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  • Yoeri

    That’s amusing. xD Sid knows how to make a show.

  • Odo

    A “positive” use of his curse. Grenade rings just flock to his fingertips.

    • Taijutsu

      Considering his stage magic skills, he could likely swipe them normally pretty easily as well.

  • Heh. “A present from Mathilda,” huh?

    • Felix Kütt

      *plants the plant in the backyard of private/live-in school* *fin* Léon was an awesome film!

    • That’s the ring trick.

  • I see he’s taken his top hat back, as well. ;)

    • (Or looking at today’s page, apparently not? Looks like she’s wearing a bowler hat instead of a top hat in that penultimate panel!)

  • JediaKyrol

    one jealous ex-girlfriend down…now for the other.

  • Now he just needs to reclaim his hat and be on his way.
    Assuming his hat survived . . .
    If the hat didn’t survive, he’ll need to go hat shopping!

  • Sir_Krackalot

    And for my next trick…

    Internal Hemorrhaging!

  • =Tamar

    Sid has a very odd shaped hand. I just hope he has the sense to cover his face against the gases released.

  • Cooper

    Was one of Sid’s teachers at the university Bruce Wayne?

  • Nonesuch

    Never give an illusionist smoke to work with when you’re fighting them. :p The only thing more stupid that you could do is giving them smoke and mirrors to work with,

    Also, toots? Never touch a wizard’s hat. XD

  • IDK

    Sidney you smug little bastard you.

    • IDK

      Whoops hope using scure words don’t get me in trouble?

      • Nah, that one’s not too strong at all.