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  • BillSoo

    Not operational….maybe the materials are important?

    • Dee

      perhaps a reflection of something or redirecting a beam of light?

    • awhorl

      Is it broken? My daughter’s phone has a smashed glass but it still works.

      • BillSoo

        After shorting out and then being caught in a fuel-air explosion (at the epicentre no less), I doubt that it’s operational. Even if it were, it could not operate close to Widdershins.

  • khiton

    And it comes full circle.

  • wanderingdreamer

    Ooooh, so she’s going to the future at some point maybe?

  • BillSoo

    Maybe the fact that it played a key role in the defeat of gluttony?

  • Leaving aside for a minute what exactly Harry is going to need a broken phone for, how does Alexa know about it?

    • sal

      Well Harry’s done some fairly flashy stunts before like saving the princess.

      • Aye, but they wouldn’t exactly write in the newspapers or penny dreadfuls or whatever “Harry did such-and-such using a broken smartphone” because they didn’t know what smartphones were.

        • OTOH, if Harry is Alexa’s great … great-grandmother or aunt (as has been suggested), family history may be guiding her.

          • Sanjay Merchant

            What we don’t see is Alexa thinking: “So THAT’S why grandma always kept a broken smartphone on her mantle.”

            • Do we ever see what characters are thinking in Widdershins? I can’t recall.

              • I avoid it if I can.

                • I prefer it that way. I remember the Marvel style used to be that they’d show you what the main character was thinking, but not the others. Don’t know if they still do it that way.

                  • If possible, I like to put things across in actions and expressions. I don’t recall using thought bubbles in this comic, though since there’s over 300 pages now, I may be forgetting one!

                    • Beorat

                      Technically you used a set of incredibly awesome visual thought bubbles when Harry ruminated on leaving Sid locked in the wardrobe, but that’s all I can recall from spending the weekend in front of the fire power reading the archives. Hey, who has two (or more) thumbs and is now a huge fan of Widdershins?

                    • LurkerAbove
          • billydaking

            If Alexa was related to Harry, then she probably would have recognized her last name. The way she acted, “Barber” had no real significance to her outside of the fact that Gluttony called Nora that. It wasn’t until she put “Harriet” and “Barber” together that she got excited.

            • Actually, speaking from the future, as it were, it seems as if Alexa is descended from another branch of the Barber family.

    • I haven’t got the faintest idea. We’ll just have to keep reading the comic, sorry graphic narrative, until we find out.

    • KaReN

      Family history?

  • Sal

    You need a better way of pecking through your archives for one specific page.

    • That would be nice, yeah, but short of spending time (that I don’t really have right now) transcribing the pages, I’m not sure how..

      • mendel
        • Now that’s a thought! The site has a transcript feature baked in, but I’ve stopped using it since it just gets clogged up with spam extremely quickly. That may be a good solution!

          • Sanjay Merchant

            I, for one, would be happy to help.

  • SteelRaven

    Is this going to end up like the alternate ending to Army of Darkness where King finds herself in a post-apocalyptic London? YES! POSSIBLE SPIN OFF!

    • Frankie D.

      I BAKED TOO LONG!!!!

  • Thiron

    An offering to Envy? Something no one ever has at that time.

    • Alex Hollins

      ooooo, I like that idea.

  • Sorry I still can’t get over how cool her black rabbit of Inle tattoo is

  • I don’t recall a phone in the earlier stories, so perhaps a hint toward the next adventure?

  • Andy Nguyen

    Oh Alexa, if history were that fragile, wizards would have accidentally shattered it into a zillion pieces by now :)

  • Del

    Ooh! Timey-Whimey!!!

  • Hasn’t Ms King just left Mrs Fenton alone with the butler? Just hope he hasn’t woken up in a bad mode.

  • Del

    I do want to see Nora again.

  • KickFailure

    “…The screen is broken, but don’t worry, it’s still got about a hundred years of AppleCare left.”

  • Somebdy

    Wait. What’s her mother’s maiden name?

    • Not Barber. {Which is not to say that i know what it IS – but, speaking from the future, i know what it can’t be.)

  • ShakeJake

    Look at their eyes! Nora’s left eye and Alexa’s right eye are doing the same thing!

  • Graham Garrett

    The time loop has now been stabilized. Please exit the Pocket Dimension.

  • LoopTheLup

    … stable time loop, yay!

  • This guy

    Later, Doctor Who appears to make a joke.

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