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  • My suspicions of her are quickly growing.

  • Terragent

    Oh my. An actor she ain’t.

    • Dvarin

      Arguably Sidney isn’t much of a critic either, so it might work…

      • Terragent

        Mm, he’s certainly gullible enough to fall for it. Harry, probably not so much.

  • dragon

    she’s already noticed the door wasn’t locked.

    • SteelRaven

      Or the fact it locks from the inside, nothing keeping her from leaving ether way

    • xero42

      i think it’s more that it locks from the inside (notice the slide bolt)

  • Shukyo

    Calling out what everyone thinks … She evil.

  • alurker

    … well, I’M convinced. :s

  • Me-me

    My immediate question: “So exactly why didn’t you TELL Mr Chiang you were running away?”
    Because I like to get to the point. Sometimes.

  • =Tamar

    She’s clearly frightened, and she was certain someone had sent them. I suspect blackmail of some sort is involved.

  • Ha! Knew it!

  • apLundell

    Oh hey, You fixed the RSS feed so that the comic appears! Thank you.

    • Does it appear full size? Because it’s not actually meant to..

      Edit: Fixed it, sorry..!

      • apLundell

        Yes. It seems too. They’re appearing at 900px × 635px which I assume is full size.
        My I ask why you don’t want it to? It’s easy enough to throw an advert in the feed, and it really is a lot more convenient for us readers.

        • I don’t really have the first clue how to pop an ad in the feed, whether the advertisers will be ok with it, etc :( It’s just a click, is it so bad really?

          • apLundell

            Fair enough, I know running a site can be hard enough as it is.

            • Thanks for understanding :) The whole thing collapsed in on itself last night and I’ve spent a good few hours messing with it, would be sad for no-one to see it!

  • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

    Actually, the site is even prettier now IMHO :). It just needs some white spaces to contrast all the creamyness, perhaps ;D.

    • Felix Kütt

      well, while redoing the site any way, why not make it better?!!

  • Cooper

    Anyone else notice the clockwork bug still under construction in panel one? Definitive proof to Sid’s theory that she made them. Whether or not she did so against her will remains to be seen.

  • wr4ith0

    not very hostage-y is she…

  • She may not be a proper hostage, but she does seem glad to see Sid . . . could be blackmail, could be politics . . .

    • Shelby

      Could be the fact that she and he made out in a magic love circle.

      • There is that, of course.

    • KaReN

      Could be she was tired of cousin Tim always getting the applause and praises while she and her mechanicals are kept in the background. Think of the time going by and she wants to spread her wings. Or, I could be totally off!

  • devout reader

    Where has the voting banner gone? WHERE IS IT?!!

  • Nonesuch

    Sidney is going to be disappointed in his old friend. So very, very disappointed. *sigh* So sad…

  • Don

    Um…actually, the site loads a lot faster now…

  • xero42

    wait you mean she’s not the masked man…he must be a spirit possessed clank then (i know that the term from girl genius but robot really dosen’t fit)

  • Marduk

    Harry’s noticed. Now do something before Cunningham comes along

  • Paul Blay

    Lei is in it up to her pretty little neck.

  • l33tninja

    it’s a trick!

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