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  • It’s like she knows the in-ternet is that thing that’s mean to Sid.

  • Bo Lindbergh

    A projector? That must be hell on battery life.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      That thing survived an explosion and is still running several months later, it’ll be fine

      • Nonesuch

        I thought he got theflashlight app!

    • MoeLane

      Nope! Because magic, that’s why. I can think of at least one RPG system that has spells for transforming magic into the right flavor of electrical current. :)

    • Bobismeisbob

      It’s projecting the same no mater how he holds it so I’m guessing magic.

  • Bobismeisbob

    “I’m gonna Poke it”. I love it.

    • ShadeTail

      “Hey guys, watch this!”

    • JWLM

      “Two people responded to your post strip.”

  • Haven

    Don’t poke the internet! Never poke the internet.

    Also this is a gloriously weird turn.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    Right, forgot the O’Malley couldn’t read.

  • Alectric

    I’m having trouble picturing an app that would just be labelled “Internet.” Wouldn’t a web browser be labelled with its own name?

    • My husband’s elderly S2 has one, it is a very Not Good browser.

      • Nonesuch

        Of course this is Widdershins Earth. The internet companies we know might not exist there.

      • Thorin Schmidt

        It hasn’t improved over time…. I think mostly because Samsung is like, “Why bother? no one is gonna use it anyway…”

      • Del

        Question for Kate: Do you or your husband smoke a pipe?

        What was your inspiration for drawing Harry and Henry as avid pipe smokers? (aside from genius, of course.)

        • Nah, not a smoker. Just thought it’d look neat.

    • #092f0a

      I’ve got an old android phone and the default browser is really just “Internet”

      • Thorin Schmidt

        Actually, I’ve got a Samsung S7, and yep, the only browser on the home screen by default is “Internet”… Bleah….

    • I’ve got an LG G4 – Marshmallow, just over a year old – it has chrome and, yep, ‘Internet’. (Goes and checks) Seems to be a staple built-in of Android.

      Now, what remains true for phones in the Widdershinsverse, is a different matter entirely, of course. ;)

      • JWLM

        Nah, it isn’t stock Android. My Pixel only has Chrome.

        • JWLM

          Although I’d always thought of Alexa as more of an iPhone kind of person.

        • Okay, so that got me curious enough to do a little _more_ research. The answer is kinda amusing.

          ‘Internet’, the stock AOSP browser _is_ part of the stock build (IE: Go to and pick up the source package to compile for the mobile phone you’re building, and when you’ve sorted out the HAL/drivers for the hardware you’re doing, ‘Internet’ is one of the stock apps you’re building.
          This also makes sense: abridged is supposed to work without the Google Apps, that as a manufacturer, you have to pay licences for – Cyanogen feel full of this early on))
          So, build a phone from stock, and you’ll pick up that app. As it’s open source, you can also customise it for branding purposes, unlike Chrome.

          The ONE exception to this is Google themselves!

          Despite one of the selling points for Google’s own phones being ‘stock, uncustomised, Android’, they’ve been deliberately dropping the stock browser on their own phones since the Nexus (and now Pixel) series!

          (I have more links, but is a decent little summary.)

          Now, the funny bit is that this isn’t really any kind of a big deal, (it _is_ a bit crap), but some Nexus/Pixel users apparently miss the stock browser _that much_ that they’ve compiled it themselves for their models of devices and submitted it to Google Play so other Nexus/Pixel users can download it! People are odd, is what I’m saying. ;)

  • #092f0a

    The message in the middle from “Unknown: 2 _____ 4 _ BEST DEAL 4 U ____”
    What’s in the blanks? :D

    (Also, did I just spam by copy-pasting a spam-mail as a comment? :P)

  • Dshim

    51 messages. uuuuuuugh if that was on my phone i’d have to look at every single one of them and get rid of the notifications.

    • billydaking

      Mal and Harry will probably only have to look at the one from Alexa.

      ‘Course, Mal’s going to look at that spam email and download malware that destroys the phone before they can read it….

  • Chris E

    “I’ma poke it.” -Famous last words before every TPK in D&D

    • JWLM

      My last words always seem to be “No, check for traps fi-!”

  • Rulebook Lawyer

    Well at least that is safer to fiddle with such a device than being in a fantasy world and finding an metallic artifact that can only be described as a ‘boom stick’.
    So how does this work… hummm what is down this pipe…

    • Tsapki

      I believe there is a comic where a group of medieval fantasy guards find a loaded pistol. One thinks it’s a fancy hammer, then picks it up by the barrel and smacks the butt of the pistol against a wall to illustrate. The pistol promptly discharges into his general abdominal area if memory serves.

      • I think real medieval guards would be able to guess that it was some sort of super-advanced man-portable cannon made of strange, futuristic materials. How it actually works… that’s another matter entirely.

  • John

    Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your day off.

  • maeverin

    haha, Harry said snot.

  • Grey_Moment

    Well, this comes to mind.

  • Emanate Hieromech

    Aha! So /this/ is how we get the Reader Questions panels to be canon! :-D

  • rhapsha

    Huh, wouldn’t think you’d reception in the magical spirit void. Do extra carrier and data-rates apply?

  • Shihchuan

    Oh my god, he’s going to come to the comment section isn’t he? Duck and cover folks.

    • billydaking

      Well, considering Mal can’t read, and he’s dealing with technology centuries newer than him….it’ll probably something likadsidklfkgke kfgisd-=!!!!

      (Of course, an accidental selfie of Mal and Harry would be hilarious)

      • MoeLane

        Emojis. Mal will be able to communicate via… Emojis.


      • JWLM

        Imagine how Alexa would respond to receiving that, particularly if she recognized Harry in frame…

      • Shihchuan

        Just hope Alexa’s phone doesn’t come with vocal input…;)

  • Laurel Brinker-Cole (Ayara012)

    “I’m gonna poke it.”
    –Jack O’Malley, just before something goes wrong.

  • billydaking

    “Imma just gonna poke this big red button here. What’s the worst that could happen?”

    • MoeLane

      That’s half of Action Science (to mangle Atomic Robo). The other half, of course, is to constantly take copious notes, preferably on indestructible paper.

  • Afrodiseum

    That wallpaper looks vaguely familiar. 😊

  • Ted Kowalski

    When did Mal learn to read?

    • I’d be interested in knowing what part of this page gave you that impression, if possible?

      • M. Peach

        It looked like only Harry was reading to me. (In fact Mal said, “What’s it say?”) All he seemed to understand was that it kept going “Eep!”

        • Yeah, that was definitely the intention. i was asking because I didn’t want to have written a confusing thing- if someone is thinking he is pressing a particular icon in that last panel, he isn’t, he’s just poking at the thing randomly.

          • Del

            It’s not your fault when we read too quickly.

            I made the same mistake (thinking that Mal was reading), until I remembered that Mal is illiterate.

            Then I read it again more carefully, and realized that Mal was not poking the In-ternet button on purpose. He is just frobbing at random to see what happens.

      • Ted Kowalski

        The part where Mal is poking buttons. Or is he just poking pretty squares and managing to hit things like mail?
        Having someone “read” to an illiterate does not imbue the illiterate to know what/where the reading came from.
        From here, the eep eep noise could be messages streaming in.
        Mal’s choice of pushing things is very limited. Either sheer luck is driving the choices or Mal is choosing left-right or right-left.
        When Mal should be asking, “WHAT DO I PUSH!?”

        • Fair enough! The beeping is indeed messages coming in, and he is indeed just poking the screen- since they don’t know what a touchscreen is, even if he could read which bit said what, he wouldn’t necessarily know what to do about it, thus he’d not ask what to push- rather, he’s just experimenting by poking the weird item.

          • Ted Kowalski

            Thank Kate A.
            I believe you now, that Friday’s has Mal asking what to push when the screen is more complex!
            Point gained, Mal pushed something that attracted his eye, not because he read it. Makes sense to me!
            I also like Harry telling Mal to learn to read.
            Thank you for the reply!

  • Liz

    Mmmm, messing with a phone imbued with gluttony while you have work to do and don’t want to continually consumer information might not be a good idea.

    • #092f0a

      I forgot that it’s imbued with gluttony. And then there is that spam-mail on the screen about “2 pizzas 4 1 best deal 4 u”… I sure hope they don’t deliver!

  • This is where Ms Harriet accesses information from the future and discovers that she will marry Mr Mailk and have 8 children.

    • Ocean Burning.

      Really curious to see what information from the future they may access. I’ve never read a story before that had people in past times get a hold of present-day tech.

  • Brother Nightmare

    “I’m gonna poke it.” Amazing how often that approach yields spectacular results.

  • Euodiachloris

    Mal: proving that literacy and technological literacy are entirely different beasties. :)

  • JWLM

    I’m really wandering what kind of bandwidth they’re going to get? Also, what Alexa’s home page is?

    So much, so very much, potential hilarity.

  • Rachel McGonagill

    “I’m gonna poke it,” is the most best line. Many a tale has begun in such a way. (Also, 2 – for – 1 pizzas sounds good. :)

    • … and ended in such way :p

      • Rachel McGonagill

        Too true. As someone pointed out earlier, TPK often comes after just such a line.

  • Tsapki


    I swore I internally heard a collective Squee from the fan base as I saw these page.

    Editted: Squee, not Squeeze. No, bad autocorrect!

    • Ocean Burning.

      I cannot help but laugh every time I look at the expressions on their faces.

  • Too late. He found a link to TV Tropes. His fate is in God’s hands now.

    • Won’t work, ‘ee can’t read.

      • tinwatchman


  • “I’m gonna poke it!” …. If the Witch-business fails for Mr. O’malley, there’s a job for him in the Engineering sector, he definitely has the right mindset to work with us XD

  • Mistwraith

    Will a Troll appear ?

  • D. Schwartz

    Because the Internet needs a good poke every now and then.

  • Guest

    The problem they will have with Gluttony is that they will get stuck on the interwebs

  • Sarah Hardister

    It’d be a little far-fetched to say Mal would get service here.

  • reynard61

    Alexa, honey, *CHECK YER @#$%IN’ MESSAGES!!!*

  • Intern ET? So aliens are behind this… the plot thickens

  • tinwatchman

    “I’m gonna poke it.” If I said my career in tech started any differently, I’d be lying…

  • This guy

    What the heck is Po arne?
    Must be important if she has a whole button(app) for it.

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