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  • Felix Kütt

    O, hai thear jeelossy & phear… or maybe not…

    • Taijutsu

      Or Pride. That’s my guess anyway

  • Volcheka

    Vertigo ought to be easy to summon

    • Me-me


      (of heights)

  • I saw this before! Captain Jack was standing on the edge, and…

  • SteelRaven

    That’s why you send machines, they don’t feel a thing

  • Who, me?

    Oh. Oh my. That is very deep. I congratulate you; you have made me feel vertigo by staring at a picture. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before.

  • mendel

    If you have a version of this without the inset panels, that’s going to be my new desktop wallpaper!

  • Cooper

    Charges set, clockwork bugs released, and ravenous spirit beasty summoned. Masked Man is having a good day.

  • Sadly, TD Bank’s add is blocking the comic. Literally, it’s creating a vertical advertisement in a space that should be horizontal and isn’t going away. It’s most obtrusive.

    • Is it just that ad? I’ve blocked them mostly now, I think, but please let me know if you see any more bad ads, and if you can tell me where they’re going, all the easier for me to get rid!

  • toxicdelirium

    What a great page. It’s cool too see webcomickers who do ART!

  • Mark Temple

    is that a rock at the bottom of the shaft?

  • Ah, there they are!

  • Nomen

    I’m sure there’s no foreshadowing on this page. Nope, none at all.

  • SoItBegins

    It’s totally gonna be Envy.

  • tinwatchman

    So an artifact of incomparable magic power… and they built an art gallery around it. How very Victorian.

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