also would indicate that this is taking place before that story (which makes sense, since Henry’s story is supposed to be about how much of this trouble started….)

    • svartalf

      Probably before.

    • Euodiachloris

      I wonder about the retirement package, though… :/

  • MechaBill

    This is great! I always wondered what happened to that guy!

  • Khlovia

    Plot! Thickening like gumbo!

    • svartalf

      More like Cement.

      • Khlovia

        Naw, tasty and nutritious!

    • I believe you mean cake

  • saper

    I see what you did there with the hotel name and the (i am assuming) owners name. :P

    • Sapphire altera

      The owner of Hotel Gula is [in current, Barber family meeting time] Mr. Cartwright, Jr.
      (see “Piece of Cake”: ). It would make sense then if the owner during Henry’s escaped is Mr. Cartwright senior, but I guess its possible that the Cartwrights acquired the hotel from Mr. Luxuria… which is a really interesting possible plot now that I think of it :P

      • rlb

        I don’t think it’s ever said that Mr. Luxuria [i]owns[/i] the Hotel Gula. Henry is instructed to meet Mr. Luxuria [i]at[/i] the Gula, but he may just be a guest there.

        • Dranikos

          He’s more pointing out. Gula is the Latin for Gluttony (who we did indeed meet there). Luxuria is LUST (the one we have yet to meet)

          Luxuria, Gula, Avaritia, Acedia, Ira, Invidia, Superbia

          Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride.

          • Ooh, Invidia is a lovely name

            • Sapphire altera

              With such lovely green eyes… :P

              • JWLM

                I’ve always wanted green eyes. Do you think I could get some by some means?

          • TerraWolfe

            Nice to see some else called this before I started freaking out that Luxuria is the latin name for lust.

  • ThisCat

    Uh oh…

    • hey! that’s my line!

      you left out the periods.

  • Jordan Hiller

    A TWIST!!!

  • If that’s reception, what must the complaints department be like?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      They’ll eat you alive in there.

    • 8komma2


    • Nomad94

      Includes an iron maiden

  • Sanjay Merchant

    He certainly wears well.

  • Del

    “RRRNN…” That’s a useful line. I will use it often.

    I am leaving Wisconsin in a few hours to pop over to London for a bit. I shall greet everyone I meet with “RRRNN…”

    It’s nice to have a bit of the local lingo.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Tis is a small world indeed.

  • Anani Mouse

    Wow. he’s not the best conversationalist, is he. Rrrrrn.

  • Sarah W

    “Mr. Luxuria”? That blatant? Oh no . . .

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