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  • Ghostdanser

    *piffle* That’s not being very fair to house flies…ever try to disuade one when they get fixated on buzzing near yor face?

    • Euodiachloris

      Or, try coaxing one to go out the newly opened window it’s been blatting itself against for over an hour… :P

      • Housefly

        “Oh, an exit.”
        “Ow that hurt.”
        “Oh, an exit.”
        “Ow, that hurt.”
        “Oh, an exit.”


  • DataProwler Netizen

    So the current team is down to the drop-out whose partakes in perpetual escapism, and the magic guy who has been surrounded by people better than him. If I had any confidence in these two, they wouldn’t be the ideal ones to deal with Pride.

    • MoeLane

      That’s exce — oops, almost got you caught in the reflection of your own monitor.

      • DataProwler Netizen

        I only take constructive compliments, don’t worry. Bland lip service only makes me angry.

      • Sir. Orc

        This is why you always opt for non-reflective screens. You never know when it might save your life from a magical peacock!

  • Me-me

    See, the virtue opposite pride is humility, but surely shame, another negative emotion, is also opposed to it, right?

    • Haven

      Not according to Iroh.

    • a_flemish_dude

      shame is more what happens when you can’t live up to your pride, it’s still pride but more in the form of “I’m good enough that I should have been able to do this”

  • Heylir

    Well, Sid, shutting your eyes when you feel good about himself and asking for an insult… (close your eyes again, please, just in a case) …are very good ideas, but don’t you think that real Pride isn’t easily put to shame? And that it rather just kills an impudent offender than cares about their words in another way? You may open your eyes. :)

    In any way, good luck to you both.

  • non_canon

    I’m really not sure what in Sidney’s acquaintance with the Cunningham/Thackery family makes him think they would be slow with the insults, although it probably has to do more with his own penchant for being relentlessly cheery. It’s too bad Mal isn’t here though, considering he and Ben have this insulting each other thing down to an art, although considering that their verbal sparing seems more and more to be an aspect of their developing friendship I don’t know if it would have the same effect.

    In any case, it’s going to be interesting to see how these two handle this.

    • Heylir

      I got it as if Sid thought about some different word (“bad”/”good” or such), but chose “quick” as an substitute. :) Because the concept of “bad” and “good” in this situation are inverted. :)

      • Maria Gerasimova

        “Quick” may mean also “suddenly and sharply painful”, IIRC

    • Maria Gerasimova

      It seems to me, Ben here acts for they both, copying again Mal’s manner to speak :) What is, to me, an obvious sign of their “developing friendship”, at least from Ben’s part. But at the moment t’s offtop :)

  • “Scorn it or something” is the best plan ever.

    • #092f0a

      It’s…half a plan, right?

      • Euodiachloris

        At most, we’re talking a fifth. Maybe a quarter, if being generous. ;P

        • Maria Gerasimova

          == we’re talking a fifth ==
          Sorry, but I’d like to ask you an offtop question, can I?
          In Asprin’s “MythAdventure” Aahz several times says smth like “I never refuse a fifth”, and Skeeve doesn’t understand his joke, although repeats it to the king.
          I read it translated, so I can’t quote it exactly, but I always wonder what this expression does mean?

          • Esther Merriken

            “I never refuse a fifth” of Scotch. Its a drinking joke.

            • Maria Gerasimova

              Ah, thanks! :)

          • Euodiachloris

            A fifth of a gallon = a lot of shots. However, there’s a difference between American and Imperial measures (and they varied over time), so how many differs between the systems. It also depends on the size of the shot glass/ dram you consider standard… And, exactly how many you think there are of fluid ounces to a gallon. :P

            Me, I prefer measuring my beer by the pint. Much easier. ;)

            • Maria Gerasimova

              Thank you, now I see :)

            • Jeff

              You are correct about it meaning a fifth of a gallon (specifically a gallon of liquor), but the bit about the difference between US and Imperial units is inaccurate. The term was coined in America, and has always meant 1/5th of a US gallon (aka 4/5ths of a quart – which is why you sometimes see it called a ‘short’ or ‘short quart’ in older texts).

              One fifth equals 25.6 US ounces. The metric equivalent is 757 ml, so nowadays you usually see fifths in standard 750ml bottles (making them even shorter, I guess).

              And there’s even one more layer to the Mythadventures quip than that. In addition to being a measure of liquor, and the regnal number of the King making the ‘request’ (Rodrick V) of Aahz, it also hints at the American expression “taking the fifth” – referring to the right (via the fifth Amendment of the US Constitution) to refuse to self-incriminate oneself – a right Aahz would no doubt be inordinately fond of ;)

              • Euodiachloris

                You might want to gen up on the regional differences in weights and measures that hung around both within the UK and the colonies well into the C19th. Seriously, it took until the Victorians to get everybody agreeing as to what size a fluid ounce actually was, and exactly how many were to be found in grosser measures. :/ Expecting things in Yorkshire to be the same in Somerset before rail got big? Nope: sorry. Heck, you’d find York using slightly different standards (and vocabulary) to Bradford!

                Which is why I was being all leafy and hedge-like. :/ (And, nobody ever really sorted shots out — there’s still variation, there. Shots: aka… roughly a fifth of a cup. Define your cup. ;D )

                About the fifth: most of the world is not the United States of North America, but we get your media. We know about the Fifth Amendment, thank you. You guys keep banging on about those things as if they’re universal, or something. ;)

                However, the fifth as a standard division of measurement? Has never been restricted to gallons. Or even Northern Europe: see Mesopotamia. It’s just… when you start talking about a fifth of a pint, you’re into cups, so generally won’t. ;) Gallons and tuns, though… then the poor, old fifth gets useful again, outside inches. xD

                About bottle sizes: talk about a maze of horror… But, the standard size of a Jack Daniel’s bottle is a fifth of a gallon, intended to serve out shots (fifth of cups)… from a black label. A (black)jack varied over time, but was rarely a pint. More often a fifth… Jasper was a punster. xD

                • Jeff

                  Euodiachloris, you seem to have taken some umbrage at my previous post. I only meant to correct an apparent misaprehension on your part regarding a distiller’s term of art, not to make some sort of exceptionist statement regarding the US. I appreciate that the world ≠ North America (thank the gods). And I also get that people have been splitting things into fifths for a looong time.

                  But… my point was that the modern term “a fifth (of liquor)” is an Americanism. It was coined in the US, and was in widespread commercial use by the early 20th century. The amount of liquid it refers to is with respect to an American gallon. I could find no counter-examples after a look thru my personal library (I’m a brewer and distiller), nor at or the ngram viewer et al.

                  Also, Robert Asprin, being an American, sometimes leveraged his punnage (which was prolific) off of sayings and slang with American origins – much the same way Terry Pratchett often used Britishisms in his glorious works. I was simply pointing out that there was probably an additional layer of word-play intended when he had Aahz make that quip.

                  • Euodiachloris

                    Thing is, it didn’t start out as an Americanism. And, you can still find it in corners of the Commonwealth and ex-VOC-sphere that aren’t. I came from one such. ;)

                    Metrical conversion has been killing it as a current phrase outside North America, but… It didn’t come from nowhere.

                    Also, I wasn’t at all annoyed. More like taking a gleeful walk around the topic. xD

              • Maria Gerasimova

                === The metric equivalent is 757 ml, so nowadays you usually see fifths in standard 750ml bottles (making them even shorter, I guess) ===
                We have a name for a similar little buttled portion of vodka (~a shot, 100 ml) – “мерзавчик” – “merzavchik” (~ “a little bastard”).

                === In addition to being a measure of liquor, and the regnal number of the King making the ‘request’ (Rodrick V) of Aahz, it also hints at the American expression “taking the fifth” – referring to the right (via the fifth Amendment of the US Constitution) to refuse to self-incriminate oneself – a right Aahz would no doubt be inordinately fond of ;) ===
                And this is very interesting information, thanks.

        • Wyvern

          I’d call it about 12% of a plan. Which is better than 11%.

    • Ocean Burning.

      And don’t you love the look of panicked, crazed determination on Sid’s face? XD

    • No Mr Malik. Like the other deadlies you’ve already defeated, you weaken it by scorning the people around it who are affected by Pride, not going for the sin itself. You really are a clot aren’t you? Hold that thought.

  • pingo1387

    It looks as if Wolfe thinks he’s still looking into the mirror (or he is, perpetually, in the mirror world). So what was Sid’s history lecturer doing sleeping against the frame?

    • Maria Gerasimova

      Perhaps Pride sucks its victims’ energy? They all seems inhibited somehow. And not understanding what had happend to them. Losing energy gradually may lead them to sleep… Or eventually even to coma?

    • The history lecturer was worn down by despair about his predicament, no doubt. Wolfe doesn’t do despair.

      • Emily

        *her predicament – the history lecturer was a woman.

        • Oh, you’re right. I couldn’t really tell from the image.

  • Maria Gerasimova

    Not where I meant to post, sorry.

  • Anna

    Oohh! Insult me more!

  • Lee Man Feng Michael

    So far, each sin was defeated by interrupting their sinners (calming the wrathful crowd, disrupting the audience emmersion of the envious crowd, and putting the hungry crowds off their meals). However, this round, all the sinners are non-corporeal, and therefore out of their reach. So, I think they’d probably need to trap pride in a summoning circle to cut him off from his sinners (would that work?), or perhaps Wolfe could Influence the sinners from within the mirror dimension.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    It hit me the other day: We won’t get to see Ver much this go.

  • Dud

    OK, so now there’s a nasty possibility that devising a choice insult may trigger a dangerous attack of schadenfreude…

  • Ocean Burning.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH SID… Oh you dear, sweet, good-hearted Mr. Malik, who must so seldom engage in those thought processes so common to types like Ben (and myself) — criticism, doubt, assuming the worst, and general judgmentalness… >_<

    • CountSessine

      Yes, and when the shoe is on the other foot and Sid needs to insult Ben, it’ll be really hard to go against his own sunny nature.

      • Ocean Burning.

        Hopefully Ben can keep up enough self-criticism and self-doubt to be all right.

  • Swagner

    “uh… how long have you been holding on to that one?”

  • Maria Gerasimova

    The last panel – it seems to me, Ben actually rather likes Sid’s reaction :)

  • threadweaver

    Ben is good at this sort of thing.

  • AJ

    Sid seems so wilted by Ben’s half-hearted insult. I mean, C’mon Ben! You can do way better than that! Channel the rage you usually direct toward O’Malley!

  • Someone

    So, does Ben have more to worry about (self-esteem aside) with a reflective glass surface sitting right in front of his eyes or are glasses not effected because he came in wearing them? Just curious.

    • Emily

      Interesting question. I would imagine his own glasses wouldn’t have that effect, because he looks *through* the lenses rather than *at* them. If someone else were to see their reflection in Ben’s glasses, on the other hand…

    • pingo1387

      If you saw a reflection, you’d only see your eye(s), not your whole self, and I doubt you’d be looking at your eye(s) with pride.

  • The Wing

    Haha, typical Benjamin, rather than feeling good about receiving thanks he just feels weirded out.

    • TheGorram Batguy

      That is why he’s the hero we need right now.

  • Emily

    “God, I’m tired.”

    Watch out, Ben – Sloth is up next!

  • SandstormSinger

    I love Wolfe’s still optimistic “oh dear, what a predicament” pose in the first panel

  • Sidney Malik is a Beautiful Cinnamon Roll; Too Good For This World, Too Pure

  • Tilly Jackson

    I’m so gutted that you’re going to be doing a thing in my city on the one weekend I’m not in it! I hope it goes splendidly :)

  • BaronHaynes

    I feel like Vee disappearing is a misdirect. Pride seems like her biggest weakness, but they didn’t find her mirror and assumed she was caught….maybe we find out she’s actually very self-critical in this chapter?

    • Heylir

      I’m sure everything is possible in this world, but very self-critical Verity is beyond the limits of my perception, somehow. :))) “The stillness of the mountain stream! The cool of the summer sun!” :)

      Speaking more seriously, I like Vee, I regret about her attitude to Harry and Sid, I can believe that her vanity is more facade than anything else and I sincerely hope that she’ll make his part in their battle against Pride, inside or outside of herself.

  • This is it, gentlemen. You’ve trained your whole lives for this.

  • TheGorram Batguy

    I just keep thinking over and over again it’s a shame Mal isn’t here. He’s got the misery, low self-esteem, and constant biting insults down to a way of life.

    • Heylir

      Mal and Harry will meet Pride in their turn, and it may be… interesting. :)

  • CountSessine

    This is going to be funny! But insulting each other isn’t going to be enough, I think.

    Maybe at first, but that’s too easy. I can see this leading to each of them being forced to talk out loud, for survival, about the secret humiliations and feelings of failure they have been hiding… and winding up pretty good friends, afterwards.

    • Heylir

      Yes, it seems Sidney will have to tell about his expulsion. Ben has much wider selection of subjects. :)

  • Nightsbridge

    Ben is actually, I think, super uncomfortable with Sid here. Because he’s prickly and is so deliberately, like, all the time. But he’s around people who either don’t care or give back as good as they get. Wolfe isn’t hurt and doesn’t mind. Mal will bother him back. Sid will just smile, buckle his knees and meekly accept it, and I think that Ben is having trouble dealing with how . . . easy it is to hurt him.

    • Emily

      That’s a good point – he’s not used to having anyone take his verbal barbs seriously. We don’t really know about his siblings, but his cousin is another who gives as good as she gets (not to mention that any insults would bounce off her impenetrable self-esteem).

      • non_canon

        And I feel like it plays a part in his and Mal’s developing friendship as well. Mal talks like that to everyone, and everyone either ignores him (like Wolfe) or gets upset. But Ben just gives it back to him, and the closer they move to friendship the more it becomes a natural way of communication rather than an actual trade of insults.

        • Heylir

          I tend to think that (in the past) Mal’s sneering at Ben’s degree/lack of magic abilities and Ben’s attempts of teaching magic to Mal somewhat stepped on each other’s toes. But they both had got strong defences about these areas already and so, it doesn’t show much. :))) Though I may be wrong, certainly.

          Still, I remember Wolfe’s words about “fire and water” (regarding Mal and Ben). :) And with Wolfe Ben usually isn’t prickly at all. Sidney… well, Ben has a reason to dislike him. :) Or he thought so.

  • Emily

    The difference in body language between these two is particularly noticeable on this page. Sid is constantly moving, with big, dramatic gestures, while Ben is restrained and a little stiff.

  • This is amazing, these two are amazing.

  • Shee Soon Theng

    Wolverine: Woah, it’s me!
    Cyclops: Prove it.
    Wolverine: You’re a dick.
    Cyclops: … Okay.

  • This guy

    It shouldn’t be hard holding down his pride.

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