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  • wanderingdreamer

    I think Harriet and I had the exact same expression for a second there.

  • Sir_Krackalot

    Panel 3 is now her cast photo.


  • SteelRaven

    So much for stealth (unless Sid was using his indoor voice)

  • The juxtaposition of panel 3 and the ad for the second Widdershins collection above it convinced me that if Harry and Mal ever have to actually work together on a case for any length of time, a serious grump-off will ensue.

    • Tim

      Hot damn, I thought I was the only one who would notice that coincidence.

    • Me-me

      I disagree! I think, as two heartfelt cynics with no reason to be particularly curmudgeonly to each other (he’s not in possession of any stolen artifacts, she’s not a wizard), they’d both grunt, nod, and be on their respective ways.

      “He was the best friend I ever had. We still don’t talk sometimes.”

  • Oarboar

    Oh, that’s a great double-take by Harry.

  • Tim

    Malik is the anti-Batman.
    Panel 3 is great, Malik gets to be awesome and it all makes logical sense. Awesome.

  • Panel 3!

  • Marvelous TK

    That’s blackmail, that is! Babble at the critical stealth moment until they meet all your demands! Sidney, you black-hearted fiend, are no lows too low for you?!

    • Felix Kütt

      noooo, no, no….

      …hes the tallest mountain…

      …on the other side of the planet!

  • Someone Else

    I like how Harry answers Sid without thinking and then realises that he really shouldn’t be there.

  • Sid is just too cute for Harry to stay mad at him . . .

  • l33tninja

    Panel 3!

  • Twit

    i fall farther and farther in love with these characters every passing panel

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