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  • Winger

    Hoo boy, how unsurprised are the Barber siblings going to be when they find missing grandparents and a burned shell where the two main components of their plan were supposed to be? Shouldn’t have jinxed it, ladies.

    Also, just broadly speaking, GOSH am I looking forward to this chapter as a whole! So many things coming together, ahhhh.

    • Sir. Orc

      *Nicola, Sid, and Harry see the ruins of the Malform Disposal Office*
      Harry: You’re taking this surprisingly well
      Nicola: I admit, I would be more upset were this actually a surprise
      Sid: It is turning out to be one of those days isn’t it
      Harry: Which means that one of us probably has to go rescue gran right about now
      Nicola: Whatever, as long as I’m not the one who has to save O’malley *runs off*

  • amusingmurff

    O’Malley should know better than to be the boy who cried, “Wolfe!”

  • CountSessine

    Good thing it’s the hot, hasty version of Wrath, lacking the iron patience to stay and make quite sure they’re dead.

    Though I guess that one would have to be called Hatred. A related sin, but Wrath is the official Deadly. (Now I wonder if, somewhere, Hatred isn’t secretly plotting to oust Wrath from its position…. “SOMEDAY… you useless incompetent fool! SOMEDAY!!”)

    • Meanwhile, Exasperation just sits there with his face in his hands, slowly shaking his head, and Begrudging Reassignment doesn’t even care anymore

      • szbnahl

        I would have thought that Reassignment would care a great deal about Hatred’s new job.

    • Columbine

      I love that image of Hatred plotting behind Wrath’s back on many levels.

  • There’s a definite irony in that final panel . . .

  • ThisCat

    Well, this doesn’t seem good.

  • Sapphire363

    … someone needs to reread the evil overlord list

    • billydaking

      Wrath ain’t no evil overlord. He’s that emotion that causes the overlord to go all non-rational.

  • Sapphire363

    “… man OR witch” does that mean a witch doesn’t count as a man?
    I would not think so.
    Unless the witch was female, which, in this case, is NOT the case.

    • Brilliand

      That sort of phrase (where one option is a special subcategory of the other) serves the purpose of pointing out that the really special individual isn’t an exception.

      • Sapphire363

        True, true.

      • AJ

        Or possibly Wrath went to one of those special schools. You know, where they learn to phrase things in the most dramatic way possible.

        • Euodiachloris

          It’s called “The Royal Shakespeare Company” — if you can’t ham enough for a small sandwich, don’t apply; but if you can, you’ll be a whole gammon leg in no time. xD

          • JWLM

            Really? I’d always heard it was called “The Actor’s Studio.” Must be one of those words which the Brits use differently, like boot.

    • wilddeath

      wait wait…. which witch is which now?

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Doesn’t count as human, I’d say.

    • Winger

      Could simply be that it was a man and a witch who collectively bound him last time – Ben speaking the words, Mal doing the…witchery.

    • Columbine

      Old English ‘man’ is gender neutral, with disused prefixes wif and wer denoting female men and male men respectively. I’ve never seen anyone use the prefixes but plenty of stories use ‘man’ as gender neutral. *shrugs*

      • Sanjay Merchant

        Heh, I remember back in elementary school one of my classmates (a girl, as it happened) correcting the teacher every time he talked about “the history of mankind” or something.

        (And it is a pity that English ditched the male prefix but kept the female one.)

        • Columbine

          Yeah I thought it was a shame we’d lost a prefix too. The last survival of it is ‘werewolf’ I think. It seemed a sensible way to do it, neuter and then something to clarify male/female if it was necessary. I hope it’s a usage that comes back. But I do like a whole bunch of weird linguistic quirks and debatable words. Stuff like ides, ergi, ashe/axe- It likes cool words?

          • AJ

            I was reading Madeleine L’Engle recently and she bemoaned a lot of perceived oppression that came from this language shift.

            • Columbine

              I just think it gives more options? Especially for storytelling, gender being clear only when you want it to be or it’s relevant would make some scenes a lot easier. But then I’m also in favour of stealing/borrowing a load of Yoruba words cos I think they’re cool.

              • AJ

                Very cool. I named a whole generation of goats by Yoruba names.

                • Columbine

                  XD ‘Proper’ names or the nicknames? Cos I swear I’ve never seen another culture with so many ways to call someone ‘short’!

                  • AJ

                    As I scavenged them from the web… anyone’s best guess. I didn’t see anything that meant short.

                    • Columbine

                      I think I listed about eight when one of my friends asked. They’re all different kinds of short too, like ‘short and muscular’, ‘short and skinny’, ‘short but effective’, ‘short like you wanna pick em up and carry em around’, ‘short but actually really rich so don’t call him short’ (seriously I’m paraphrasing but not mistranslating)

                    • AJ

                      I might have to name some more goats. They’re a dwarf breed.

                    • Columbine

                      Well then I shall pass some options along! I did my best to transcribe the accents but my word processor doesn’t actually have them all.

                      Populist person who is generous with outsiders but miserly with family, or ashort thing hyperactive and rich person

                      Short, robust hyperactive and rich man

                      Lead-needle A thin but effective person

                      The light one, the portable one, short thin person

                      The small-in-stature that became the most prominent child of Ale

                      Small and hard (tough)

                      The short man (who is not stupid)

                      A very agile though heavily built short man, a ‘hawk’

                      Small-statured but agile person

                      A portable, neat, handsome and smart man

                      The small-statured rich can not be called small

    • Ghostdanser

      I will surely live to regret this PUNishment…but I can almost hear Wrath saying…
      “A sandwitch is a sandwitch…but a Manwitch is a meal!”

      • Sapphire363

        That… was a truly awful pun…
        aaaaand now I can’t get the image of Wrath eating Ben in a sandwich out of my head.
        Thanks for that lovely imagery!

        • That’s terrible! Wizards have almost no nutritional value :P

          • Sapphire363

            Ahhhh yes, but surely they don’t do enough exercise to get tough and gristly.

        • John

          But isn’t Mal the Manwitch?

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Wolfe ! SAVE YOUR VIOLIN !!!

    • Sir. Orc

      It is a very nice violin

      • Alétheia

        ….by my calculations, there’s an equal 50/50 chance between losing his violin being the one thing to make Wolfe finally snap and him going “Ach, it was a very nice violin, but there are other equally nice ones. Come, we will go find one.”

        • Haven

          Plot twist, the violin was imbued the whole time. Wolfe could’ve used a treebranch like a hacksaw on the strings and it would’ve had the same effect.

          • Brothers! Sisters! Please! Let us put an end to all this senseless violins!

            Someone had to say it

            • reynard61

              That was *way* off-bass! :-/

              • Sapphire363

                You’re in treble with that one

                • reynard61

                  Really? I thought it was just A Minor thing…

                  Guess I’ll just have to B Sharp next time!

                  • Sapphire363

                    That one fell flat with me

                    • reynard61

                      Purely accidental. (My Staff didn’t do their research.)

                    • Sapphire363

                      If it isn’t alto much treble, you should probably get some new staff then

                    • reynard61

                      I’ll make a Note of it…

                    • Sapphire363

                      We should probably start thinking of sharper puns

                    • Sapphire363

                      We should probably think of sharper puns

  • tali

    That office was bound for redecoration, anyway

    • Alétheia

      Ugh… the cost of that’ll burn a hole in their wallets, though.

  • Quick! Marshmallows!

  • Bugger^2

  • Columbine

    Well……..this looks problematic. I wonder if Wrath is able to do this because they’re Wrath or if the other Deadlies being released in the area is making all of them more powerful. Because Pride, Sloth, Greed etc didn’t pull anything quite this physically destructive.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Heh, I like Panel 3. Mal nonverbally saying “Now is not the time to ask questions!”

  • Gosh, I hope the Purple Hippo of Happiness made it out OK. EDIT: Of course, I forgot that it has already done a runner…

  • SandstormSinger

    Look at that Ben, Mal really does care. He pushed you out of the way first!

    (I love their different reactions especially Ben’s “AAAAAAA” while Mal just runs)

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Everybody now, “Ira” to the tune of “Trogdor”!

    • maeverin


  • Mal is reasonably calm under the circumstances . . . but then, he hasn’t had the most peaceful life . . .

  • Sanjay Merchant

    “What? No you want that OTHER Malform removal office. Guy’s name is Voss, I think. Can’t miss ’em, all funny little guys in masks.”

  • Livestreaming while I ink, hop in and say hello! No sound today, sorry!

  • Sapphire363

    Welp. This takes ‘burn the witch’ a little too far.

  • We’ve found a witch! May we burn him?

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