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  • Jonathan Trouba

    “muft”? “Fpeak”? Someone’s got a lisp.

      • Jonathan Trouba

        “What the hell’s a ligature”, indeed. Very curious! Thank you for sharing that, I’d no idea.

        • yomi

          Why are present and raise not written with long s?

          • Ondřej Vágner

            My guess is because it’s not [s] but [z].

            • Euodiachloris

              Nope: pres-ent rather than pres-sent — the rule of thumb is that it’s sibulant followed by a weak sylable, it’s long. St-words are also automatically long because of the sound and the link to the old Stan-rune. :)

      • Ondřej Vágner

        Well, “muſt” is an example of a ligature (though not in most modern types). “ſpeak” or “ſhould” are just plain old long s (so’s “muſt”).

      • widderfan

        It’s actually the long s as is explained in

        Although as that article explained the use of long s and ligatures ended at the same time for the same reason.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Widdershins: entertaining and educational!

  • fwknight

    What a perfectly respectable lady.

    • Me-me


  • Darth Fez

    If this ain’t a match made in bloody heaven! Isa, meet Henry, purveyor of problems!

    This garden, or perhaps the manor itself, wouldn’t happen to be called Eden?

  • I love all of this

    • Saibot

      Should we expect to see ligatures and lessons on etiquette invading 164 Days?

      • heck no, I couldn’t top this page! haha

  • Sanjay Merchant

    “But here it says of those who point
    Their manners must be out of joint….”

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Aaaah the old S are always such a pain to read~~

    • Euodiachloris

      ß, æ, œ, ð, ᵹ, þ, ƿ…

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        meh, ß, æ, œ, ð or ᵹ aren’t easily mistakable with a “normal” letter of the alphabet. þ and ƿ a teensy more, but… well, the old S really looks like a F to me.

  • I love her already!

    • Del


      If Henry doesn’t fall for her quickly, then I’m calling dibs!

  • Glotos

    Trying to make out the title…”Etiquette for the Modern Young English Lady”? Can’t make out the second line.

    • Mujaki

      Yes, I’m curious about it as well. Perhaps the artist would be so kind as to provide a transcript? Or a close-up of the panel in question?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Appears to say “Composed by…” or “Compiled by…” and I presume the next part is a name.

      • Jones

        I read Baroness Warsely… I think I am right about Baroness, but could be completely wrong about the name.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    At least she didn’t speak until spoken to. :-P

  • Respectable ladies should not go outside without a bonnet, to ensure they do not get a sun tan.

    Otherwise people might think that they work for a living. Oh, wait…

  • The Shadow

    Well, at least she didn’t drop the aitch.


    Also, Isabelle is my new favorite character. I can totally see that Harry gets her traits from both grandparents. Like…. in the first six panel-establishing frames of “young” Isabelle.

    Oh, and I just now get that the green text boxes from here on in will be Grandmum Isabelle.

  • Bieeanda

    Oh boy, the long S, f’s evil cousin, twice removed!
    I once saw it in a captcha, in the middle of ‘honeysuckle’. At first glance, I thought my computer was inviting me to perform a rather sticky, risque act.

    • Phlebas

      ſticky and riſque, eh?

    • Ilmari


  • Firedog

    Thif etiquette leffon if going well. Seriously though, did he bring a chaperone with him?

    • Awlwren


  • cphoenix

    From G&S’s Ruddigore:
    “This hallowed volume (producing a book of etiquette), composed, if I may believe the title-page, by no less an authority than the wife of a Lord Mayor, has been, through life, my guide and monitor. By its solemn precepts I have learnt to test the moral worth of all who approach me. The man who bites his bread, or eats peas with a knife, I look upon as a lost creature, and he who has not acquired the proper way of entering and leaving a room is the object of my pitying horror. There are those in this village who bite their nails, dear aunt, and nearly all are wont to use their pocket combs in public places.”

  • ThisCat

    Ah, a lady after my own heart X)

  • Ah, the gentleman shrub seems to be fruiting . . . time to harvest!

    • DavidArgall

      Or for pruning. And Henry might be a good candidate for either. While he seems to be prospering at his trade, it is hardly a respectable trade, and he might vanish from her life at any time, leaving her along [or maybe not quite alone].

    • Euodiachloris

      I’m not entirely sure it’s a true gentleman shrub. Maybe a hybrid? ;)

  • Ruby

    I like this woman already.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    By the way, Kate, I blame you for getting this song stuck in my head all day.

  • MoeLane

    She seems comfortable in her own skin.

  • Aeirryn

    I absolutely love how I can see each of the Barber sisters in Isabelle.
    First panel: Nicola
    Second panel: Harry
    Third panel: Florrie
    Sixth panel: Nora

    Beautifully done!!

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Except I don’t think Florrie needs to be sarcastic about gracefulness. She seems to have that angle covered amongst the 1830’s Barber generation.

      • =Tamar

        Bit of a fail on propriety, though.

    • Del

      Beautifully done, and brilliant!

      Miss Kate — We invite you to step forward and take a bow!

      And tell us a bit about your composition of this page. Is Panel Four a shadow of sturdy Eddie, hauling puppy chow?

  • Michael Brewer

    She looks quite attractive and likeable to me, so I confess to being surprised that she doesn’t have gentleman callers of any stripe.

  • Del

    I’m not very good at colors…. But I think that Etiquette manual just might be the same book that Isabelle is holding on the cover-page of this episode.

  • RLB

    With grace, yes. Propriety… not so much.

  • Yin

    Is it weird that it bothers me that she’s not shoveling right? So little leverage with that dirt.

    • Phlebas

      It’s hard to shovel properly and read at the same time.

  • Apvogt

    I will forever read these lines with an ‘f’ instead of a ‘s’ and I don’t care what anyone says.

  • Pizkie

    Okay, I adore this woman already. Sorry, Harry, you may find yourself in competition for “best character” status if this continues.

    • DavidArgall

      Possible of course, but she is also in the running for “worst”. Our other ladies have various excuses for having jobs that they would have not been considered for in a “real” world. The major point is that they wanted those jobs [and we can assume they put in the extra effort to get them], while Isabelle doesn’t. Instead she is behaving in a way that would give her the sack before she could turn a page. With the others, a powerful friend or relative might have let her play at a job, but Isabelle’s desires seem to more conventional. It would certainly seem she would would prefer woman’s work to the gardening she is neglecting. So she just seems unreal.

      • really

        what is any of this

      • what

        how dare this female character not immediately be your perfect wife

  • Disloyal Subject

    I’m a little impressed by her casual one-handing of that shovel in panel 2. Looks like she’ll be the muscle half of the duo.

  • Compost heap, eh?

    Hated ours when i was a kid.

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