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  • Haven

    All I wanna do, is see you turn into…

    • Ganurath

      A Super Saiyan, a Super Saiyan!

    • Greenwood Goat

      What we’re gonna do, is be the ones to view, this giant woman.
      Now we need to be, the people who will see, this giant woman.

      This quite odd device has brought us together,
      And now we have to do whatever,
      So let’s, you and me, be the ones who see, this giant woman.


  • That’s a lot of 0 phone bills. o.O

    • Michael Brewer

      I hope transdimensonal/temporal roaming fees aren’t too high.

      • Tsapki

        They are probably out of this world.

    • JWLM

      A commenter further up points out that her hair is no longer dyedd, that it’s much longer, and that she has crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes, which suggests that she’s considerably older than she was during _Piece of Cake_. If she got a new SIM after she ‘lost’ this phone way back then, I’d bet that there are a lot of years during which this phone number hasn’t been used at all.

      • billydaking

        And if she reported the phone lost, it’d be shut down, which she obviously didn’t want to do….

        • David Argall

          She likely had no reason to bother at the time. She had no idea if leaving the phone in the past would do anything, or do anything good. She had presumably read a book or article that mentioned Barber’s battle with the deadlies, and contained a cryptic remark that could be read that Barber was aided by a phone message. It presumably took a generation to figure out how to get a message back to the phone in the past, so she likely had to have the help of the authorities, because if she could have managed it herself, every lottery would have been swamped with demands for the winning number and this would already be happening.

          • Nightsbridge

            Or maybe she remembered her own old phone number?

          • billydaking

            I highly doubt that Alexa would have done that (re: anything resembling a demand for a lottery number). Doesn’t seem like to be her character, and when she left Nora the phone, she even said she wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do, but she was just going to do it. And after that she told Nora that she’s “gonna go now and see if I broke history.” So I doubt anything that she read told her Harry was aided by a phone message; it sounds like she was coming up with some way to prevent something bad from happening, and leaving her phone was a way to communicate with her.

            • David Argall

              It’s not a matter of whether she would or not, but the mere fact she could. If she can send a message to the past, so can Tom, Dick, and Harry. We have no reason to think the story situation is going to be unique in all of history, or even rare. And they can also look up the winning numbers for just about every Lottery and send it to their grandparents or whatever. Since this apparently has not happened, we have to assume talking to the past is just about impossible, maybe costing several billion to send the information that will win a few million in the lottery. That would make it about impossible for our lass to send a message, but if she went to the authorities and managed to convince them, they could spend the needed funds, and if we assume the conspiracy of the deadlies is a really major threat, they might be willing to do it, and involve our baker because they feared doing otherwise would derail history.

              • billydaking

                Tom, Dick, and Harry would have needed to leave their phones in the past. And I’m pretty sure that Alexa wouldn’t have told anybody about doing that (even if they believed her). And I’m not sure why you think it’s impossible, because we’re not talking distance here; we’re talking about a different time period, something that nobody has ever had the opportunity to do, and would not know if it would work. Alexa has knowledge of an area that had a time distortion. She knows people who experienced the same. And I really don’t think it’s a given that she had to go to the authorities in order to do this, and that it’s impossible for her to send a message to a phone in the past, when it’s already been established that people have been snatched in and out of time in a rupture in time. And that the rupture was created by magic with the help of the Deadlies.

                It’s possible that she wound up meeting Samuel again, especially if he got that promotion. Whatever organization he’s working for apparently saw everything he did, so it’s also possible that they know that Alexa gave her phone to Nora, and followed up on that, rather than Alexa going to the authorities.

                But I think Alexa’s cameo in Ethan’s return at the end of Piece of Cake may be more important.

  • Darkoneko Hellsing

    That’s a lot of piercings :3
    (also DISCUS is kinda wonky for me right now. For you too ?)

    • That’s hardly ANY piercings.

      • She’s just got lobes once, twice in the helix (but the jewellery makes it look like three) and one in the nose. She ended up taking out the labret after a few years, but regrets nothing. A reasonably vanilla amount of piercings, heck even I have more, haha!

        • Exactly. My girlfriend from the 80s (a well-respected psychiatrist in the Midwest these days) had more ear piercings than that – and so did her husband – last time i saw them (which was – arrgh – twenty-five years ago).

          I only have one in each lobe, and i usually don’t wear anything in the right ear.

          • I’ve got 2 in one ear, 4 in the other, and a labret, not too many really but plenty for me!

          • Oh thank god. On first skim I thought you said her husband had twenty-five piercings.

      • Darkoneko Hellsing


  • tollymain

    longer hair, lined face. how long did it take to figure out how to send a message to a phone in the past?

    • Chris Kotthoff

      First she had to contemplate what say considering saying the wrong thing could alter the space time continuum. Alexa knew she HAD to give the phone to Nora Barber so some well known historical event already existed, Alexa probably spent a good amount time researching whatever comes next to makes sure she gets the facts right and not accidentally screw up the next XXXX many years of history and creates some sort of paradox.

  • Tyler Shelton

    Jack: WUZZIT SAY
    Harry: NUNYA
    I love these moments. I cherish them.

    • Alétheia

      I want these two to be besties afterwards, I really, really do. Poor Nicola, though, if that’s the case, hah! XD

      • Ocean Burning.

        “Besties” is probably a bit much. But I expect that when this is all over they’ll at least have a decent amount of mutual respect.

        • Alétheia

          Noooooo, I want them to join together in a continual, life-long mission of seeing how far they can annoy/push Nicola before she blows up. If that’s not “bestie” territory, I don’t know what is~ :P

          • Ocean Burning.

            Um, you do remember this is Harry and Mal we’re talking about, right? They’re both kind of introverted and unsociable. They can’t be bothered to go around harassing Nicola.
            If they do end up spending any time together after this adventure, I’m sure they’d both prefer to be by a nice quiet fire, probably smoking, without any of that annoying talking to ruin the nice quiet peacefulness.
            Now if you want to find a team to harass Nicola, I would instead choose Wolfe and Sid. They’d be, like, the dream team of cheerful harassment.

            • Alétheia

              Nope, I fully remember it’s Harry and Mal. But this is also the same Mal that doesn’t seem to give any fucks (and purposely antagonized Nicola on their first meeting), and Harry (who stole Gren and otherwise like to annoy Nicola, even while/because of caring about her sister, hah). They can still team up to annoy Nicola without “going around” doing so – for example, if they get stuck working together in the future again (which… considering the lives they all lead, seems to be set in stone :P ).

              Though I think part of the thing is we’re imagining two different types of annoyances. I’m thinking more along the lines of a sibling’s “I’m not touching you” and less along… er… Sid. XD

              • Ocean Burning.

                Okay, I see your point. But poor Nicola, what’s she done to deserve all of this, anyway?
                Though it does seem quite plausible that, given Mal’s new status as the town witch, and given Harry’s job as a hunter for dangerous magical items, they might have dealings with each other professionally in the future, I’m going to hope for Nicola’s sake that there won’t be many of these occasions in which they need to involve law enforcement. >_<

        • tinwatchman

          Yeah, I don’t think Harry *does* “besties.” Unless you count Gren.

  • Hmmm. So it’s a video recording – what is she gonna tell them?

  • MoeLane

    …Yeah, those two are probably the most likely of the bunch to not start gibbering at this.

  • Unhooked

    “What’s that say?”
    “Ugh, get good, scrub.”

  • John

    She’s looking good. Although she looks different enough smiling and with long hair that I had to check that it really was Alexa.

    • Nonesuch

      H-uh…. It really is Alexa!
      I like the way she turned out. :)
      (Mind you, I also liked the way she used to be. ^_^)

  • Tilly Jackson

    She looks suspiciously like the woman in the bar when Ethan gets sent back to his time… is the video from around then?

    • M. Peach

      It does… but isn’t that in Widdershins? Why would she be there?

      • Tilly Jackson

        Maybe she’d figured out that was when Ethan was going to be there and was feeling nosy.

  • /squee ALEXA!!! :D I can’t WAIT to see how Harry reacts. *waits with baited breath*

  • I was going to say that she looks much better now she’s grown her hair long and stopped dyeing it funny colours, but then it occurred to me that if I did say that my Kickstarter reward would go right to the back of the queue (again).

    • I guess no-one is looking at the ends of her hair then huh

      • JWLM

        And now we know why she was in a dark green blouse the last time we saw her.

      • It’s taken a long time to grow out.

        • JWLM

          We don’t know if she keeps the ends of her hair dyed; we only know that they’re dyed in this image. It could be…I don’t know, some time in the 2030’s or thereabouts…and we wouldn’t know.

          • I was thinking that was (will be?) a future fashion.

            • JWLM

              Ah, I misunderstood — I thought you were suggesting that you would have expected her hair to have grown more, given how much older she seemed to be.

              I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if Alexa had become a fashion-leader by the time that video was recorded, at least among persons in her line of work. I am getting a bit of an internal laugh by the thought of starry-eyed young bakers wanting to “look like Alexa”.

  • Amy



    *squints closely at the woman at the bar in the fourth panel here – *


    • billydaking

      Ohhhhh….that’s a damned good catch.

    • Ocean Burning.

      Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing! Kate, you’re a genius, giving us future (to us) Alexa in this chapter! I wonder if this is before or after she went to meet up with Ethan?

      • Phil

        I lost track of the timelines a bit in Peice of Cake, is that future Alexa or could it be her daughter? how far in the future was Ethen from?

        • Ocean Burning.

          Ethan was from 2032. So if Alexa was around 20 when she went to Widdershins in 2013, at the beginning of Piece of Cake, then assuming this was from around the same time she went to meet up with Ethan, she’s about 40 in this video. Feels right to me…

          • Phil

            That makes sense! I just couldn’t remember Ethan’s year

    • I’m not buying it. That could be anyone.

    • Del

      I done had ta go and read PIECE OF CAKE again, dad gummit.

    • Tikatu

      Heh, I caught that back then! Nice to see I was right!

    • Shee Soon Theng

      There was a debate in the comments at the time whether it was her or not. Nice to finally have confirmation!

  • Tsapki

    Return of the King

    -Insert blaring New Zealand fanfare-

  • Euodiachloris

    Poor Mal. Outnumbered by Barber noses. xD

    • Maria Gerasimova

      It’s Alexa. She’s not a Barber.
      Or have I not understood you well?

      • Euodiachloris

        She’s got the genes. And, the nose that comes with. xD

        • Nightsbridge

          . . . We have no reason to assume that Alexa is a Barber. She might be, but it’s just a guess.

          • TheGorram Batguy

            She’s a Baker! ;)

          • Everyone else we’ve assumed was a Barber turned out to be

      • John

        There’s been some Wild Mass Guessing that Alexa might be descended from Sid and Harry, but Kate has neither confirmed nor denied this.

      • Gardan Blue

        they are over 200 years apart. she may not have the name, but it seems plausible.

  • Rachel Elizabeth Penfold

    What is the meaning of this Sorcery?! WITCHCRAFT, I TELLS YA.

  • “Georges, Georges! It’s Marvin! Your cousin, Marvin Méliès! You know that new medium you were looking for? Well listen to THIS!”

  • auronblidook

    How is there a message from an older Alexa?!?!

  • Gardan Blue

    I like the longer hair. looks nice.

  • Finally, the phone has dropped! Er…not the best analogy, perhaps. But awaited since the first hint. :)

  • Sapphire363

    I don’t think Alexa anticipated Victorian-Era people going through her emails when she gave her phone to Nora

  • WitUnderPressure

    Good morning Mr. Phelps.

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