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  • Istas

    Might want to start wearing an eye-patch Voss, the all green eye is a bit noticable.

    • Qwertystop

      Unless that’s covered under “only you can see me”.

      So. Apparently, that’s what happens if you imbue a person?

      • Dud

        Only you – and perhaps *one* other person?

    • KWill

      Or a monocle with a sufficiently dark tint.

      • awhorl

        I really want to see Voss try to keep a monacle in place . . .

        • davidbreslin101

          Cue hiLARious scene where Voss steals a stereotypical retired Colonel’s super monocle-holding skills.

  • Does this mean the bartender’s gonna forget how to talk? D:

    • Sanjay Merchant

      I hope not, both for his own sake and for Wolfe’s. Especially his musical ability. It’d suck to lose that.

      • Nightsbridge

        Wolfe’s musical ability is gonna go, no doubt.

        • Mindsword2

          If I had to guess, Voss will target wolfe’s “most treasured ability.” When it turns out to be music, he’ll be confused. not sure what happens next.

          • spas

            become a street performer/busker and take to the road with a grin on his face and tips in his hat?

    • David Argall

      Not quite. He is odds on to lose the ability to speak the only language he knows, which will be much the same, but technically he will still be able to talk, even if nobody can understand him.
      Now how long he will lose it for is uncertain. Voss gaining permanent power this way seems to make him too powerful too fast. So there are likely some limits here. Maybe he can steal only one ability at a time and loses previous abilities. Or he may keep powers for a limited time.

  • MoeLane

    Oh, yeah, this is going to end well. Normally, I’d give it 7 to 5 odds that Voss won’t make it as far as Anatolia before he gets burned at the stake.

  • JWLM

    Well, Voss is now a green-eyed monster, all right.

    Of course, the moment that he deserves all the tea in China (or, in this case, Nepal), he’s going to be in really deep leaves.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing


    • Talewinds

      Somewhere there is a fantasy story that ended that way, forget who wrote it.

  • Bill Soo

    I reiterate my opinion that guards are needed around anchors to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

    Sure, you could summon a ‘deadly’ away from an anchor, but only if you are a trained wizard and have decent talent. And the training would emphasize the dangers and the university staff would probably be on the watch for rogue wizards.

    At an anchor, anyone with the least amount of talent can summon. This is the equivalent of letting 6year olds into a gun store with no supervision.

    • billydaking

      Unless the guards accidentally summon a deadly. Or the wizards take advantage of the power sitting right in front of them.

      Nothing’s perfect.

    • Jonathan Trouba

      I don’t feel sorry for them. The lady at the entrance said it herself, Voss is too emotionally unstable to be near an anchor, yet she let him pass anyway. Granted, she’s not a -guard- per se, but she still could have warned someone about him.

      Or, hell, maybe she IS a guard, but she let him pass anyway with naught but a cryptic warning.

      Reaping the weeds you let grow in the fields, mate.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing


    I really hope it’s sharing, not stealing.
    Else the poor sod will be left speechless, so to speak.

    • PhasmaFelis

      No such luck, according to June 2nd’s strip.

      “So many people out there, with so many talents…I can take their talents and give them to you!”

      Envy’s never been interested in just-as-good-as. Envy want to be better than everyone.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing

        …uh oh.

        • JediaKyrol

          best case scenario, he steals the ability to understand that language from that guy…
          worst case…he becomes the only person in the world to understand that language.

  • Marvelous TK

    “All in favor of learning a new language?
    The eyes have it!”

  • Qwefg Lockheart

    Nice side effect/contract you have envy. Lost track of me and you lose your power. What happens to the power when he leaves?

  • NamelessCenturion

    Oh man. I caught up in a day. I absolutely love this comic.

  • Anonymous Mastermind

    The eyes are the window to the soul. Take that quite literally Voss/Envy

  • cake

    funny thing is, I’ve actually fantasized about having this exact power long before I read this comic.

    • Think-then-Think-again

      Because you’re evil.

      • Peterson

        I AM TOO! Let’s be evil together!

  • Sunbird

    Wow. This guy really puts the ‘MONSTER’ in ‘green-eyed monster.’

  • Mujaki

    I’m having some “Code Geas” flashbacks.

  • I predict that Envy will be defeated by being tricked into stealing from someone with absolutely no useful skills or admirable qualities whatsoe—oh, wait, no, that’s Voss. Nevermind.

    • My Hair is Glorious


  • Phil

    Hmm, well I can see where THIS is going when he meets Mal, gains the ability to see auras and goes mad…

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      As far as we’ve seen, he’s halfway there already :D

  • spas

    i can’t help but like envy. listen envy, we can hang out if you want, but no JUMPING IN MY EYE if you feel me.

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  • This guy

    Eye don’t like where this going.

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