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March 27th, 2013

March 27th, 2013 published on 15 Comments on March 27th, 2013

We always told our old dog “Won’t be long!” whenever we left the house, not sure who we were reassuring, there.

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  • Cooper

    Let’s just all waltz up to a giant nexus of magical energy. Nothing could possible go wrong with this.

    • svartalf

      I wonder what the effect of it would be on Mal…. >:-D

      • Cooper

        Nothing good, considering his opinion of Widdershins in general.

  • Bellar

    That’s something of a grim thing to say to an old dog.

    • erdbeere

      Maybe the magic is affecting Gren in a negative way.

      • =Tamar

        Will Gren become a Grim?

      • Gren “smells” magic, so I imagine it’s a bit overwhelming. Sorta like walking into a Yankee Candle store – too much at one for one’s poor nose.

  • Cromell

    OOOOh so they plan to blow up the anchor and get rid of magic. Nifty.

    • svartalf

      Oh, I doubt that’s the goal.

  • AsimvSideburns

    So, if they blow up the anchor, will it stop magic from working or just make it weaker?

    • svartalf

      So…is it anchoring magic…or is it anchoring one of the deadlies…

      • MarriStenberg

        Or both?

  • Poor Gren . . .

  • IWX

    I wonder if the hidden part of Sidney’s comment stated the possibility that it would release the magic so people like Lei didn’t have to be so close to the anchor to use their inherent abilities.

  • Alex

    Which Sin is it this time? We had Greed and then Sloth…. maybe Pride?

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