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  • JWLM

    This is the sprit of Envy. It isn’t Baal.

    Sheesh, haven’t you ever read that webcomic, Kate?

    (Seriously, if any of you commenters haven’t read Kate’s first comic,, you should go do it. The comment’s aren’t going anywhere.)

  • Istas

    Nice homage to the adage that ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’. Voss, spirit contracts are no excuse for vandalism.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I thought it was meant to evoke the phrase “the green-eyed monster” to refer to envy or an envious person.

      • hariman

        Well, Voss’ stares would already have been full of envy before. Now it’s just gone to a ridiculous extent.

        Ten Internets says that Voss loses that eye at some point, along with a lot of other things.

        • Me-me

          I’ll take that bet. I say no eyes lost.

    • It worries me what will happen once Broken Window Theory kicks in

  • Anonymous Mastermind

    If Voss turns into a blob of smelly disgusting putrid flesh that is considered a deity then I’m out of here.

  • Geoff

    I guess Voss’ first wish will be for some depth perception.

    • David Argall

      His last wish, in about 70 pages, may be “I wish I had not carelessly left the “One Ring” where the heros could grab it.”

      • Nonesuch

        Nah, Voss isn’t up to Sauron’s level. He’s just a mook.

        • JediaKyrol

          Sauron was a mook once. Then his boss got thrown into super-jail.

          • Bellar

            Yeah, but mook to what amounted to a demigod.
            Voss is more on the level of Wormtongue.

            • Silly Zealot

              Morgoth was pretty much fallen angel. So was Sauron.
              Wormtongue managed to become a king’s advisor and backstabbed a wizard.
              Voss is just getting played all the time.

  • ow

  • Peterson

    Darken! I love it so much.

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Oh common Voss, do not be afraid. Rather than letting a demon spirit possess you, you should possess it. Give into the power and make it fear you. //insert maniacal laughter here//

    • Nonesuch

      Voss isn’t Sauron, and he DEFINITELY is no Esme Weatherwax. That just ain’t happening…

  • Anderson

    “Eye didn’t sign up for thiiiiiiiiis!”

  • Swagner

    And then Voss was a Demoman.

    • Rolan7

      And then the Demoman was Shard.

  • reynard61

    The Dark Priestess Tsubaki (from the show InuYasha) had a similar problem: (0:50 )

  • Nuuni Nuunani

    I don’t watch game of thrones, so im assuming it involves foxes leaping into peoples eyes?

    • Ravnen

      Close enough.

  • Mel

    Voss: gaining a new perspective on life.

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    Did you not read my rules! He asked for something shinny (though the green was a nice touch) and if you take the deal you will want something that you can keep track of. So the “eye terror” is sort of justified. Hopefully you left a good impression as the new eye will give you a talent theft power. Sort of a look deeply into my eye type of thing.

    • KaReN

      Oh, I see. I was wondering where Voss agreed to the arrangement. By his picking up the shiny button, his actions showed he agreed to it.

  • Nonesuch

    Voss, you are an IDIOT. Never agree to anything a spirit suggests without working out all the details first.
    Of course, because you ARE an idiot, you would have ignored this advice even if it had come to you in time.

    Did I mention you’re an idiot?

  • I’m just amazed that Voss knows which country Widdershins is in.

    • Nuuni Nuunani

      Only Britain would name something ‘Widdershins’ XD

    • l33tninja

      I think the anchors are famous enough that everyone knows about them

  • Chug

    I’ve got you under my skin!

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Don’t worry, he’ll keep an eye on you.

  • Nalyd


  • davidbreslin101

    The colouring on Envy is just astonishing. How does reddish green even exist?

    • Haha, it’s just little tricks with cellshading. You shade in the opposite colour to the base colour of the scene. There’s a layer of green under everything, then the people/backgrounds are made a little opaque, then shaded with a very dark red. Then some fussing with gradients over the top of the whole thing.
      It’s a lot simpler than it sounds!

  • maggPi

    Ooh! Ouch!

  • KaReN

    Huh? Voss didn’t agree yet. He asked questions but I didn’t see any agreement to the deal. Must be subtle agreement?

    • Sir. Orc

      Remember how Mal was able to sign for both himself and Wolfe even though there was no legal bond of custody, nor did Wolfe ever give Mal explicit permission to sign anything for him? The bond between them was strong enough to give a spirit implicit contractual power over Wolfe through Mal simply because of Wolfe’s trust in the latter. Here Voss is giving something Envy has requested (a gem to possess). Because he is enabling Envy, and the nature of his questions, it gives the magical implication that he has accepted the offer; much like with Mal signing for Wolfe, this creates an avenue for the sin to attain contractual power which of course Envy will exploit.

  • This guy

    In the eye of the beholder
    he is beholding of a button

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