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March 10th, 2015

March 10th, 2015 published on 51 Comments on March 10th, 2015

This definitely won’t be awkward.

Coming to London Super Comic Con this weekend? So am I! come see me at table A10, or on Saturday at 1:30pm in Panel room 3 where I’ll be answering questions about indie comics!

  • Jess

    Aww, poor Gren sounds so worried.

    (Perhaps she noticed she’s not in the cast tags today.)

    • Woops, haha. Fixed!

    • Apvogt

      In panel 5 Gren is just like,”oh no, this is going to be a long ride.”

    • Mah.

      He is police property, after all.

  • JWLM

    Wow! If I didn’t know better, I’d think that these two didn’t get along very well. Also that Gren is not overly thrilled with seeing Nicola. But that can’t be.

    Also, it looks like Sidney has at least conquered Gren’s heart, seeing as how she no longer growls at him whenever she sees him.

    • Auto

      How could Gren resist his charm? She could not, in fact! That or she just accepted she wasn’t going to see the back of him any time soon.

  • Sessine

    One earlier speculation put to rest with this clearer view: Florrie’s necklace is NOT the magical necklace of the title page. (Not that it would have made any story-sense for it to be introduced so casually, anyway.)

    We are on our way to the family meeting promised at the end of the last tale. I expect Mal and Wolfe to be there — Wolfe has information to impart that the whole family needs to know. It looks like he’s already told Florrie at least the capsule version. But, perhaps, not Nicola? Something’s put her into an even worse mood than she usually is — although it might also be that this is how she reacts to meeting Harry all the time!

    • Jeff Eppenbach

      Oh, I’m sure she knows it by now. She’s upset, I’m guessing, by the fact that she has a dress on, and that her “totally not her boyfriend” will be meeting the rest of the family.

      I keep seeing a scene in my mind. Harry and Nic in their usual disapproving faces, simultaneously asking each other “So, this man you brought, are you…” Then, they reply together “Certainly not!” At that point, they look around, to make certain that no one is around to observe. Satisfied, they turn back to one another, clasp hands and sqee.

      • Apvogt

        Headcanon confirmed.

  • I… take it Harry and Nicola don’t get along too well, then!

    And no wonder we haven’t met the brother yet; all these city girls and he’s got a farm!

    (Also I just noticed Sid’s got the flowers in his hat and that’s adorable.) :)

  • Tikatu

    Watch something from Nicola’s purse also end up in Sidney’s hat…

    • AquaBat

      Stealing from the police? Oh dear, that won’t be very well received.

  • AquaBat

    Too bad ALL of the characters can’t meet each other right now. I’d love to see Mal or Ben react to Sid’s “talent”.

    • Lleyn

      And why can’t they meet each other? I thought they would, because of what Wolfe had to tell the family. I hope they will, because it will be epic!

      • AquaBat

        I never said they’ll never meet, I meant right now.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Run Sid run ! It’s not too late !

  • shmargluff

    This is how I interpreted Gren’s reactions: In panel 5 she’s surprised and pleased to see Nicola, but her face quickly changes in panel 6 because she sees that Harriet`s is upset and mimics her reaction out of loyalty. In the last panel, she’s growling but seems to be looking at Harry.

    • Kynrind

      Gren isn’t growling, she is whining. She likes Nicola, but is likely distressed by Harriet’s obvious dislike of Nicola.

      • Nonesuch

        I thought she was first surprised and then afraid. Remember, Gren was originally property of the police, before Harry took her. I wager she’s been subject to Nicola’s roar of displeasure before.

        Gren: “Oh, no! The Big Boss is here, and Beloved Boss and she might fight! Better make myself small.”

        • svartalf


      • Euodiachloris

        I read: “Oh?” *gets in, penny drops who else is there* “Oh, shit! I’m sorry! We’re sorry! (Harry, pick the hint up, already…)”

  • I am full of *squee* at getting to finally meet Eddie if all goes as hinted.

    • If you really want to see what he looks like today, go over to Patreon and make a donation. (I should be on commission).

  • kuku

    Ah, we’ll get to meet the brother I was just wondering about! And perhaps some nieces?

    Florrie must be expecting something pretty bad at her house if being confined in a carriage with Nicola and Harry glowering at each other is safe in comparison.

    • Jota

      Ah, but *Florrie* isn’t confined in the carriage with them…

  • Columbine

    I love Glen’s face and that the flowers have ended up in Sidney’s hat.

  • Cooper

    Nicola’s wearing the same frock she had on during the previous chapter. So either this takes place very shortly after, or she only owns one dress.

    • svartalf

      I’m thinking shortly. This is probably a civilization threatening event coming up.

    • Dud

      Rowland Hill was still schoolmastering but Florrie is something of a dynamo and most of that family are used to ‘Fix it NOW’ type emergencies so it might be no more than a day later.

    • Lewis

      Well I suspect Nicola doesn’t really wear frocks, remember this comic I assume it’s almost a disguise for when she has to appear more respectable for polite society, or she just likes wearing it when off duty in general in case an emergency crops up.

    • Nonesuch

      Or she just has several with the exact same cut. No need to choose an outfit if they’re all the same. ^^

    • She doesn’t object to wearing dresses, but doesn’t see the benefit of owning many when one will do.

  • William Rice

    Can’t be a family reunion without half the family hating the other half

    • But don’t you dare interfere or you’ll face the full wrath of BOTH family fractions united against a common enemy! :D

      • William Rice

        Exactly, Sid and any other guests better be careful for these are Barbers we are dealing with

  • Dragonmystic

    *tsk* “to WHOM,” Harriet. Just because you’re thrown together surprised with an estranged sister is no reason to forget proper grammar.

    • Sanjay Merchant

      Maybe she got cut off in the middle of the word?

    • Rolan7

      But that would break the “Who what where why” thing going on!

  • MrAtn

    Do you feel the storm too ?

  • Family meeting, Sid: think about it.

  • Robert

    I just want to say that while I completely understand why you need to update less frequently and I do believe that your decision is the right one, your story has me TOTALLY HOOKED and I wish you updated every day! I swear I go through Widdershins withdrawal that gets worse for every day a comic is not posted. I want to see the meeting. I want to see Sid meet O’Malley (I forsee them getting along swimmingly). I want to know wtf happened with the Grandparents. I want to understand much more about the seven virtues (who cares about the deadlies unless we see them corrupting someone–the virtues are the really interesting ones!). I want to meet and get to know all those other spirits that O’Malley sees, and I want to know what they are, what their personalities are like, etc. I want to understand why they revere him. I want to understand why they want to go home. I want to know what their home is. I want to know why some want to stay. I know I might be a hopeless romantic but I want to know who might be someone Nicola is interested in (I assume we haven’t met that person yet, and that we might not for a while). You have so much to show us! I can’t wait to experience it all!

    • JWLM

      Actually, Sid and O’Malley have met:

      The O’Malley was not impressed.

    • I can’t wait to tell it all, in fact! It’s always a chore for me to not just burst out with all of the answers right away, but I swear we’ll get to most of the things you asked about, and then some.

      Thanks for such a great comment, it’s always such a thrill to know other people care about this stuff!

  • RazorD9

    Well fffffff-udge baskets. Sid, Gren, best of luck.

  • Nonesuch

    Ahh, the warm bonds of sisterly love. It brings a tear to your eye… and a cosh to their hands. ^^;

    You know, you really have to respect (or fear) Florrie for being able to control such… formidable women as her older sisters.

  • D. Schwartz

    So how much to bet that Nicola is combat ready and has trousers on as well and the skirt?

  • I may have missed my chance to say this by a few years but

    “Malik? More like SHU MALIK!?”

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