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  • Oh, of course nothing bad can come from this.

  • Killersquirrel66

    Well, at least she left a note and backup that can help Sid find her. I’ve seen worse plans that worked (at least in theory).

  • Who, me?

    Just so you know, there seems to be a pop-up that appears directly in the middle of the screen and slides with the screen until you close it. I know you try to get rid of that sort of thing, so I thought I’d let you know. I don’t remember exactly what it was for; seemed to be a survey asking about how we had found a (different) website.

    • Ugh, I hate those! If you see it again, or if anyone else does, if you could write down the name of it and maybe even screenshot it, I’d be able to get rid. Thanks!

      • Curtis W. Garrett

        This seems to be the HTML

        • Wonderful, thanks! I shall go hunting for it.

          Edit- looks like I need the URL its leading to, or a screenshot, apologies in the meantime!

          • Never mind, I think I have it now. Tell me if you see it again, guys!

  • Now as long as Gren stays put, Sid doesn’t take too long, and Harry doesn’t get into serious trouble in the meantime, they’ll find the missing engineer and the secret hideout! Possibly even the evil mastermind, since it prolly isn’t the guy in the mask.

    Masterminds don’t run errands if they can acquire minions.

  • Taijutsu

    Harriet the Spy is a great book btw.

    • Do you know, I didn’t even think to make that pun! I read that one as a kid, and all!

      • Taijutsu

        It was one of my favorites for several years :D

  • Shelby

    Harriet the spy

    • Shelby

      Really should read the comments before commenting someone’s already made that joke.

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