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  • Corsenna

    ‘snrk’ at Mal’s expression in panel 5. And…is that actually a smile in 6??

    • non_canon

      As always, the expressions in this comic are pure gold. As is that last exchange.

      • Corsenna

        Our dear Author surely knows her craft!

    • AJ

      I love his Panel two. “aaaAAAARGH magicy magic!”

  • I’m torn between amusement at Harry’s one-liner and sadness at Gluttony not finishing the sandwich. :(

    • AJ

      But… why? Why would you want a nasty goo-face devouring the treat that Nora and Florrie made for their sister?

      • Phlebas

        I’m not sure she’ll want it now anyway.

    • Wouldn’t worry. It only had lettuce in it.

  • Damn that was easy. They’re starting to get the hang of this.

    • Euodiachloris

      Of all the sins, Sloth and Glottany aren’t exactly the most renowned as physically active and determined fighters, though. :P

      • Nonesuch

        Nor the most intellectually insidious, unlike Envy and Lust.

  • Alétheia

    Awwwwww… at least he went down with a last meal. That makes him the first (and only, perhaps) one to not be antagonistic, doesn’t it?

  • Nonesuch

    Aw, look! They’re bonding. ^_^

    Sealing Gluttony was bound to be easier than Envy once it was trapped. Gluttony is a physical thing, obsessed with its own satisfaction. Envy is like an infectious disease of the mind, eager to spread.

  • pisoprano

    Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Gluttony.

    I’ll see myself out.

  • Poor thing, didn’t have time to finish these good sandwiches…

  • So… uh… are you gonna eat that?

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      No. Nope. Not now. Nope, nope.

  • Maria Gerasimova

    Could it be Mal just makes question about the spell, not Garry’s simple pun? Could it be he has understood it somehow?
    (I’d like very much him to be able to chain at least Lux, being in his full witch strength…)

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    my sandwich !!!

  • I’ve lost track.

    Aside from Lust, who’s left?


    • Pride, Sloth, Greed. Work backwards through the books if you’re stuck!

      • Lazy man, here.

        I probably will; i do archive binges occasionally on my favourite comics, but i haven’t done one here.

        • Unhooked

          Here’s a handy guide for you! (Spoilers, of course)

          In reverse order of summoning (or the order they’re being de-summoned in):
          Wrath – released at the start of Curtain Call by Acedia (Sloth’s lady)

          Envy – released at the end of Green-Eyed Monster by destroying the green gem

          Gluttony – released at the end of Piece of Cake by breaking the seal around Hotel Gula

          Pride (still loose) – released at the end of Vanishing Act by destroying the giant peacock contraption

          Sloth (still loose) – released at the end of No Rest for the Wicked by burning down the warehouse

          Greed (still loose) – released at the end of Sleight of Hand by returning its bracelet and relic (not shown escaping)

          Lust (still loose) – released partially by the Witch of Widdershins some 400 years ago by giving them a body

          And then Lust freed itself the rest of the way by taking the power back from the Liar’s Heart

          (Thanks to Kate A. and Ocean Burning for helping clear up a minor confusion about Lust’s release!)

          • Comprehensive! Thank you!

            • Unhooked

              No problem! I have a good memory and figured a link guide might help folks remember!

              Not to discourage archive binges, though. Your comic is well worth getting through the seven chapters of content! One of my currently running favorites!

            • Unhooked

              Hey, Kate, Ocean Burning brought up an interesting point on when Lust actually got released, and I wanted to see what you had to say on the matter, if you don’t mind.

              My original guide puts the release at the time of the Witch of Widdershins first summoning Lust and giving them a body, since Lust runs away and doesn’t seem to have anything still binding it to the Witch at that point and only creates the Liar’s Heart after it’s away from her.


              Ocean Burning brought up that Lust might instead have been released at the end of the Find the Lady flashback, when Lust takes the power from the Liar’s Heart amulet and turns back into that pink humanoid form.

              Thanks in advance for helping clear up the confusion!

              • Good question, both!

                The Witch set in motion its inevitable release, which was finalised when it took back the heart. Either works really- for all the others, they needed a Barber present, but Izzy never managed to bind Lux in the first place, and either way it was released before the others so it needs to be bound last in this story, so it’s much of a muchness. I guess that one might depend on your point of view- I’d call it the latter, I suppose.

          • Ocean Burning.

            I love this list. Beautiful summaries. Just to get technical, though, was Lux released when it was given a body, or when it took back its power from the Liar’s Heart amulet-necklace thing? ( )

            • Unhooked

              That’s… actually a good point. We know that they tend to do the smoke thing when they’re released from a contract. Given how the other releases went, that is a possible time of release.

              On the other hand, when the Witch first gave it that pastel-humanoid form, it ran away and then made the Liar’s Heart amulet. So it was less that it ended a contract and more that it took back the amulet it had never really given away.

              Hrm. Well, I know one way to easily determine which was the actual release point: asking Kate! Checking sources with an authority figure, AWAAAAAAY!

            • Heylir

              Well, our team wrote down the note on Lux as “May (?) 1782, Isabelle Barber” ( ). For what it is worth.

  • Emily

    Mal’s expression in the last panel is my favorite thing on this whole page.

  • maarvarq

    I rather like “Chew on that” as a Hero quip in context!

  • Ocean Burning.

    Sandwich distraction: Effective! Hooray!

  • nightspirit174

    Did Gluttony just get pulled into the phone? And thus the desire to take photos of food was born. :P

    • it became pure instagram filter

  • Brother Nightmare

    Need to bind the embodiment of one of the seven deadly sins? There’s an app for that now.

  • *waits for someone who is better than me at latin to translate*

    • ShadeTail

      Try Google Translate. It would probably butcher the grammar, but the general meaning will likely be clear. I’d do it, but I’m too lazy.

    • DragonBlood87

      Rough translation follows. I’m a bit rusty, so it might not be quite right, but it should at least be pretty close. “(?)” indicates the lines I’m especially unsure of.

      “Spirit, you are permitted to leave this place. You can have no freedom. This was never released (?). Spirit of gluttony. I bind you seven (?). Never be free of the anchor.”

      • Sir. Orc

        I think Kate mentioned it is not proper Latin, so with some artistic liberty I’d say the translation of the spell would be more like this:
        “Spirit, you may leave this earth, but can not be freed and never released. Spirit of gluttony, I bind you with the seven. Never shall you be free of the anchor.”

  • MarriStenberg

    I feel like O’Malley may use this as potential blackmail material in the future.
    On another note, I just caught up to this after about a year away and read Darken while waiting for the update. Good job on both!

  • BaronHaynes

    Harry memorized this one after Envy stole the paper from her last time. Smart.

    • Haven

      Good catch! Also she’s ready to smack it with the rifle right away. Although it probably would’ve just gotten eaten.

      • a_flemish_dude

        also they put up sin-specific bait and waited outside the circle this time, looks like the outside team weren’t the only ones who were sick and tired of being unprepared although this went a whole lot better

  • Tsapki

    I’m honestly pretty excited to see what goes on with Pride. Of all the Deadlies, Pride seemed the least intentionally harmful. Greed gave people a choice of freedom or riches cursed with death, Sloth ate people’s sleep, Gluttony kidnapped people to cook for it, Envy stole people’s aptitudes and feed on their worse base emotions, Wrath is obvious, and Lust basically planned on world domination.

    Pride… flounced about a bit and wanted everyone to see how pretty they were.

    • Ocean Burning.

      I wouldn’t say that was all Pride did. I’d say its most effective work in that chapter was actually done before it was physically summoned. Lei, Verity, Harry… they were all affected by it.

      • Emily

        And I strongly suspect Verity is going to fall hard to it this time around.

        • a_flemish_dude

          oh yeah, if my theory is anything to go by then sidney is going to be the big hero this time around

          she might even be impressed enough to save him when greed takes him over thanks to his curse (I have pride and greed pinned as weak- and strongpoints for both verity and sidney, only turned around)

      • Heylir

        Yes, I do remember as Harry calmly replied at Lei’s “You’re clever”: “I’m the best”. :) Not in the heat of the quarell about who is doing more right thing there, she or Verity, but really in passing, like stating something self-evident. Hmm.

        But given that Pride is in the University now, I’m more worried about Ben and Sidney… even if they are more Pride-resistant. :)

        • JWLM

          Sid has a particular vulnerability about Pride: Lei. How will she respond to his interaction with Harry? How will Harry behave?

          • Tikatu

            We saw some of that in Vanishing Act and we’ve already seen Lei in this particular arc. Since Harry is in the Anchor, I doubt there’s going to be any interaction between them–for now.

        • Ocean Burning.

          That’s an interesting point about Pride in the university. Otherwise, I would have said the team on the outside should be okay, they’ve got both Sid and Wolfe to deal with it. I was more worried for Harry, in fact.
          But will being at the university distort the situation? It’ll be really interesting to see how/if that factors in, especially considering that Sid was expelled and the rest of the team doesn’t know that yet…

          • Heylir

            Yes, and in the extra pages of “Vanishing Act” Sid tells Harry that “he isn’t exactly… well recieved there”, meaning the university.

            I’m looking forward to this part, certainly… though, truthfully, I’m looking forward to every part and every page of Widdershins. :)

            • Ocean Burning.

              Envy and Gluttony wanted to finish their unfinished business, and we got to see that and have great closure to those stories. Pride and Greed? Didn’t so much have unfinished business… so what will we see them trying to start?

        • Tikatu

          I’ve been rereading Vanishing Act (on Go Comics!) and I think I’ve seen what might be Sid’s problem with Pride… it will remember HIM! He steps in to butter that bird right up and makes himself memorable! That might be the way Pride gets around his own self-deprecation.

          • Heylir

            When I was rereading “Vanishing Act” at the last time, I drew my attention to Sid’s words in the Royal Theater: “It’d be amazing to play at this place, he’s [Tim] so lucky…” :) I don’t think there was envy in those words, then, certainly not. But it is exactly the feeling that will betray Sidney to Envy for a second, later.

            In a similar way, I don’t think “I definitely have a degree” stuff from him is a work of pride per se, but it may make things more difficult for him, with Pride going around. Or maybe not. :)

      • Tikatu

        But not Sid. He was particularly not affected. (That particular story is going on now at GoComics.)

        I’d say Wolfe won’t be either. He was delighted to play a duet with Voss and acknowledged Voss’s superior skill without a trace of pride.

        • Heylir

          Btw, Wolfe clearly has a low opinion of his violin player skills: he says “I need more practice” in the second chapter and “A little” in his reply to Voss. But we see, more than once, that audience is quite happy with it. And “audience” includes passerby (paying for it), the sad malform, the pub guests, the rioting crowd, and O’Malley, of course. :)

    • a_flemish_dude

      you forgot that while the bugger-up pride only apeared briefly at the end that whole story dealt with the problems that the emotion of pride caused

      this reminds me actually, I really need to express the admiration for the build-up and all the different story roles that the deadlies played up untill now

      greed was used as something that the protaganist needs to get to (like mount doom was in lotr), it’s threat level was low at the time and it even made deals
      sloth was the source of power for the antagonist of his story which the protagonists must destroy or disrupt (like the friends on the other side in disney’s the princess and the frog), it wasn’t directly a threat to anyone except for when it didn’t get what it was promised
      pride was more of a force of nature, something unleashed without any planning or agenda of itself, just doing what it naturally does (no good example currently comes to mind), it was the first deadly to be an active threat though even if it came in late in the story
      glutonny was the first full on antagonist deadly but it was more of a problem to be solved then an enemy to be twarthed, it’s story role could easily be taken over by a large river or a mountain range (good example of this is the maze and the minotaur from ancient greek mythology)
      envy was the first real “person” enemy as in it was a thinking, acting enemy with a plan that had to be twarthed for our protagonists to succeed
      wrath was used more in a “monster behind the closed door”-role and lust has up till now played the role of patient puppet master, never directly confronting, just watching behind the scenes how the pieces fall into place

      • Ah, what wonderful observations! Thank you!

      • Heylir

        As for Lust being never directly confronting, the way it got the Heart of Liar from Isabelle is quite a classic piece of villainy. :) Especially with its letting Henry fall down after that.

        About “sloth was the first full on antagonist deadly but it was more of a problem to be solved then an enemy to be twarthed, it’s story role could easily be taken over by a large river or a mountain range (good example of this is the maze and the minotaur from ancient greek mythology)”, I think you mean Gluttony, don’t you?

        I, personally, find the regime of terror that Gluttony (under the mask of that woman, forgot her name) held the hotel staff in deeply disturbing emotionally. Scaring people into obedience, forcing them to work as slaves and stop attempts of resistance is something that no river neither mountain can do. It is that humans do with other humans. At some level, Gluttony’s deeds frightened me more than Envy’s “Let’s blow up a hundred people at the party, it would be fun!” and Wrath’s “Kill them all!” attitude.

        There is a reason why they summoned Spirit of Courage to help, after all. :)

        • Ocean Burning.

          Yeah, I also found Gluttony’s storyline to be the most terrifying to read. Even though its plan was purely for itself, and not part of the whole release-the-seven-deadlies scheme, it was still real scary.

        • John

          Gluttony disguised itself as Mrs. Sykes.
          Love the comments in this discussion.

      • Heylir

        Sadly looking at the place where my comment was. I meant no offense to anyone. :(

        • Disqus apparently marked that as spam for no reason I can actually see? I think it gets grumpy about the word ‘lust’, which given this storyline, is kind of awkward. should be restored now, sorry! Loving this discussion!

          • Heylir

            Ha-ha, Lux messes even with our comments, an evil mastermind guy. :) Now my comment is back, it is all right, thanks!

  • Stephen Riggs

    Harry’s pocket flaps match her scarf! Classy!

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