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  • Tsapki

    Bring out your dead!

    • Marvelous TK

      They’re not quite dead.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing


        • Sanjay Merchant

          Oh, they feel fine. In fact, I think they’ll go for a walk. A very fast one. Away from the burning building.

  • Jeff Eppenbach

    “It’s not a purse! It’s a woman-satchle.”

  • Sapphire363

    *immediately blames Mal*

    • Winger

      It’s possible she’s seen Mal cook.

      • Sapphire363

        That is indeed a possibility

      • svartalf

        She also knows they’re blindingly powerful Chaos magnets. Mal, especially. Small surprise, that, though- he’s the Witch of Widdershins.

    • svartalf

      Mal’s usually the right choice to blame for many things, unsurprisingly. But he makes up greatly for that in his conduct of late.

  • Winger

    Y’know, with every passing strip that refers to Mal as a witch, his previous accusation of Fairbairn being exactly that gets funnier and funnier.

    • Sapphire363

      … I never thought of that…
      that’s great. Thank you! that is really funny!

  • I’m sorry – Harry seems to be a bit less than fully genre-savvy … Sa soon as she saw the smoke, why did she need to ask where to find Wolfe, Mal and Ben?

    • D. Schwartz

      Except she never met them so she has no reason to assume. And you know what they say about assuming…

      • John

        Technically she met him on the train back to Widdershins at the end of the first chapter, but since they spent virtually all of their time together ignoring each other she doesn’t know him well enough to assume he’s at the place where that smoke is coming from.

        Although to be fair to O’Malley while he is at the place where that smoke is coming from contrary to Nicola’s expectation it’s really NOT his fault.

        • Sapphire altera

          Pretty sure Harry hasn’t connected O’Malley to the vagrants she on the train:

          (although Florrie definitely remembers them from the dance :P)

          • John

            I’m positive Harry hasn’t connected them with the vagrants on he train since they weren’t important to her at the time and she hasn’t seen them since. Frankly when they do meet I think Wolfe is more likely to remember Harry than Harry is to remember them.

        • I’m not betting Nicky thinks it’s Mal’s FAULT, per se, just that she knows that if she needs fo find Mal and there’s a fire, her quest is thereby much simplified.

      • Doesn’t matter whether she knows a thing about them at all – what i meant was that in this sort of story, “Somewhere around that fire?” Might better be phrased “I know where we’re going next.”

        • D. Schwartz

          Then we applaud the writer for not creating predictable dialogue and continue to suspend our disbelief.

    • You know you’re going to meet someone today and everything is a bit dicey right now, you spot trouble, and ask if, by any chance, the people you are meeting happen to live near said trouble. Turns out, yes! She didn’t deploy her psychic powers or anything, she just asked :)

      • Euodiachloris

        While applying advanced Sod equations. xD

      • Right. Genre-savvy.

        • It’s moreso meant to be that she’s just good at her job, not a fourth-wall breaking thing

          • I didn’t mean fourth-wall breaking; it’s like Rincewind:

            Rincewind: “I am not volunteering for this mission.”

            Lord Vetinari: “Well, then, don’t volunteer.”

            R: “You don’t understand. I’ve lived my life – I know how it works. I know I”m going to be going. I just want it clear that I am not going voluntarily.”

  • Columbine

    I just love this. I know it’s an old trope/joke but I am a sucker for the obvious-disaster-oh-what-did-they-do-NOW thing. :)

  • Just head for the centre of the chaos and there they are…

  • Phlebas

    Is it really for the last time, Nicola? Really?

  • SandstormSinger

    Haha, that “he’s not my-” looks familiar. I think Harry picked up something from Florrie. A tried and true way of annoying one’s sister.

    • Me-me

      Nicola is taken _and_ gay, I don’t think it’s quite the same.

      • She’s single and gay, actually! Definitely in the post-breakup doldrums though.

        • Columbine

          Soooooo does that mean shouting at Mal is good for her/the town of Widdershins? It’s therapy. And hey soon they’ll get to hit a load of probably-evil spirits! More therapy!

      • svartalf

        As Kate observed…

        I’ll opine she’ll be out of those doldrums though…brutally quickly…

  • Euodiachloris

    In their defence, it’s not their fault! This time. xD

  • rainycity1

    *Of course* that is Nicola’s first thought. ;-)

  • Have you redesigned the site recently? It feels a bit off today. Narrower. I think. And something else I can’t quite put my finger on.

    • I updated the site’s theme yesterday, it changed a few minor things.

      • Oh thank god, I’m not going crazy. Well, not any more than usual, anyway.

        Despite my instinctive distrust towards any and all UI changes, I can’t find anything wrong with this one, which I suppose means it has been done correctly and I will eventually adapt, and while not necessarily better, this change is definitely not for the worse. Well done.

        You know, the clowns at Google could learn a thing or two from you. Also the ones at Microsoft. And the ones at Twitter. And at the website formerly known as deviantArt. And iTunes. And Netflix. And Pinterest. And TV Tropes. And, hell, even Adobe, and those guys are supposed to actually understand design. And supposedly Facebook, at least from what I hear, but I’ve never had a long enough visit to that site for any details of the experience to make it into my long-term memory, so I really have no idea.

        • Honestly it is 90% templates, I have no idea what I am doing with regards site design- hence the mess of banners off to the right!

          • Still, you did a better job than most of the people who are paid to do this sort of thing (though admittedly that probably says more about them and the people that hire them than it does about you).

            PS: One way the banners might be made slightly neater (which I didn’t even notice until you called my attention to it) is by putting the big one (it says “Banished” right now, at least for me) at the top of all the little ones instead of below them. That sidebar area seems to have a general top-to-bottom narrowing shape to it, and I think the big banner being down there disrupts the pattern. I could be wrong, though.

  • Mujaki

    Although, considering the setting, shouldn’t most of the chimneys across the town also have smoke? At least a little bit?

    • There’s smoke, and then there’s smoke. This isn’t either of those. This is smoke (not to be confused with smoke).

      • Euodiachloris

        Billowing, black clouds of oily ominousness — bad. Steady greys and whites of bacon-y promise — good. :D

    • It’s pretty early in the morning, in a reasonably warm time of year, and this isn’t a milling town!

      • Mujaki

        Early in the morn, so no smoke from kitchen fires as people cook their breakfasts?

        • Do you really honestly care that much, haha

  • John

    So, does anyone else think Sidney’s sudden headache coming on as Wrath unleashes its fury on the Malform Removal office is NOT a coincidence?

    • Winger

      It seems to have pinged everyone of magical knackery in range. Not yet sure why this Sin is causing brain spasms where the others didn’t so much, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s because it’s the last and they’re officially all loose? The circle is complete, etc etc.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    Where there’s smoke, there’s O’Malley.

    • svartalf

      And there’s usually quite the number of Buggerups.

  • svartalf

    Well the Wizard caught a pulse of power there. Sid’s probably not put two and two together yet, but he got hit by a wave there…

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