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March 3rd, 2014

March 3rd, 2014 published on 31 Comments on March 3rd, 2014

Considering how much cold medication I’m on right now this came out pretty ok!

Hey guys, just to let you know I’ve put together a Patreon page where you can go and help support Widdershins by way of monthly donations!

The comic is still free, of course, and will always be, but if you go there and subscribe to donate even a little every month, it’d really help me out, and if we scrape together enough as a group I can clean up the website by removing a bunch of the ads.

Also, subscribers will get exclusive looks at sketches for the next story, and beyond that, perhaps, too! Not to mention my eternal thanks for your help! If you’ve enjoyed this last story and are looking forward to the next, I hope you’ll consider donating!

Support the comic, buy some neat swag!

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  • Sal

    …I could get an autograph sent through time

  • Dee

    So does Florrie dye her hair or what? And thanks for the confirmation!

  • HUNRonin

    Ze plot thickens!

  • Qwertystop

    Relative, or famous?

    • GristleMcNerd

      Relatively famous.

    • BillSoo

      Famous. In the first case, Harry was simply the granddaughter of the famous Henry Barber. In the third case, she got a bit of fame on her own by saving Princess Victoria. But Harry is *way* more significant than Henry, from Alexa’s expression. She must have done something to eclipse her famous grandfather.

      She could still be related, but if that was all it was, then Henry would still be the important name (after all, he’d be related too).

  • Tikatu

    I went back to look and now I get it! Alexa’s mom is Harry’s descendant–making Alexa blood kin to Nora!

    • wanderingdreamer

      Double checked that myself and yep, looks like Alexa’s mom is probably a descendent of one of the Barbers at least!

      • Jeff

        I don’t get it – how do you figure that? Was there some ref I didn’t catch? Because her mom doesn’t really look like Harry or Nora – the profiles are quite different.

        • Tikatu

          Think about how many generations between Harry and Alexa’s mom. There is going to be some blurring of the original facial features as added genes make changes, but I think there’s enough of the Barber family in her face to make the idea logical.

          • Oarboar

            FWIW, I’m actually good friends with a first cousin once removed, and we look absolutely *nothing* alike, other than that you could identify us both as human males.

            • Tikatu

              For that matter, my three children–all with the same parents–look very different.

        • wanderingdreamer

          She looks really similar to me? The face looked a bit similar but she’s also got that really dark, red hair, pulled up the way we’ve seen most of the Barber’s put theirs up, so far so that seemed like a tip-off to me.

          • Peterson

            I think her hair is more brown than anything, but she has the characteristic Barber big lips and wide eyes.

  • Sessine

    Alexa took pictures of the train. Perhaps that’s significant some way. Or perhaps there are family photos. But she can’t just turn her cellphone on and show Nora, not in Widdershins. So is she going to leave a cellphone in the 1800s after all?

    • Tikatu

      They’re not in Widdershins… pocket universe anyone?

      • Sessine

        They’re enough ‘in Widdershins’ that a cellphone will start sparking when you turn it on. That’s how she made the flour explosion. My thought was that she could give it to Nora and tell her to have Harry take it some distance away from the town before pressing the button, but… yeah. Time paradoxes? So I don’t know what she has in mind.

  • Didn’t her phone get trashed in a floursplosion? >_>

    • As a phone it is entirely useless, yep!

      • Tikatu

        As a phone, perhaps. But how about a camera? Or a picture viewer? ;)

        • Sapphire altera

          If you fry the electronics, you fry the electronics… I suppose its possible that the parts require for it to function as a camera/picture viewer are still working, but I would rate it as highly unlikely.

  • Is Nora Alexa’s great-something aunt?

  • Steel Raven

    In the immortal words of Dr. Brown regarding the time continuum; Eh, what the Hell.

    • Darkoneko Hellsing

      I could go behind that

  • pseudonym


    • the Amazing Mister Moriarty

      Eh, it bothers me when people assume that time is a stream, when actually, from a non-linier, non subjective point of view it is more like a big ball of wibbily wobbly timey wimey… stuff.

      • ire dander

        Nice 10th refrence just.don’t.blink

      • Sapphire altera

        I actually prefer Terry Pratchett’s metaphor with “the other trouser leg of time” (don’t remember any exact quotes, but he uses it many times in Discworld) :P

        Although that probably is my favorite Doctor Who quote :)

  • Del

    If Alexa is a descendent of Harriet Barber, then that means that Harry settled down and married and had a child. Most likely, anyway.

    So you suppose anything came of that snowball fight she was enjoying with Sid?

    • ire dander

      Yes most definetly some form of awkward tackel that turns into kissing that turns into some form of “deeper relationship” heh heh (time to ship as hard as i can)

  • ire dander

    I’m calling great granchild on this great webcomic.

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