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  • Sanjay Merchant

    OK, I seem to remember Kate somewhere saying that Rosie’s American and that they’re supposed to be from the Midwest, but I can’t help but hear them as Southern.

    • Dee

      Make it Missouri, and close enough. It’s both (at least in some parts of the state).

      • Del

        I growed up in Missourah. She don’t talk like that.

        • ShakeJake

          People talk a lot of ways here in Missouri. For instance, I have yet to meet someone who pronounces the state name like that, though I’m sure they exist. Plenty of people speak similar to a southern accent, as well.

    • Tikatu

      Oh yes, I hear them as a group of catty Southern belles–though Rosie’s nobody’s ding-a-ling.

      • billydaking

        Being from New England, that’s the accent I hear. Especially with the nasty sarcasm of Margey; it reminds me so much of the Gold Coast of Connecticut (southern Fairfield County). But Midwestern strikes me as correct.

        Great expressions on the other women. Talk about getting caught in the cross-fire.

        • Sanjay Merchant

          I also grew up in New England, and, while I’m certainly familiar with Fairfield County (I work there), doesn’t quite ring that way in my ears. Maybe because my native accent is so close to it (my grandmother was from that area, so I picked it up by way of my mother), that it’s what I think of as “unaccented”.

          • Tikatu

            I also grew up in New England, but I now live in the Southeast–which is why I hear that Southern drawl, especially from Rosie. All she needs is a, “Bless your heart” to make it complete.

    • I don’t know why but I always hear Rosie with Beaky Muddlefoot’s voice from Darkwing Duck, or at least that way of speaking..!

      • Alex Hollins

        Thats a Canadi-Wisconson dontchaknow. Much like Bobby Generic’s mom. and totally how I hear her as well.

        • Del

          I’m a Sconnie, myself. And yes, she sounds exactly like the mother from Bobby’s World. Like Kitty, the mother on “That 70’s Show.”

          But I’m rather certain that Rosie is from Minnesota. Lake Wobegon, to be precise.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            Best. Headcanon. Ever.

            • Del


    • JWLM

      Yes, there are some inconsistencies in today’s comic: “a sit down” is very much a northern midwest term, but the particularly nasty kind of snark used by Margey Williams would be totally unacceptable there, and Rosie would never respond the way she does in the comic. I think we need to extend Kate a bit of courtesy here, though: no American can write a consistent English dialect, so I’m not surprised that an Englishwoman has trouble with ours, either.

      • YM

        “A sit down” is not especially dialect-specific. At least, it’s an American, UK and Commonwealth phrase, so it crosses international boundaries; I wouldn’t know about intra-American differences.

  • Timni16

    OOOH KILL ‘EM with kindness, that’s what you do.

  • What a cowbag! >:C

  • BillSoo

    The best revenge is living well. And Rosie now knows that she will be a successful author.

    Also, on a different note, I ran into a problem with an ad displaying in the middle of the comic. I went back to reread case 3 and occasionally I would get a small red square containing a white question mark appear right in the middle of the comic. Clicking on it led to

    Oddly enough, when it appears, the “next” button doesn’t work. “Previous” works though as does “last”.

    Hopefully this is enough info to fix the issue.

    • I did a Google on that site. I found this page, which doesn’t seem to like them very much.

      Of course, it’s the sort of business where competitors quite likely post bogus negative reviews, but…

    • Grr. They’re an ad provider I use, but they’ve been more trouble than they’re worth. I’ll drop them, you won’t get that again. This is why I’d like to be rid of ads that aren’t projectwonderful ones, really, but financially I can’t really do that until the Patreon campaign picks up a little more

      Worth pointing out though that you can click the comic page itself to go to the next comic!

  • I’d really like to see another page about Rosie after this…

    Somehow, i think the whole crew are going to still collectively be involved in something.

  • Hey, never trust a skinny cook (I’ll make an exception for Ms King as she’s still a teenager). And the term is ‘traditionally built’ thank you Ms White.

    • JWLM

      Take that up with Ethan or the Shaw sisters…

  • A question for Ms Cunningham, if it is not too late…

    After you had saved the day at the anchor and arrested Ms Feng, did you turn her over to the police or just let her quietly get away to avoid any embarrassing questions regarding your role in the affair?

    • John

      The newspaper article in the May 20th strip which reads “Engineer Arrested” seems to be a pretty clear indication that she was turned over to the police.

  • wr4ith0

    I hate cowbags. Always bagging your cows. Never asking if you want paper or plastic…

  • Arillius

    Hey! Long time fan, first time commenter. Mostly because I keep losing this site from my history and have been forgetting to bookmark it. No more!

    Ontop of that, Darken is one of my favorite webcomics. I learned tonight you wrote that as well. Geez. Talk about skill! I’ll probably be doing that patreon thing for you soon but right now I’m kind of way to far behind on the rent to afford it. XD Just wanted to say, for now at least, that you’re awesome and thank you very much!

    • Why thank you! :) Glad you enjoyed both comics!

  • Sapphire altera

    Were T-shirts a thing in the 1950s? Especially as outerwear?… especially printed?

  • KaReN

    She has gained self confidence. 😊

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