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  • Jeff Eppenbach

    Was that door there before?

  • McRocky71

    –WAHRUMP–Conspiracy Theory Alert–WAHRUMP–

    At the start of this chapter, Acedia alluded to an attempt to release the Deadlies between now and the events in “Find The Lady”.
    We’ve speculated that this involved Mal, hence his aversion to anything connected to Widdershins and magic in general. And now we have Envy taunting Mal as a “half- witch” and the not-quite-a-door becoming active.

    My guess is that whatever happened to Mal in the past, while not achieving the Sins purpose of being freed, still impacted Mal in a way that makes it possible for the Sins to get back to Widdershins unless Mal ( and possibly Harry?) go to wherever this new door leads and undo whatever blockage Mal has that keeps him from being a full witch.

    • Phlebas

      I thought the “half-witch” thing was just because he can’t read the spell for himself – Harry is being half the witch for him. The “see you soon” and the not-quite-a-door are pretty ominous though.

    • Ocean Burning.

      Given what Ms. Acedia said about having the witch, and Mal’s reaction to her old lair, it seems pretty safe to wager that Acedia screwed *something* up.
      But we don’t know Mal. I wonder how much he has ever said even to Wolfe.

    • non_canon

      I think you’re right about the blockage, although I think it might be more a mental block rather then a magical block. As in more like “the last time I let Wizards convince me I could do magic terrible things happened so I’m not going to do that again” rather than it actually impacting his powers.

      I think you’re also right about whatever she did impacting the Anchor in way that could let the sins escape. In Find the Lady (page 100 and 101) Sid and Isabelle theorized that Mal coming to Widdershins is what changed the binding enough for Sid to summon Greed. But Voss summoned Envy from another anchor well before that, and unless I’m misunderstanding the timeline Ben summoned Sloth in Widdershins proper months before Mal came back.

      I’d also be curious to see if her attempt was part of the long game Lux seems to be playing, since she didn’t believe that he abandoned her but it didn’t sound like she’s aware he’s out and about. I’m also wondering if he’s had a hand in lot of the major events of the storyline so far and the anchors are manipulating things to counter his plan in order to retain magical balance. Like maybe Lux was behind Mcavity getting a hold of the Mark of Thieves and Fairbairn deciding to use Sloth as part of her bid for power, while the Anchors countered by putting hints to the Mark’s whereabouts in front of Harry or making sure Ben ended up being the wizard working with Mal and Wolfe.

      • Ocean Burning.

        Lots of good ideas here but I have to disagree with one point. A lot of people have been saying that the Deadlies shouldn’t have been able to have been summoned, but in the page to which you refer, Sid says, “the binding should have prevented me from releasing it.” I think there must be a big difference between the ability to summon and the ability to release.

  • Haven

    “And a liar.” Aw.

    • AJ

      Harry doesn’t comfort well, but she does know when to try!

      • Emily

        Harry’s probably feeling a bit better now that she knows she’s not the only one to be expertly trolled by a Deadly…

        • AJ

          But talking about anything vaguely close to their feelings is so uncomfortable that she can’t even make eye contact with Mal.

          • Emily

            Out of all the characters, I’d say these two are the worst at talking about feelings (their own or anyone else’s).

  • Odo

    The room suddenly seems a whole lot bigger than it was before.

    • ThisCat

      I think it’s one of those places where size is kind of subjective.

  • MoeLane

    Now would be a good time for all the OTHER Witches out there to start being a little more proactive in their internal mutual-assistance networking.

    • Envy was originally summoned on Mount Everest Witch’s watch at her Anchor, but she didn’t seem too concerned at the time. Not her problem. At least she did knit O’Malley a nice scarf.

      • Ocean Burning.

        Now here’s my question: Do you think the mountain witch knew, at the time, that Voss had summoned Envy?

        • non_canon

          I’ve been wondering about that, because in Find the Lady (page 100 and 101) Sid and Isabelle theorized that Mal coming to Widdershins is what changed the binding enough for Sid to summon Greed. But Voss summoned Envy from another anchor well before that, and you can’t say that was because it was a different anchor because unless I’m misunderstanding the timeline Ben summoned Sloth months before Mal came back.

          • Anne-US

            Summoned, yes. But Sloth wasn’t released until Mal was in town.

        • I would have thought so, but what do I know? Is a witch attuned to her anchor and is it part of the job description to regulate what goes on there? Perhaps the mysterious CRRK will tell us more. Or of course, the witch may be really powerful and far-sighted and she knew that Envy had to travel to Widdershins in order for O’Malley to realise his full potential and Widdershins to get its witch back.

          • Ocean Burning.

            I would guess it is part of the job description to regulate what goes on there. But what if the mountain witch doesn’t sense spirits the way Mal does? What if she hears and/or feels (etc.) them instead? Would she have been able to tell the difference between the envy Voss was carrying on the way in and the Envy riding him on the way out?

            • The only way to find the answers to these questions is to keep reading Widdershins: Curtain Call!

  • Ghostdanser

    Seems to me that Envy is using the phrase “half-witch” almost the same as they would “half-wit”. Mal is definitely in for a rough ride.

  • Me-me


  • John

    Now for Gluttony, as long as the mysterious door that is creaking ominously doesn’t cause problems. (But then, if it isn’t going to cause problems why is it creaking ominously?)

    • Ocean Burning.


      • Grey_Moment

        That is a very loud tiny “crk.” Enough to get a similarly sized “hrm.” out of Harry. Amazing how much those six tiny letters say.

    • billydaking

      The Ominous Door just has to be the one that Harry and Mal don’t know anything about, right? Must be Monday.

  • Thorin Schmidt

    I’m wondering if maybe that door is MAL’s door. Now that he is coming into his own and actually using his powers, he’s leveling up, so to speak.

    • AJ

      I’m expecting Luxuria to walk through it.

    • Maria Gerasimova

      His door’s blue. He’s called it “mine”.

      • Thorin Schmidt

        oh, whoops. I thought that door was related to the witch who made the scarf, but she has that other door.

  • Ocean Burning.

    Spirits these days. Can’t even get them to close the door properly behind them.

  • Stephen Riggs

    I just noticed that Harry’s feet are huge. Maybe she’s wearing her grandfather’s shoes. …

    • maybe i am very tired

      • Stephen Riggs

        The “symbolism” story was working. ;-)

    • =Tamar

      I think they’re about the right size. Generally, real people’s feet are bigger in proportion than they are drawn in most cartoons. Your foot is about the same length as your forearm from elbow to wrist, and also roughly the height of your head. Harry’s sensible shoes may add some because they are sturdily built with good toe room.

      • Stephen Riggs

        I have unusually long arms, so the ratio doesn’t work, for me. But I can see that her narrow cuffs would emphasize the size of her feet.

      • SleepingDragon

        “Your foot is about the same length as your forearm from elbow to wrist…”

        That can’t be right *puts his foot against his forearm* OMG my feet are huge!

  • SaberRoy

    Hard bit is that Envy isn’t exactly lying here… Mal didn’t really have a choice in joining this fight, nor is he ever really going to be able to walk away from being a Witch either… no matter how much he may want to or the trauma it may had caused him in the past.

  • Nealend86

    Makes me nervous that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Envy.

  • Diana Schiefelbein

    Huh. Now I’m wondering if Mal needs training to learn to use his abilities. Is training available? Would he admit he needed training or consent to it? Maybe if he thought no one important knew he was doing it…

    • Ocean Burning.

      Well, yes, Grandma Isabelle was going to train him, but she didn’t have time.

    • non_canon

      It looks to me like he’s using skills based on what Ben taught him the last time they faced Envy (Green Eyed Monster, Pages 111 and 112), and as Ocean_Burning stated Isabelle was going to train him but ended up having to leave instructions. I think it’s more that he’s finally overcoming his resistance to using his powers and thus stepping into his role, although like any other inborn talent parts of it are coming naturally to him (like the idea to draw on the ground with his finger).

  • D. Schwartz

    Interestingly this may not be much of a blow for Mal in the long run and may actually goad him into taking control of his witchyness.

  • JWLM

    “See you soon, half-witch?”

    Ominous deadly is ominous.

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