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March 10th, 2014

March 10th, 2014 published on 31 Comments on March 10th, 2014

Meanwhile, in the twenties..

Give us a vote on TWC to see a new sketch! The link’s to the right of the comic! Also, I’m gonna do another set of character Q&As inbetween this story and the next, so please ask any character past or present a question, and I’ll sketch some responses! Ask in the comments, or via tumblr here.

  • =Tamar

    Looks as though the hotel went derelict for a while before being started up again years later.

    • As has been pointed out, it’s under renovation at this point.

  • Heh. The girls learnt something useful about the hotel in their little jaunt into the past…

    • I thought that at first too, but now I’m wondering since Ethan apparently reappeared mid-conversation if that means they appeared in the dumbwaiter? –Though then again when they got swallowed up they were peeking in a cupboard.. I think you’re right, and maybe they would have gotten caught if they hadn’t learned what they did since getting back! If so that’s a neat touch. ^.^

      • Dee

        Well, when they were taken, they were in one of the lower cabinets (under the counter), I believe. When they popped back into their time, they may have had time to hide in the dumbwaiter.

      • Everybody learnt something that will change their life for the better {one way or another}, i bet.

        • David Argall

          They had better have learned a lot. They now have some very powerful, and unforgiving, enemies. This is a once in a lifetime heist they pulled off, and they had better run far and fast.

        • Except for the big medieval dude, who’s probably gonna be burned as a witch

          • Del

            You hate on the medieval generations unfairly.

            Samuel was quiet and wise, and a great baker. He will have learned a bit about baking with updated technologies. He will be respected and esteemed as a wise man, an innovator, and a very great baker.

            • KaReN

              Sometimes if you’re different from everyone else, they will think witchcraft. He doesn’t want to be too progressive if everyone is still superstitious. I remember when my oldest sister was pregnant. She was told not to stand in the doorway. Something to do with harming the baby inside the stomach or maybe a difficult birth? The same as kids told not to make loud noises at night because it will make the spirits angry. Superstitious beliefs can be dangerous – to the non-conformer.

              • Del

                You have fallen for the stereotype that medieval peoples were superstitious. That is a Hollywood fiction. Medieval cultures were every bit as impressed with invention and innovation as we are.

                The thing about “burning witches” is actually quite late, and mainly a Protestant innovation at the beginning of the modern era. (Joan of Arc was a bit earlier — but that was a war crime, rather than a superstition). In ways, we have gotten worse. Look at the way that our own era persecutes “non-conformers,” now that Christian charity has been cast aside.

                Read Boethius’s The Consolation of Philosophy, from the early Dark Ages, or Chaucer from the Late Middle Ages. These are easy and fun. You will find a lot of charm and wisdom, but not much of the Hollywood version of superstition.

          • BillSoo

            Still not sure how Samuel got there. Hotel Gula was built in 1801 so there would not have been a hotel in his time to “eat” him.

            • Zechikin

              The Hotel must have been built on an old pub, which was built on an ancient pub. ;)

          • Heh.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Now I wonder if there’s money in that, or… ?

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      Waiit a minute.
      Theory : The sisters bought and renoved that hotel with that money ?! Tho if so, at 110 years old, there’s few chances for Alexa to meet them once she’s back ^^;

      Also, rereading a bit, When Ethan mentions “your granny’s kitchen” it makes me wonder if he knew exactly who Alexa and her grandma were.

      • Sanjay Merchant

        There’s a sign reading “Renovations Taking Place Hotel Will Re-Open Soon” in the bottom left corner of the first panel here:

        So, as cool as it would be, I do not think this is the case.

        • Darkoneko Hellsing

          aww :|
          Well, thanks for finding that :D

      • Tikatu

        History books. They might become famous (or infamous) enough to rate in history, even if it’s just the history of the Gula Hotel.

  • Eyefish

    Since the lady on this page here said that it was refurbished in the twenties, and our ladies here are in the twenties with a big batch of good money…. Well ::D

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Pretty sure that the reason there are paint cans, brushes, and tarps everywhere is because the renovations are already in progress.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Also, there’s the sign in the bottom-left corner of panel one of this strip:

      The renovations were already underway before they stole the briefcase.

  • ravensapprentice

    Question for the characters! What’s the big guy’s cooking specialty? And how did he get caught, as he appears to have come from a time long before the hotel existed?

    • toddtr

      I think he baked the bread?

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Yeah, his whole shtick seemed to be breads, rolls, and other baking-that-is-not-dessert.

      Also, I’m still not ruling out the idea that he’s from a distant future, either after the collapse of our civilization or as part of some kind of “return to a simpler way” movement. Of course, maybe we’ll learn that Hotel Gula is actually a renovated monastery or something, so he could indeed be from medieval times.

      • Tikatu

        A monastery sounds really probable with his aversion to “spirits”.

  • Del

    I am going to miss these two….

  • jonquil alexia


  • JWLM

    So, Harry, it seems that you tolerate Flossie, although you resent her trying to play matchmaker for you. What do you think of your other sisters, Nicola and Nora?

  • Lleyn

    Now I regret that we didn’t get to see the situations in which Rosie and Sam were abducted. Though I sure would like to see Rosie put “that snooty Margey White’s nose out of joint” with her tale. And also, what was in the farewell drink the sisters gave Sam. I hope we find out!

  • The Occupant

    It may be a dumb waiter, but they’re smart cookies!

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