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  • So, Ms Harriet and O’Malley are somewhere underneath gluttony? Hope they brought a change of clothes. Even worse, their tobacco may have got damp.

    • spas


    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      the horror ! teh horrroorrrr !

    • Killersquirrel66

      I hope they’re outside the circle. If not… urgh. 0.o
      As a side note, it’s cool seeing how the rest of the… wherever-it-is… is cut off from Gluttony’s POV. I’d forgotten about spirits not being able to see outside the circles.

      • Looking back, they were inside for Wrath and Envy.

        • Nonesuch

          Maybe they’ve learned from that mistake? ^_^

      • a_flemish_dude

        it also has the added bonus of looking like it landed on one of those decorated dinner plates

        also glutony’s pattern apparantly looks like an open mouth filled with teeth, how apropriate

        • It looks as if Teeny Tiny Gluttony landed on the plate next to Harry’s lunch.

          • a_flemish_dude

            yeah, perspective is quite the toy

        • JWLM

          No, I think that’s the circle, not the plate. The sandwiches were wrapped in brown paper and left/forgotten in the circle.

          • Emily

            I think that’s what a_flemish_dude is saying – the circle kind of looks like a giant plate.

            • a_flemish_dude


      • McRocky71

        And as this circle is neater than the previous circles, Mal’s drawing is clearly getting better. : )

    • Ghostdanser

      They’ve been slimed!

  • McRocky71

    That note under the sandwiches reads “Take care & come home soon! Much love, N & F xx” for anyone having trouble with the size. It looks to me like Harry is using Nora and Florrie’s care package to distract Gluttony while she reads the incantation.

    • threadweaver

      To be fair, I wasn’t having trouble with the text size. I was having trouble because I too was distracted by the sandwiches.

    • billydaking

      Actually, the sandwiches may be the conduit for Gluttony. What happens if the Deadly actually eats the conduit?

      • Emily

        I think Alexa’s cell phone was the conduit.

        • JWLM

          Yes, exactly.

        • billydaking

          Whoop. Completely forgot.

        • a_flemish_dude

          indeed, you can even see it in panel 5, it’s connected to gluttony’s aura

          • Emily

            Oh, good catch – I hadn’t realized what that little black rectangle was.

      • Have you ever seen the scene in Yellow Submarine with the Vacuum Monster?

    • Shee Soon Theng

      I feel like those are only a few of the sammiches made, Eddie commented that they’d made a whole loaf’s worth. I can imagine the two afterward saying, “Fancy a quick lunch break?”

  • Del

    Those sandwiches do look delicious.

    • MoeLane

      Sometimes, one must make… sacrifices.

    • a_flemish_dude

      mh let’s see, my guess from left to right and from up to bottom

      cheese, letuce and tomatos
      egg salad
      letuce, corned beef and either cucumber or pickles
      ham and tomatos

      • Hot pastrami in one hand and a big crunchy kosher garlic dill in the other.

        Alternate bites.

  • Ocean Burning.

    From comments on April 26, last year, and I quote:
    fyrehair: “The hamper full of sammiches will save the day. Or at least be central to the plot. This is my prediction.”
    warun: “Something’s got to distract Gluttony at an opportune moment.”
    Well spotted, people. Now to see how well this works out…
    ( )

    • #092f0a

      How do you remember these things? Not the first time I’ve seen you do this. Pretty impressive.

      • Ocean Burning.

        I may be just a little bit obsessive… whoops haha

    • fyrehair

      I KNEW IT! *does the dance of Smartiness*

  • billydaking

    Panel one…Guttony demonstrates what every post-Thanksgiving dinner feels like.

  • InterroLiv

    Is it weird that Gluttony’s smile in the last panel is kinda cute to me?

    • Tsapki

      Perhaps Gluttony is the original Lolcat.

  • Nonesuch

    Looks like this one’ll be a piece of cake.


    I regret nothing. ;)

  • Tsapki

    I’m going to feel bad about this…

    Gluttony: I can have sandwich!

    • Storel

      “I can has sandwich?”, surely?

  • Euodiachloris

    Compensatory butties. xD

  • Brother Nightmare

    A good sandwich can make even the worst of days that much better.

  • Charlie Kelvin

    He just looks so happy!

  • catgrabber

    Widdershins is my absolute favorite comic, the best I’ve read, but I gotta say, I wish that Gluttony could be shown in more varied behavior than food- for example, book hoarding, or maybe a tour guide refusing to free their clients until they’ve seen absolutely everything in town. It could have been very interesting.

    • a_flemish_dude

      that’s not gluttony though, book hoarding is greed and the tour guid suffers from pride

      originally gluttony specificly referred to placing too much importance on food (which took away importance from god), if you want alternatives to the classic fat guy theme then a picky eater or a master chef could also be seen as gluttonous (which now I think about it is represented, gluttony didn’t just abduct some chefs to cook whatever for him, he wanted the best of the best)

      • Ocean Burning.

        If you want a non-food example of gluttony, there’s me when I get on YouTube. “Just one… more… video… It’s only… um… eight minutes long…..” : P

    • Thank you so much! :D

      Crossover with Greed and neater callbacks to Vol 4 are why I limited it, basically, but it’s a valid point!

  • Mavicity Creatives

    Last panel is me before I start any buffet, second to the last is me after any buffet.
    Also, squee what a cute Glu monster with those sammiches!

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