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  • Always convenient when “the right thing” and the “mercenary” options are the same . . . and Lei can prolly give them more details as to what the masked man intends to do, so they can save the day as well.

    • Lucky for Sid that Harry didn’t think of ‘you save the girl (and keep out of my way), I’ll follow the clank.’

  • Hornet

    Who else thinks Lei is not a hostage?

    • *Raises hand*
      Glass windows, throwable objects, not much security evident… I don’t see anything to suggest that she’d have a hard time escaping. Conclusion: she doesn’t want to escape.

      • Well, Lei could be tied up or in a cell or something and still unable to escape, but I have to say at this point I’d be surprised if she was simply a hapless kidnapee. Maybe she’s a reluctant co-conspiritor who is finding underhanded plots less to her taste than she had hoped? Oooor there’s always that mastermind option. ; )

        • Thought of that, but it seems unlikely. She wouldn’t be much use to them if she couldn’t work on her machines. She’d have to be either willing or kept under supervision. It looks to be the former.

          • Mmm, well even then she could be in a large cell with her work and away from the exits and windows– all the things in the panel with Harry kicking down the door look more suited to book-work more than engineering. That said, I still think you’re right. XD

    • spas

      oh heck yes, I agree. Lei is the mastermind! This is going to be disappointing for Sid…but a relief for Harry, as her competition has gone all EVIL!

    • fishsicles

      At this point I would be genuinely surprised if she were.

  • Cooper

    Sid never gets to kick in the doors.

    • We only get three pages a week. If we have to wait while Sid kicks a door down, this story will be longer than ‘Girl Genius’.

      • person

        Yes thank you

    • Shelby

      I highly doubt Sid would actually be able to kick down a door even if given the chance.

  • LenaruHeart

    Who is that strange masked man?!

  • IWX

    Can’t kick a door down without your pipe in use. It’d be like Indiana Jones leaving his hat behind.

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